The Fall Of Our Once Great Nation

November 21, 2010 6:27 pm 0 comments

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Bill Kneer

Our once great nation has fallen,  but how far will we the people let it go? In the eyes of the TSA we are guilty until proven innocent. We treat American citizens like criminals while we allow illegal-immigrants free entrance into our county because we fear being labeled a racist.

All the Illegal-immigrants coming here are not just peaceful Latino’s looking for a better life – Many are muslims extremist that want us dead and we allow them in because no one cares enough to act. They are endangering all our lives and the American way of life, so we allow our enemies free entrance to our nation while using the TSA as Obama’s SS solders have free reign over American citizens.

Americans are forced to submit to governmental sexual harassment and intimidation from the “Obama SS”. Peaceful Americans of all races ages and backgrounds are guilty until proven otherwise, and we are forced to allow our kids to be mistreated.

At the same time the senate Judiciary committee wants to give the government open ended regulatory power to shut down people they “feel” might be violating the law. No due process again – Guilty until proven innocent.  This legislation passed out of committee with the help of Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn

It seems to me that Obama and others in the elected class treat our enemies better than those who they were elected to serve.  Even now he is doing his best to help Saudi Arabia modernize its military.

The massive arms deal would be the single largest sale of weapons to a foreign nation in the history of the U.S., outfitting Saudi Arabia with a fully modernized, potent new air force.

To me, it’s not hard to see that if this goes through we can kiss Israel goodbye. I am sorry, I do not view the Saudis as our friends. It’s just because they have oil and are willing to drill, and we are not.

Then you have those in the Democrat party that hate the 1st amendment. Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia wants to give the FCC the power to shut down media they do not like.

So let me get this right we are now at the point where:

  1. American citizens are guilty until proven innocent.
  2. We can do not have the freedom to travel here unless we submit to sexual harassment.
  3. Our enemies (Islamic extremists) are invading from our southern border and moving in our beloved nation freely.
  4. The Judiciary committee wants to power to shut down anyone they want on the internet.
  5. There is a movement to expand the FCC so they can shut down news they do not like.
  6. Obama is bringing the military power of our friends enemies up to our level so they have the capability to whip them off the face of the earth.

As for me it’s hard to see who is FOR America and who is NOT. One thing is for sure, America is changing and it’s not changing in a good way. We the people better not fall asleep – We better engage! We need to continue to do all we can to persuade our elected official not to turn on us. We need to continue to all we can to find new Conservative candidates who have the moral backbone to do the right thing. If we do not do this, that once shining city on the hill will look just like the Temple in Jerusalem.

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