Will We See Rick Perry/Sarah Palin In 2012?

November 21, 2010 6:39 pm 12 comments

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Bill Kneer

Its way too early at this point for anyone to really predict of the Republican Nominee for President will be.  I have heard many names mentioned, from Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and of course Sarah Palin. Only one thing is for sure – It will not be Sen. John McCain.

I have never been one to look at the world and read the tea leaves to see into the future there is only one that is capable of that, but all of us can open our eyes and see which people are positioning themselves for a run.

Sarah Palin is continuing to build her reputation and her following, and I do think she would be a great President, but let’s be realistic, she is SO good that a lot of people hate her and will stop at nothing to harm her chances. Do I think she will run? If she does, all hell will break loose and it will be a fun ride.

Now let’s look at Governor Perry. He runs the largest, most conservative state in the union – The state that has more cash on hand then all the other states combined.  Right after the election he hit the road selling his book Fed Up, and himself, to the nation while bringing a fresh face to the country that we in Texas know well.

In my opinion Rick will run, so here is a little advice for him. The nation wants to return to its Christian conservative roots. We want border security. We want a smaller, less intrusive government that will stand with us, not over us. We want a strong military that’s stands by our friends. You cannot do politics as you have done in the past – You need to  stay conservative. Fight for our common values and if you do, you will win. If you don’t , you will lose. Its all up to you.

Since I feel strongly that Rick Perry will run, who will be his VP? It may be wishful thinking, but I like Sarah Palin. If we could get 8 years of Christian conservative service out of Perry/Palin, that’s a great set up for 8 more years with Palin being the first female president of these great United States.

Let’s save our nation. It starts here and now with you. Get motivated, get involved and stay active. If we fail, we may see US citizens standing up in front of the tanks, like in China.

Failure is not an option.


  • Bill, you have great insights. I think I heard today that Sarah Palin is about to announce her candidacy. Some people feel she is not ready but you have described a very interesting scenario with 8 years of Perry and Palin and 8 years of Palin and somebody else. Strong Conservatives are very upset with Perry over a few issues (e.g., borders, vaccinations, franchise tax and the Trans Texas Corridor). If he would forthrightly, in words and deeds, address those issues he would greatly increase his support. He must shore up his Conservative credentials as you have indicated. Thank you for what you are doing to save our nation.

  • I agree Dan Rick has not always done what I and many others think is the right thing. But the nation has not been on all all those conversations. To them he is fresh and Inspiring.

    But Rick will need to sign some Conservative legislation. So far i hear is not on bored with Debbie Riddle or Sen. Dan Patrick on border security. He will need to do something it will be fun to watch him dance.

  • sheeplehelper

    There is only ONE conservative to stand behind and that’s RON PAUL. All others are just performing lip service.

  • Larry Perrault

    Works for me. Someone should be sure that Perry sees the movie to be released next month, “The Undefeated,” about Palin’s record in Alaska, including her facilitation of oil and gas exploration,

  • I think the Rick Perry & Sarah Palin Ticket is the right ticket for our country. We all need to get behind the P&P ticket for the sake of our country…..det45

  • Sister Christian

    More cash on hand? You do know we have a $27 BILLION DEFICIT right?

  • We had 8 years of Christian conservative service in Bush/Cheney, and it did not work. We ended up with war, the TARP bail out and lastly, Obama.

  • Charly Varughese

    We, the Republicans lost in 2008 why? Because we dis not have a “Candidate” When Mcain tendered his candidature he could not get much attention of the public and when Sarah Palin appeared Mcain also got a lift but could not win and the main responsiblity of that failure was that of the attitude of the Republicans itself. many did not work for that and many absatin from polling and now we learned a “Good lesson”.

    This time we expected Mr. Rick Perry but it took a long time to declare it. But I believe that is a good choice for america this time, because america need a President whi has faith in God and such a person can get the faith of the People!!!. Now the candidature of Mr. Perry have a very good positive wave in Republicans and even among Democrts. But I dont think Sarah Palin could atract such an impresion among the Republicans itself? At this juncture the proposal of her name as VP may be a negative result for Mr. Perry too. Votes of the females are a determining factor and I doubt Palin could get those. So it will be a safe decission to find a suitable candidate for VP to declare. Mr. Rubio and Ms. Batchman are suitable for VP and secretary of state but should select depends on their support.

  • Can’t stand the woman….

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