Black Conservatives Form The Crispus Attucks Tea Party in Houston Texas

January 19, 2011 11:11 am 48 comments

The following press release tells us about a black conservative Tea Party that focuses on the inner city of Houston.

HOUSTON, TX – January 6, 2011

The Crispus Attucks Tea Party will hold its inaugural meeting on January 18th, 2011 at “This Is It” Soul Food Restaurant, located at 2712 Blodgett, in the heart of Houston’s 3rd Ward. Supporting “This Is It” and enjoy a buffet dinner at 5:30 pm and socialize with other guests. The meeting will begin sharply at 6:30. Guest speakers will include recently elected Texas State House Representative James Earl White, House District 12 and Anita MonCrief, National Spokesperson for Ms. MonCrief will be working in Houston to help the Crispus Attucks Tea Party identify and prepare Conservative candidates for upcoming elections. Representative White was recently selected by Constituents of Angelina, San Jacinto, Trinity and Tyler Counties to represent them in Texas House District 12. House District 12 is located in East Texas which was a Ku Klux Klan territory and is a predominately White House District. Texas is especially proud of the fact that Representative White’s character and the content of his message carried the day and with Tea Party help he won his seat with a substantial margin. Texas continues to lead the way for all other states in many ways. Texas and America are entering a period where “Content and Character are indeed more important than Color”.

This inaugural meeting will be a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and his leadership. It will also be a celebration of all of those who blazed trails for other Americans and especially for those who have advanced the full assimilation and liberty of the descendants of America’s Black slaves. America is entering a period in time where “Content and Character are indeed more important than Color” for those who prepare themselves to be competitive. That too is worth celebrating.

Please RSVP to

Our primary objective is to break the cycles of dependency and decay that continue to anesthetize and hold captive too many Black families and neighborhoods. We provide continuing series of speakers, seminars, training and practical business support services designed to help Blacks fully assimilate into and be competitive in American society. Our objective is to teach all Americans the fullness of the history of Blacks in America and to help Blacks gain control of their lives and the destiny of their children. Only by understanding our full and true history will we all of America be liberated.

Lessons learned from decades of intrusive Social Engineering, Social Justice Policies and the Welfare State are left out of text books and routinely ignored by those profiting from them, however, they cannot be denied. One need only take a walk through what is left of our Black communities. Houston’s “Sugar Hill” became 3rd Ward which was a thriving Black enterprise zone without any government programs or subsidies. Enter stage left, “The Great Society” which offered “An FDR Chicken In Every Pot” and “An LBJ Check In Every Mail Box”. Now Houston’s 3rd Ward looks like a war zone and Black families are almost extinct. Spawned in the ’60′s, these social engineering experiments, government programs and the arrogant utopian value systems which produced them, continue to produce urban decay, increasing cyclical welfare dependency, increasing tax burdens (for those who pay taxes), the demise of the Black family, fatherless homes, skyrocketing out of wedlock births, more abortions than births, a rise in Black militancy and separatist activity and theft of real political power from all of those living in Black neighborhoods.

Neither political party has been intellectually honest with itself or Blacks. The Crispus Attucks Tea Party unleashes the anesthetized political giant rendered helpless by an unending stream of government programs funded by tax dollars. Programs, welfare checks and the demise of pride and the work ethic have robbed Blacks of their identities and their dignity. They have devastated Black neighborhoods and rendered them politically and economically impotent. The Crispus Attucks Tea Party will shift political power away from race bating politicians, games of ‘Three Card Monty” played by highly skilled political operators and race hustlers who base all political activities and campaigns on race. Operating within Black districts these charlatans have proven incapable of acting in the best interest of those they claim to represent.

The Crispus Attucks Tea Party is part of America’s rapidly growing Tea Party movement. Starting with Houston’s 3rd Ward, it will focus all of the power amassed across America by the Tea Party movement directly into targeted Black neighborhoods across America. Yes !! .. Our army operates .. “Inside The Belly Of The Beast”. The Crispus Attucks Tea Party is a non-partisan, neighborhood movement. It provides a base of operations for the descendants of Black Slavery who realize that welfare checks and government dependency are key elements of their destruction. The corresponding destructive cycles have destroyed lives, families and their neighborhoods. Government dependency holds Blacks hostage. It precludes true liberty and forever blocks full assimilation. Our mission includes building series of strong neighborhood operating bases made of business people, elected officials, Constituents and Voters, living and working in “hostile areas”. Intellectually honest Constituents living in Black neighborhoods want them to be safe and to thrive while becoming less dependent on the tax dollars of others. These Constituents want disciplined classrooms and globally competitive educations for their children. They want full control of the schools, stores, businesses within their neighborhoods and real futures for their children. These things will come only when Constituents living in these neighborhoods feel that they are worthy of them. The Crispus Attucks Tea Party will help Blacks take those steps forward. The Tea Party moves .. “Into The Belly Of The Beast”.

