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Pentagon Considers Cutting Health Benefits For Our Military Retirees

After nearly two years of the hearing the Obama administration tell us how amazing Obamacare will be, we now find Defense Secretary Robert Gates looking for ways to cut the health benefits of our nations heroes.

I’m still waiting for Obama to deliver on his promises. Health care costs should be dropping any day now. Health care quality will increase. Obamacare will be completely deficit neutral. If you like your health care, you can keep it. Yadda yadda yadda. If we are all supposed to be experiencing “Health Care Utopia”, why is our military facing benefit cuts?

“Health care costs are eating the Defense Department alive,” Gates said in a much-noticed speech


Homeland Security Seizes Domain Names

“Big Sis” couldn’t wait for the Web Censorship to get pushed through. The investigative arm of the Homeland Security Department has begun shutting down several websites that they feel violate US copyright laws.

Sorry you wasted your time pushing this through committee Mr. Cornyn, it seems that the Feds don’t need the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) to start seizing domain names after all.

The Hill explains:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has seized dozens of domain names over the past few days, according to TorrentFreak.

ICE appears to be targeting sites that help Internet users download copyrighted music, as well as sites that sell bootleg goods, such as fake designer handbags.

Mel Gibson Is Back In The Spotlight

It fascinates me that Mel Gibson is in the news once again. It seems that he is involved in custody hearings over his child. More interesting, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rob Schneider and Donald trump have refused to act or be involved in some recent Mel Gibson movies. Allegedly this is because he has been accused of domestic violence and related to some obscenity filled anti-Semitic rants. But I wonder. Roman Polanski, a self confessed child molester has no trouble commanding talent for his films. Many other actors make Gibson’s philandering look like a walk in the park, so why is Hollywood so anti Gibson?

Could it be that Hollywood is still angry about The Passion of the Christ? Sadly, today, Hollywood and the media in general are opposed to genuine Christianity.

Obama Gives His Word To Defend S. Korea

Once again, one of the world’s most dangerous thugs threaten it’s peaceful neighbors, but this times it’s a little different – they now have nuclear capabilities. But have no fear – we can all rest easy knowing that Obama has it all under control. He is telling North Korea not to harm their neighbors.

Remind me again why we let North Korea build up their arsenal to become an even greater danger to their neighbors? The leader of North Korea is a useless evil dictator that has assumed the role of playground thug. We knew they wanted to take South Korea and we let them move freely, and now we have a problem.

Let me give a little advice to our leaders in Washington –

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Ethics Complaints In The Texas Speaker’s Race

Earlier this month TexasGOPVote reported that State Rep. Bryan Hughes was told member’s opposing Joe Straus would be “Redistricted out of existence”. Speaker Straus denied the charges and demanded to know the source of the threats.

Mr. Hughes sent a message to the Speaker directly, revealing the name only to him. The name, which remained secret until today, was allegedly that of Republican Texas State Representative Larry Phillips of Sherman, Texas.

The name was revealed today at a hearing of the House General Investigating and Ethics Committee. Mr. Phillips is the vice chairman of that committee and allegedly had to step down for the purposes of this particular hearing.