It’s Christmas Time, So Of Course We Have The Usual All Out Assault On Christianity

December 3, 2010 8:51 pm 5 comments
Atheist Billboard

Millions of drivers will pass by this billboard when driving from New Jersey to New York City.

It’s Christmas time so of course we have the usual all out assault on Christianity. The taxpayer funded Smithsonian has a display that shows an ant covered Jesus and other homoerotic pictures such as Ellen Dengeneres grabbing her breasts, and men kissing. The museum even promoted a “family day” on November 21st and after visiting, one child drew a picture depicting three naked people with an apparent child grabbing the genital region of an adult. Yep, that’s good ole American family values.

And then there’s the “you know it’s a myth” billboard that the atheists put up in New Jersey along the freeway headed into New York City so millions will see it every day. There’s an old Army saying “there are no atheists in foxholes.” Perhaps a week or two in Afghanistan would be enough for these people to see the light.

pastor in Wichita Kansas was arrested for loitering because he was handing out a free gift outside a local mosque. The gift was the Gospel of John and Romans along with a DVD featuring the testimonials of muslims who have converted to Christianity. It’s nice to know whose side the Wichita police union and the mayors office is on.

On a positive note, Oklahoma Senator James Inhoff will no longer participate in Tulsa’s holiday parade until they change the title back to Christmas parade. There are not too many people in Washington with common sense much less any morals but at least Senator Inhoff appears to have both.

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  • Thanks Todd, this is great. It makes s me angry when I see open season on Christians. Our nation was founded on the Judo-Christian beliefs. But many today are so hateful and fearful that they are doing all they can to change our history and our culture.

    I sometimes wonder if the Anti-Christ is not one person..It it possible the anti-Christ is society? If indeed it is then he is here with us now because many here are very anti-Christ.

  • Bill – That’s pretty deep. I think it’s definitly possible.

    I’ve had non-believers ask me how can I think that God created the earth in a day? My response is that what we call a day now only dates back 2010 years and was modified as recently as the 16th century. How are we to know what a day was to God?

  • Princess Shibley

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