California College Offers Scholarship to Illegal Immigrants

November 19, 2010 12:03 am 0 comments

In California there are private donations given for scholarships to some of our young and bright minds. Some of them are not here legally. But they are here and should not be a burden to the tax payers. This is private money and if someone has the money to help someone then let them.

Although I am not in favor of rewarding people who break the laws, we cannot find and deport all who are here illegally and I am not for amnesty. But I am for private US citizens putting their own personal money up to help those who are here to get a better education. We all know we cannot and should not hunt down and send all those people here illegally back to their country of origin, but one thing we can do is identify those who are here not to do harm to us, but to make a better life for themselves and their families.

I agree that we have a big problem NOT with immigration, but illegal-immigration and we need to get a handle on it or we will lose our nation. We all know a nation without borders is not a nation at all.

So what do we do? Most of those who are coming here are coming here for a better life. My great grandfather came here to seek a better life in 1900. The difference is he came here legally. But at this point there are so many here from multiple nations there is no real way to contain or fix it…Some say let everyone in and lets all hold hands and live as brothers and sisters…Although that would be nice it will not work, then there are those that say round everyone up and send them back and never let them back in…Technically I think that is what the law says. But this cannot happen and will not happen. So we need to move beyond both points and find common ground and move forward. It’s not rocket science..

First we do need to close the borders. If the Fed does will not do their job then the states must step in and do it…

Then put out the word that there will be no blanket amnesty but for all those who register and get a green card there will be a path that they can fallow to stay here legally.

So what’s the path? Obey our laws, get in trouble you are no longer welcome. Learn English so you can communicate in America get and hold a job there is no welfare or tax payer hand outs. Children that are born here should not be given automatic citizenship.

If the simple rules are fallowed then they can get in back of the line behind those who immigrated here legally.

Bill Kneer

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