Leadership In The Texas House – Does It Matter To You?

December 2, 2010 6:10 am 4 comments

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Bill Kneer

Texas Capital DomeWhat is the Republican Party? To me, the answer is easy. The Republican Party is a group of  ”we the people” that share a common set of beliefs, and we put our beliefs on paper – our Republican Party platform.

For many years we have fought to get our conservative agenda passed, to start shrinking the size of government, to start saving the lives of the unborn, and to put into practice the Judeo-Christian beliefs on which this great nation was founded.

In 1994 “we the people” finally won.   We had Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America and we thought we were finally going to see some progress! But our hopes were all too quickly dashed by politics as usual. It was the beginning of the end for the Republican Party, not because the values that “we the people” share were no longer valid, but because those we elected only shared those values at election time, in word only, and not in deed.

After the Bush administration, the American people were sick of the lies coming from our elected officials. The R by their names was there not to uphold our conservative beliefs but to help them get elected, and “we the people” got fed up with business as usual.

Then the mighty Obama arrived on the scene, and many looked at him and said “now there is a man of “we the people”", and what happened? The nation started the downhill slide to socialism.

“We the people” started to get scared, that we were going to lose our beloved nation and many started to finally wake up and become involved in taking back our country!  They started looking at what was going on in Washington and in Austin, and out of their dissatisfaction with politicians not listening to them, they joined with other like-minded individuals that shared their common, conservative,  Republican values and the Tea Party was born. The Tea Party movement did not represent a new set of values.   They took our common conservative Republican values and pushed them to the forefront because those Republicans currently in office would not stand up for them!

One could argue that the best thing to happen to our nation in the recent past was the election of the Socialist Obama, and the second best thing was the birth of the Tea Party. The American people have woken up and are now engaged in the political process.

The one thing the Tea Party and the Republican Party share is our common conservative values.

During the last election we came together to elect a better “class” of elected officials, who we trusted to speak for us in Austin. Those that not only share our common conservative values at election time,  but will also stand up and fight for our conservative values!

But once again it seems that our elected officials are turning their backs on the common, conservative values that “we the people” share and have fought so hard to promote.

In the Texas House, speaker Joe Straus was elected by all Democrats & 11 liberal Republicans.   He has a 52% Conservative  voting record according to Heritage alliance. He is so liberal that 8 Democrats have more conservative voting records than his!  Oh yes, I almost forgot that when Joe was first elected Speaker he appointed liberal Democrats to chair key committees (e.g. the finance committee) where they called for more taxes and more state spending. His Democrat chairs also prevented key conservative legislation e.g.  voter ID and other pro-family measures from passing.

Professor Mark Jones from Rice has shown us the evidence  that Joe got more of theDemocrat agenda passed under his leadership than under the leadership of Pete Laney. That’s the kind of “conservative” that killed the conservative legislation that we attempted to pass during the last legislative session.

We the people have spoken with a loud and clear voice during the last election.  We do not want the liberals to control the Texas House. We do not want the left to pick our speaker and have the ability to kill our conservative legislation. Why should we allow 25 RINO’s and the Democrats to control the legislation that gets passed, when we have the largest majority in Texas history?

The fact that Joe Straus is Jewish is not a factor in this race. I would say a majority of conservative stand with the Jewish people as friends of Israel. This attempt to paint conservatives with the brush of anti-Semitism is straight out of the Saul  Alinsky playbook used by the left.

I have emailed and spoken with House members and it is clear to me that many of them only want our input during their election and not in any other matters. They want us to sit at home and let them trade our values in because, after all, they know what’s best for “we the people”.

Joe is now strong arming the Conservative House members and he is paying for ads saying he is pro-life. The Bible says you shall know them by their fruits and we know the fruits of Joe Straus!  The pro-murder group NARAL gives Joe Straus a 100%rating.   Do you think they would give that to someone who is committed to pro-life principles? And what about the campaign contributions he accepted from Planned Parenthood?  How does this square with his assertion that he is “pro-life”?

So to ALL  elected House members, I must ask a very simple question:

Are you pledged to Joe Straus, or to “we the people” who have worked and voted for you? To whom are you pledged?  Are you pledged to being favorably accepted in Austin by your liberal friends, or to your constituents back home?  Where do your loyalties lie?

I have heard the pragmatic argument that ” it is “inevitable” that Joe Straus has the votes, as he is the incumbent,  and if I want to get any legislation passed, I need to honor my pledge to him”

“I have already given him my word, you don’t want me to break my word do you?”

“Joe contributed vast amounts of money to Republicans to help get them elected, and now we owe our allegiance to him!

It is always easy to find an excuse for doing that which doesn’t take courage.   Edmund Burke reminds us that “All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing”.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty” was Tom Jefferson’s point of view.

“We the people” spoke on election night and now is the time for you to speak for us. If you stand by Joe, and sell us out, and allow our conservative agenda to fail, it is not Joe Straus who will be held accountable.

YOU will be held accountable.

One state representative told me “I haven’t heard from many about this issue”.

“We the people” need to take up this campaign and contact each of our state reps, have our families, friends, and neighbors call, email or visit, and help give backbone to our representatives to do that which is right!

We have very little time to make our voices known. “We the people” need to once again  contact our representatives and remind them that we are watching their every move!

Elephants are known for their long memory!


  • Bill,
    Thank you for these excellent thoughts. I completely agree with you. Encourage all you can to attend DOL next Thursday,Dec. 9, Racquet Club on Memorial east of Voss.6:30 pm. All of our elected Republican Representatives will be featured. This will be an excellent opportunty to meet them face to face and tell them how you feel.
    LaDawn Weeks
    PC – 804
    HCRP Outreach Com.
    DOL-Newsletter Editor
    Kingstreet Patriot:True the Vote!

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