The End Of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

December 21, 2010 3:07 pm 3 comments

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With the Senate vote pushing to abolish Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, many will be rejoicing, and many not, but it is a sign that our supposedly Christian nation is not entirely sold out to God. The Bible tells us that homosexuality is an abomination (Old Testament), and a result of idolatry (New Testament). With 85% of the people of the United States professing to be Christians, one would think that the majority of the population of the USA would be against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but actually some 70% of the people are in favour of repealing it. Of the armed service, only among those actually involved in combat are mostly in favour of keeping Don’t Ask, Don’t tell.

There are several factors leading up to this disconnect, factors which need to be addressed soon, lest God’s judgment comes down upon this nation. To begin with, during the 20th Century, there has been a gradual move away from Biblical morality. This began in the 20th Century over divorce laws. Divorce used to be difficult, and remarriage of divorced people was also difficult. My father was divorced, and as a consequence, when he remarried, he could not get married in his Baptist or in my mother’s Episcopal Church. This was typical in the 50’s and 60’s when most churches regarded divorce and remarriage as sinful. No fault divorce was not recognised in the USA until 1970, when it was passed in California to prevent perjury. (It was common for the man to pose in bed with another woman  so as to procure a divorce for the cause of adultery). As time passed, divorce was seen less and less as a moral issue, and more as a right. (BTW, the Bible teaches the relationship of the man and his wife as being an object lesson of the relationship between Jesus and the Church).

Similar things happened concerning premarital sex. Before the 1960’s, premarital sex was almost unheard of, and less than 3% of children born in the USA were born out of wedlock (as opposed to 48% of children being born to single mothers today). Again, premarital sex was a moral issue, but was turned into an issue of rights. What two consenting adults did in private, was private. To show how things have changed, most hotels had detectives prior to the 1970’s. The main job of these detectives was not to prevent robberies, etc., but to prevent adultery, and extramarital sex. Sin and morality was taken seriously by society, and hotel and motel owners were expected to take reasonable exercise to see that their establishments were used morally. As premarital sex turned into a right, and not a moral issue, cohabitation soon followed. The Episcopal church, instead of fighting this, actually voted to allow people who were cohabiting to continue to receive communion and be members in good standing of the church in 1972. Of course abortion worked itself into the mix, being blessed by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade (1973) which claimed all women had a right to an abortion, superseding the state’s rights not to permit abortion and superseding the moral authority of the church.

One other item occurred in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s regarding morality was the disappearance of blue laws. Contrary to today, most businesses (with the exception of restaurants) were closed on Sunday. Restaurants were usually closed on Mondays. Both gasoline stations and drug stores took turns being open on Sunday. Maybe not everyone went to church, but it was a day of rest and a day usually spent with the family. Many people regarded it as immoral to work on Sunday. Others appreciated the opportunity to take a break from work, but these laws too were struck down as imposing religion on people. (Texas’ blue laws on many items were abolished in 1984, a time when many teenagers could no longer go to church, because the grocery stores started opening on Sunday.

Of course claiming homosexuality as a right, as opposed to being immoral, began in this time period too. There was some difference, as society went from condemning homosexuality, to feeling sorry for homosexuals to deciding that they had rights. In the case of homosexuality, there was also a difference in that the media took a more active role in promoting homosexual rights. While it is true that marriage was the norm on TV prior to 1960, and cohabitation and non committal sex reign today on TV, homosexuals were presented as sympathetic characters on TV shows, someone who really deserved to have the right to do as they wished. (While I was living in Honduras, over 14 years, I literally watched some friends take a full reversal in their stand on homosexuality). The fact that most people of the US considered this behaviour immoral was for the most part ignored. Pseudo-science claimed people were born homosexual (the latest research has proved that homosexuality is not hereditary), and science and media tend to ignore troubling aspects about the gay community (highest suicide rate, average life span 5-20 years less for homosexual men than their straight counterparts, average life span 3-10 years shorter for lesbian women than their straight counterparts, much higher incidences of abusive behaviour in homosexual relationships.) Of course since marriage, divorce, cohabiting, abortion and working on Sunday were no longer moral issues, those who opposed homosexuality on moral grounds were accused of homophobia. In order to gain rights to have homosexual sex, the homosexual community sought to normalize itself by adopting and having children,not conceived normally, and by demanding access to marriage (I note in passing the only person I knew who was born to a lesbian couple is wanted by the police on charges of child pornography). Of course as well, some areas are attempting to teach kids about homosexual sex as early as kindergarten, and young teenagers are “coming out” as young as twelve to proclaim their homosexuality.

The Bible roundly condemns these behaviours, and states that homosexuality is a result of idolatry. This nation has become a nation that is idolatrous, and greedy. The widow and orphan are disregarded. Innocent children are slaughtered. Immigrants work in poor conditions for less pay. Justice and mercy have been forgotten by this nation. The church has not done its job. Where are the preachers who remind us that God calls us to be holy? When divorce was becoming prominent, who raised their voices against it? When TV programmes pushed cohabitation, premarital sex, etc., how many people turned their televisions off, and called the sponsors? As morals collapse, so does behaviour. When 97% of kids were born to married parents, there were no police in school. This nation has sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind if there is no repentance. Rights are a two sided coin, the second side being responsibility. If people have the right to sex, they have the responsibility to marry their opposite sex partner. If they have the right to divorce, they have the responsibility to look for alternatives and to look out for what is best for the children. All rights must be viewed in relationship to our responsibility to God. It is time for this nation to turn back to the source of liberty, freedom, and truth. The idea that all men and women are created equal comes from the Bible. Justice and mercy are also Biblical concepts, as well as government being under the law. Christians today need to start living like Christians, reading the Bible and applying it, being salt to the earth, not being salted by unsound doctrine and idolatrous behavior.


  • The whole weekend all I could think about were the immortal words of Col. Jessup who said “all you did was weaken a nation today.”

    • All too true. The problem is we look, but we do not see. Immorality is part of the reason that our schools are in such trouble. We forget that if someone is immoral in one area, they will usually be immoral in others as well.

  • Personally, I think the point is missed. The truth is the truth, whether forced underground or allowed the light of day. Personally, I prefer the truth over a lie 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

    There is a massive critical error here. The State is NOT, I repeat, NOT the Church, the Community, or the Culture. It is not the State’s right to tell an individual his or her allowed sexual preference (assuming all parties involved are consenting adults) any more than it is the government’s right to tell me which religion I should subscribe to.

    While I think that the practice of homosexuality is wrong, I also think that the oppression of an individual by the State for something as legally and politically trivial as whether or not one is allowed to be honest about their sexual leanings in conversation (no matter the circumstance.. whether or not to respond or lie is up to the individual, and is in no way the realm of the power of the State) is an atrocity on human rights.

    I am reminded of the Jews standing up for free speech even when what was being said was negative and harmful to them. There is no such thing as justified oppression. It could be YOU when the cultural tide shifts again.

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