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US Dollars Help Fund Mubarak’s Tyrannical Rule

Egyptian President/Tyrannical Dictator Mubarak has taken all he can from his people and built up his personal wealth while leaving his people in poverty. For 30 years the US has been allied with Mubarak because he was the closest thing we had to a friend in the Middle East. We have given BILLIONS of tax dollars to buy his loyalty while he has allowed his people to starve. Now the people, having little choice, are taking to the streets in protest.

We have allowed and aided in this corruption and we have funded his tyrannical rule.

Pres. Mubarak’s Steals 40 Billion

Jan. 28, 2011 President Mubarak’s Steals 40 Billion. President Mubarak’s stash is worth 40 billion dollars as his personal worth or what he stole from the Egyptian people has risen to epic proportions. Mubarak’s name can be added to the names of wealthy dictators throughout the world that most likely received the aide from the United States in their attempt to affect influence in foreign country politics.


Lord of Lords

This week both Barak Obama and Joel Olsteen made comments about homosexuality. The views were diametrically opposed. President Obama talked about how wonderful it was that homosexuals would be able to serve in the military. Pastor Olsteen stated that homosexuality is a sin, and has been backed up by several other pastors.

Now Pastor Olsteen added some what, saying basically that all sins are the same and that homosexuality is just as bad as pride. Now I am not sure just why Olsteen chose pride, but it is an interesting choice. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, deemed by some churches as a sin that can cause one to lose their salvation. Pride is a sin roundly denounced in the Old and New Testaments, and by many is considered among the worst of sins.

TX State Representative Debbie Riddle Applauds Senate Passage Of Voter ID Bill

AUSTIN – Less than three weeks into the new legislative session, the Texas Senate has passed a voter ID measure that is being called the toughest in the country. Representative Debbie Riddle (R – District 150) says the House is set to follow suit right away, bringing an end to the four year debate that has derailed the previous two sessions.

“The people are tired of business as usual,” Riddle said. “That’s why they elected a 101-seat Republican supermajority in the House, and that’s why voter ID is going to be passed in near record time this session.”

Senate Bill 14 by Senator Troy Fraser (R – Horseshoe Bay) was approved by a 19-11 vote on Wednesday night and requires voters to produce one of four forms of photo ID or a concealed handgun


President Obama’s State Of The Union Speech Was…

On Tuesday President Obama twisted and contorted the truth like he was Gumby. In one part of his State of the Union speech he called for a spending freeze, which by the way he did last year and look where that has gotten us. The president’s proposed freeze in government spending amounts to a whopping $40 billion per year which is probably close to what we pay for office supplies every year. Then later in the speech he called for major investment (spending) to repair our crumbling infrastructure; so which one is it? A freeze or spending?

I guess in the president’s eyes, America is a third-world country along the lines of El Salvador, who he plans to negotiate a trade agreements with. I’m sure that will be of great benefit to the United States since El Salvador’s GDP is a whopping $22.3 billion per year.

FBI Probe by Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood as reported  in an “exclusive” in The Washington Post By David Crary,The Associated Press,Monday, January 24, 2011; 5:08 PM “has notified the FBI that at least 12 of its health centers were visited recently by a man purporting to be a sex trafficker but who may instead be part of an attempted ruse […]