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Video: Texas Redistricting – A New Common Sense Idea!

The University of Houston hosted the Texas Joint Panel on Redistricting for a public hearing this weekend. For all the punditry of elected officials and political advocates, one person’s message rose to the top. A common sense plan put forth by former US Army Ranger and Hispanic businessman Alan Vera. Take a look at the video summary of what he told the Redistricting Panel and then visit for the rest of this story!

Nearly 200 members of the public and a few concerned Members of Congress showed up to express their opinions about one of the most important activities of the upcoming legislative sessions. Redistricting will effect the boundaries of US Congressional Districts and those of the Texas House and Senate.

Will Democrats Try To Attach Amnesty For Illegals To Extending Tax Cuts?

Reports out of Washington are that efforts to extend the Bush tax cuts have stalled setting the stage for the largest tax increase in American history on January 1, 2011. According to Bloomberg, the average family would owe an additional $2,600 to Uncle Sam’s coffers if an agreement cannot be reached.

At the request of Republicans, talks have been rescheduled until after the Thanksgiving holiday which will leave law maker’s precious little time to strike a deal.

Predictably we’re hearing that extending the tax cuts will add further to the deficit, when in fact, every time taxes have been cut, receipts to the treasury have increased.

Conservative Texas Speaker – What Was This Election Really About?

While across the country there may be some debate about whether voters were voting FOR Republicans or AGAINST Democrats, one thing is clear in Texas. Texans want Conservative leadership and they have given the Republican Party an overwhelming majority to work with. This, of course, creates a question. Who should lead the Conservative movement in the Texas House? Speaker Joe Straus would like to keep his job. Warren Chisum has thrown his hat in the ring. But neither of these men can be tagged with a label of being a champion of the principles that were campaigned on by the candidates and voters of Texas in this election. So, this begs the question, who would the Tea Party pick?

Will We See Rick Perry/Sarah Palin In 2012?

Its way too early at this point for anyone to really predict of the Republican Nominee for President will be. I have heard many names mentioned, from Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and of course Sarah Palin. Only one thing is for sure – It will not be Sen. John McCain.

I have never been one to look at the world and read the tea leaves to see into the future there is only one that is capable of that, but all of us can open our eyes and see which people are positioning themselves for a run.

Sarah Palin is continuing to build her reputation and her following, and I do think she would be a great President, but let’s be realistic, she is SO good that a lot of people hate her and will stop at nothing to harm her chances.


The Fall Of Our Once Great Nation

Our once great nation has fallen, but how far will we the people let it go? In the eyes of the TSA we are guilty until proven innocent. We treat American citizens like criminals while we allow illegal-immigrants free entrance into our county because we fear being labeled a racist.

All the Illegal-immigrants coming here are not just peaceful Latino’s looking for a better life – Many are muslims extremist that want us dead and we allow them in because no one cares enough to act. They are endangering all our lives and the American way of life, so we allow our enemies free entrance to our nation while using the TSA as Obama’s SS solders have free reign over American citizens.

rced to submit to governmental sexual harassment and intimidation from the “Obama SS”. Peaceful Americans