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The Name Above All Names

Those of us who are liturgical Christians, are still celebrating Christmas, still six days to go. Unlike the song, we don’t have presents everyday, but we do reflect on the meaning of the incarnation.

January the first is the eighth day of Christmas. In the Gospel of Luke, we learn that on the eighth day after his birth, that Jesus was circumcised, so it is fitting that we remember that event on the first of January.
We see several items in this one event. First, the early church fathers tell us that this is the first time we see Jesus shedding his blood to complete the law. Secondly we learn that even as a baby, (through his parents actions), Jesus keeps the law. It is the third item that will be considered today. A Jewish child is named when he is circumcised. We are told in Luke, that upon his circumcision, he was given the name of Jesus. Jesus comes from the Aramaic (the language spoken in Israel at that time), Yeshua, which comes from Yah Shua, or God saves. In other words, Jesus’s name proclaims what he was coming into the world for.

Christmas Eve Child Murderer Arrested In Houston

This horrifying story may finally be coming to an end. Charges have been filed against Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, in the Christmas Eve murder of 12 year old Jonathan Foster.

Jonathan was abducted from his home, murdered, and his body was burned and dumped in a ditch on a night when most children were enjoying the Christmas holidays and making memories with their families.

It seems that Nelson had a connection to the family through young Jonathan’s baby sitter. It is not known if the victim was sexually assaulted and autopsy results are pending.

Mona Nelson had a rap sheet that dated back to 1984 and had previously spent time in prison.


Stop Offending Mohammad By Calling Terrorists “Extremists “

Dishonoring mohammad’s name by trying to redefine islamic call for terrorism on all nonmuslims, continues to embolden the dedicated muslims, while making it harder for cultural muslims to live peacefully without islamic rule… If we truly want to fight terrorism, we must remove our cultural blinders and accept reality of islamic motivation behind terrorism and deal with the root problem and not try to sweep it under a rug and hope it will go away.

As one influenced by islam in my childhood, I have seen much good from muslims. In camping outings and regular gatherings of great neighbors and friends, I have been blessed with the joys of their presence and laughter in my life. However the muslims


MTV Crying Teens Say They Don’t Regret Abortion

MTV has produced shows called “16 and Pregnant” and Teen Mom where each of the moms chose to give birth to their children. They recently aired “No Easy Decision” dealing with abortion. In this interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, three young women share their thoughts. One girl Markai had become pregnant before and was raising her daughter but when she became pregnant again only months after giving birth she chose abortion for her second child.

What I saw as plain as day was the struggle to justify the killing of their babies. In one part of a sentence they say they don’t regret anything but in the next they are crying and acknowledging their babies. Katy and Natalia join Markai on “No Easy Decision”. Natalia starts by saying that she went to

Obama Breathes New Life Into Death Panels

The York Times and Hot Air are reporting that Obama will not give up on saving money by population control, even with the Republicans in control of the House. His news strategy involves working around House members instead of working with them. Under Obama’s new policy, the government will pay doctors to advise patients on […]