America – The Decaying City Upon A Hill

December 5, 2010 10:30 pm 8 comments

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Bill Kneer

For many years America was the light of the world.  We became a super power not to rule the world, but to help maintain peace and serve as an example of Democracy for the rest of the world.  But during  our short history America has been on the wrong side of some issues ( the most glaring was perhaps slavery but many feel it to be the promotion of abortion).  But America (like it always does) righted the wrongs of slavery, and came out a stronger, more stable nation.

In WW1 we jumped in and helped our friends by shedding American blood on foreign soil. We did this not for land or personal gain.  We did this because it was the right thing to do!

At the begging of WWII America sat by and did little until we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, and I think that was wrong. But regardless of how long it took to get into the war, once we were attacked we jumped in to defeat the evil people that were in the process of taking over the world and killing a group of innocent people (the Jews) because they didn’t like their heritage.

We did not go to war with Germany and Japan for personal gain. Once again America showed its might and saved those in need.  Not for personal gain, but because that is who we are! When the world dials 911, the United States comes to bail them out!

During the cold war what did we do? We built up our military might, not to kill our enemies and take their land. We defeated them without killing anyone.  Then Reagan came and stood up and finished the job and once we won, what did we do? We stepped in to help the world. We did all we could to give the former soviet countries the ability to become free and prosperous nations.

Our American history shows us who we are. We are peaceful, giving, God-fearing people who are not here to conquer, but to help bring peace to the world. The Bible says “blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”  But we do not even want to inherit the world!  And some are afraid to be called the sons of God. We just want to live in it and help our neighbors.  We want our brothers and sisters regardless of the color of their skin or their nation of origin to live in peace and have the God-given freedom to live without fear.

Because of this America prospered here at home and around the world. Our freedom, our American way of life, and our belief in God all made America a proud, strong, and good nation.

America had become that proud and shinning city upon a hill. The city that all looked up to, admired, and to which all wanted to come.

Today I look at what is going on both here and around the world and I must ask myself, are we still that shining city upon a hill?

Over my (short) lifetime we have declined so very much!   We took prayer out of public school, we made life meaningless and cheap by saying a baby is not a baby, it is not a gift from God, it’s a meaningless cell cluster that we can rip apart piece by piece and throw out in the trash. We have made divorce not only acceptable but expected; we have made sex not something that is done in only in the confines of marriage but something that is done anywhere, anytime and with anything.   Many of today’s commonly accepted evils used be things done out of sight.   At one time they were shameful, but today they are accepted as a “normal” style of public life. The Church is no longer the place of worship and no longer holds the position it had at one point in our society, but to many people a chore they must do on Sunday. The lack of solid Biblical teaching and application is a factor that has led, in a great part, to the destruction of the American family and our way of life.

Now Obama says publicly that we are no longer a Christian nation! There was a time in America when one’s faith was something to be proud of and those who were evil were not accepted as a normal part of American culture. But today many aspects of American culture are profoundly evil, but accepted as normal, and right, and people of faith are. In many circles, treated like those that at one time practiced their evil deeds in secret.

America was once that shining city upon a hill. America was once a proud and strong nation that peace- loving nations of the world looked to for help. But those days are long gone and this is not all Obama’s fault. This started long ago and it will not be corrected by defeating Obama. We need to ask God to change American hearts! We need to take back our government at all levels. Most importantly we need take back all of our courts and fill them with judges who will enforce the law, not legislate from the bench!

If we do not get our courts back nothing else matters, because if liberal judges do not like what the legislators do they rule it unconstitutional. If the American people vote on something like the definition of marriage being between a man and a woman, they say that it is unconstitutional.

I sure miss the days when we turned on TV and we could see right from wrong so easily. We knew who was bad and who was good by the color of their hats and the color of their horses.  The lines between right and wrong were clearly drawn, but today those lines are so fuzzy it is hard for many to see what is right and what is wrong.

