Wikileaks – Something Just Doesn’t Add Up

December 14, 2010 4:13 pm 11 comments

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Things just don’t add up when you look at the Wikileaks story. First, who has ever heard of an all out, worldwide man-hunt for sexual assault; especially by the European Union? The EU has stood behind admitted statutory rapist Roman Polanski and has denied attempts by the United States to extradite him so that he can be tried for his crimes.

So why was there this concerted effort by the EU to capture Julian Assange? When by most accounts, the charges appear to be completely trumped up. It appears that the two women accusing him of rape conspired against him and one of them even threw a party honoring him after he allegedly raped her.

The aforementioned woman’s name is Anna Ardin, and she not only threw a party honoring Assange after they had sexual relations but also allowed him to stay in her home rather than in a hotel while he was in Sweden. Ardin is a hardcore leftist who is heavily involved in the European feminist movement and even teaches a class called the Seven Step Program for Legal Revenge which is a class for seeking retribution when your mate is unfaithful.

At one point the case against Assange had been closed but now it has mysteriously been reopened. So why did our friends across the pond suddenly develop a moral conscience? They did not bow to U.S. pressure to extradite an admitted rapist but they will go to the ends of the earth to catch and prosecute Assange in what appears to be bogus charges. Something doesn’t add up.

To wit, we have hundreds of thousands of classified documents posted by wikileaks since July of this year. At this point, the Obama administration recognized that they had a serious breach in security which led them to PFC Bradley Manning.

And what does the Obama administration do in response? They have the Department of Homeland Security move to seize more than 80 websites for music and video piracy but they did nothing with Wikileaks. Something does not add up here. Obviously they were able to see the documents that PFC Manning accessed and could have taken steps to prevent this second leak if they wanted to but they didn’t; they let it happen. Why is that? Could it be that it is now politically expedient to promote the case because Obama and the FCC are taking steps to usurp Congress again and take over the internet by implementing what they are calling “net neutrality?”

And then there is the source, PFC Brad Manning. A private first class is not privy to that type of information. I had a top secret clearance and I can personally attest that even with clearance he does not have access to that type of information. Just to play devils advocate, could the administration be complicit? Someone was pulling his strings and directing him on what to do and who to give it to. Again things don’t add up.

Whether Manning was an ideologue and hacked his way in on his own accord or operational security has become so lackadaisical in the military under Obama that he really did have access to this information we may never know but he obviously joined the Army with an agenda, and more than likely, several accomplices both in and out of the military. He and his co-conspirators should be tried for treason and executed, if found guilty, but of course the left is stepping up in droves to defend this seditious traitor including $5,000.00 from Michael Moore.

Personally I think Assange is a piece of socialist garbage but he is not the problem here. If we say we believe in free speech, then we must support his right to publish this type of information. I am infuriated beyond belief when I see an American Flag burned but like Michael Douglas said in the movie the American President; “America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You’ve gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say, “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.” The president does this nearly every time he opens his mouth, in fact, I cannot listen to the man speak, I have to read his speeches on-line because his voice makes me want to put my head through a wall but I digress.

Time Magazine has nominated Assange as Person of the Year and the New York Times has celebrated the Wikileaks story but refuses to print the emails from Climategate. They say it is because the emails contain “personal information” but that is just a copout. They will not print them because the Climategate emails do not support the socialist agenda they and the rest of the liberal media are advocating.

Something doesn’t add and my bet is that the other shoe will be dropping in the next few weeks. Why does the Obama administration want to prosecute Assange for treason when the rest of the global left is nearly unanimous in their support? Something doesn’t add up.

Todd Kinsey is an independent writer from Houston, Texas. His articles have appeared at the, the GOP Journal, the Patriot Statesman, and the Coastal Conservative. He has appeared on several radio talk shows and publishes his own website To arrange guest appearances or speaking engagement, you can contact him at

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  • When is publishing Stolen Classified Documents an exersise in free Speech?

    • Free speech is certainly a double edged sword. A vast majority of news stories involve either leaked information or documents. As I said in the piece, I’m no fan of Assange. I think he is dangerous and is being used by someone with considerably more power and influence who has not yet been exposed. The real criminal is PFC manning who is the one who stole the documents but Assange is definitely an enemy of the United States.

  • Do you think Manning could have pulled off stealing thousands of classified documents with only the clearance of a PFC?

    • There is absolutely no way. I would imagine he was a hacker on a mission and knew the only way to get what he needed was from the inside, like Tome Cruise going for the Noclist in Mission Impossible.

  • Andrew A. Sailer

    Good Stuff. Thank you.

  • Nice info. Big thanks for that.

  • Good thread!

    Keep it up!

  • It appears as though Julian Assange will at least be out on bail any minute but what about Bradley Manning? Solitary confinement for seven months so far without being convicted of anything, without even a trial. That’s bad!

    • The United States Military has its own legal system called the Uniform Code of Military Justice which supersedes the legal system that applies to civilian citizens. Since our Armed Forces are comprised of volunteers (I was one) you understand this before joining the military. If Manning is indeed guilty of stealing classified information I hope he is tried for treason and executed for his seditious act

  • Julian Assange should leak the court documents concerning his suspected rape, sexual molestation & unlawful coercion charges.

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