Unless we change these things we will continue to decline, as we follow the path of the other past great nations in the rust heap of world history, and in a few years from now (if the good Lord tarries) there will be archaeologists digging for clues as to who we were, what we did, and why our nation was destroyed.


  • Pastor Paul Waldmiller

    Yes Bill, the world needs more peacemakers. As the world becomes more violent. It would seem to me this is more about “good vs evil.” Everyone must make a choice.

  • Its not easy to spread peace when people want you dead. But as Americans we have always stood up against evil and prevailed but we can do it again. But i fear we do not want to.

    Some Americans run from our proud past and our American exceptionalism?

    We have been a great nation with great people not because we are better than anyone, But because of our nation was founded on Biblical values and we acknowledged that all men where created equal with inalienable rights. But when we kick God out none of those documents have little meaning…

    If we want our nation back it must start with putting God back in our nation…So we need people who are not afraid to stand up. We need leaders who will do whats right in Gods eyes not mans eyes.

  • Job well don, Bill. Thanks! To bad those who should read it won’t even know about it…I will pass it on…

  • Well said. Great article. Pray many read it. gh

  • William Hill Register

    Cheers and Please continue to keep updating your Weblog. I will be stopping by each time you do.

  • Michael Joe Thannisch

    Well put Bill

  • The spoken/written word “GOD” is the problem? Not the Godless warmongers who murdered hundred of thousands of God’s children and left our country bereft, both morally and economically? I AM a Christian and have a really hard time with other Christians blaming “Obama”, who truly seems to behave like what I was taught a Christian was, and not what I perceive to be so transparently the morally bereft leaders of the country during the last administration.

  • I’m sorry, but it seems like you know very little about American history and the basic principals for which the American Constitution stands. America isn’t a ‘Christian Nation’ because Obama has declarred it so; America has never been a ‘Christian Nation’. Under the constitution we are a secular state, meaning that religion is separate from the government. Don’t confuse Christianity to be synonomous with morrality. There are other cultural values outside of Christian ones, and outside of Western values, that are morral. Believe me, the world does not look to America as it’s savior, yearning to adopt our Western ways, any more than we yearn to adopt Eastern society.
    Futhermore, the world is not suddenly a morrally ambigous place. Our involvement in both WW1 and WW2 is not as cut and paste as you portray it. WW1 does not have a clear villian or hero (I’d argue most wars don’t) but was rather brought about by a complex string of treaties with other countries. Our main incentive for involvement was for financial reasons. Americans were victorious in the war as we joined so late in it’s course, therefore winning by attrition. As most of the world demolished it’s economy during the war,we were able to loan out money and become a financial superpower.
    Similarly our involvement in WW2 innitially had nothing to do with the holocaust,but had everything to do with our confict with the Japanese. We are very much guilty of ignoring the horrors that swept Europe during Nazi domination. War has never been about morrality. We have often used that excuse to cover up our more ambiguous choises. For example,A common belief during the Mexican-American war was that we were helping ‘our little brown brothers’ (a condesending notion in itself) while we in fact conquered half the country.
    What I’m getting at is that American history is not simple, the history of the world is not simple, because PEOPLE,are not simple. The bad guys don’t wear little black hats, the good guys don’t always prevail. It’s a complex history that can be argued hundreds of different ways, and in many ways some of our ugliest actions stem from the idea of ‘a city on a hill’; that America (specifically a white male America)is meant to be an example to the world, that we can do no wrong with God on our side. With that said, I love my country. I believe our history is filled with nuonces that make for a fascinating story. I believe the same about the America of today. You cannot paint this country black or white, you cannot paint it republican or democratic, you cannot understand it if all you see is a peverse non-christian society. This is a country filled with people of all types of beliefs, ethnicities, collors, and yes, sexuallities. Just because this county is not Chritian does not make it evil.
    I’d suggest picking up a history book.

    While I don’t agree with your opinions, I respect them, and I’d love to debate further with you if you respect mine.

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