The Crispus Attucks Tea Party promotes and fights for the founding principles originally defined by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our core principles include personal responsibility, education, a constrained and transparent government, a balanced budget, self sufficiency, full assimilation and the development of viable Black businesses …. that create jobs. We identify & vet viable Conservative candidates that are willing to fight for our mission, our principles and the issues we embrace. Candidates and elected officials who are commitment to American, want to maximize the value American Citizenship, share our values and demonstrate full support of our issue oriented efforts are welcome to support them. For more information on our inaugural meeting or the Crispus Attucks Tea Party, please send inquiries to

The Crispus Attucks Tea Party is named after Crispus Attucks (1723-1770), an African-American who died during the Boston Massacre and is known as the first martyr of the American Revolution.

The painting shown above is titled Death of Crispus Attucks at the Boston Massacre and was painted by James Wells Champney (1843-1908).

Harris County Sheriff candidate Carl Pittman was present for the first meeting held at “This Is It” soul food restaurant and he reported that that an energized crowd gathered to hear Texas House Representative James Earl White and Anita MonCrief speak.


  • Caroline Hodges

    God Bless America!!! WE THE PEOPLE standing together can get our Beloved United States of America back. God Bless You!

  • Sandy Heckart

    This is great. Thank you for standing with us. We must all fight for our freedom.

    God Bless you,

    Tea Party Grandma

  • That’s bad ass! I am sick of the left saying the tea party people are racist because most are white. That’s racist! These guys need to be in the media!

  • I listened to Anita Moncrief on Hannity last night and was cheering for her from my car!!! She’s been on both sides and sees the hypocrisy and destruction of liberal ideology to the black community. Go Anita! I was impressed and energized by your action. Keep it up!!!

  • Bravo! I cannot express in words how outstanding I think this is.
    “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”
    From the book of Numbers.

  • Why do they have to start their own tea party. Why not just invite them to one of one’s already going on? …oh, that’s right…we almost all forgot.

    • Imma Johnsoncrusher

      Maybe they feel that there are so many clueless,loudmouth, progressives,that if they start their own Black TP, then the progressives will see that not all blacks are as screwed up as the ones treated like victims in the democratic party.

      But I doubt it.Most progressives think they are omniscient. Never wrong. Basically jackasses. :)

    • Realness Johnson………… you are a racist! The only way our black Americans can ever move out of poverty is to unite and pull themselves out of the government’s social mess. If the Black Tea Party can draw impoverished black people to their ideals and create self pride and individual productivity, so be it. Maybe you should attend a Black Tea Party and get some humility!

      • Magnum, I feel that you are right and wrong. The change comes from within the neighborhood, the community. You are absolutely correct in this. Ultimately, real progress comes with full integration, thinking of oneself as American first, minority identity second. My grandparents were immigrants, thought of themselves as second rate citizens. I’m second generation – but I’m American.

        Kudos to those who established this Tea Party!

        • RealisticBlack

          I disagree. We do not need integration to have full success. Non-Blacks certainly do not need Blacks to succeed, and if we are a capable race, Blacks do not need other races. I’m not saying this to be hostile, but it’s simple logic.

          Blacks should not think of themselves as Americans. The majority of the world (especially in places like Japan) thinks of Americans as blonde-haired, and blue-eyed White men. Yes, it does matter.

          Statistics, history, and biology show that it is in the interests of all people for Blacks and other breeds/races to be geographically separate and armed to keep others away.

          • the real christian

            Realistic Black, you are not fooling anyone. You are not black! You are white. If you would take a moment to read the constitution, a person born here in America is American regardless of the bleaching or tanning of their skin.

    • I’m with Realness Johnson. If we are to accomplish anything, we need to do it as one. Dividing us by race, income, etc; is what is being done now in order to control each group. We need to all stand against the beast arm in arm.

    • I agree separating people into races, groups, incomes is exactly how the progressive liberals want it – divide and conquer is the way they do it.

      The Black Tea Party should just be apart of the Tea Party as a whole and they is what would really piss off the libtards. By dividing into groups based on skin color you are just giving the progressive ammo that the Tea Party is not united… ‘Black this’ and ‘African American that’ needs to be part of history is does nothing but divide and segregate. Which I thought Blacks fought to end.

      Oh one thing from the article above… “a chicken in every pot” is not from FDR, while it was associated with Herbert Hoover in American history it is actually from France’s Henry IV in the 1600′s.

  • This makes even PROUDER to be an American. We’re all in this together. We’re all Americans. Equal, brothers and sisters in Christ.
    I’m encouraged and feel stronger for it!!
    Three cheers to the Crispus Attucks Tea Party !!

  • Welcome to the Tea Party Crispus Attucks Patriots.
    Challenge to other communities! Anita, thank you.

  • I am so excited to hear this! Welcome to the movement patriots!

  • Some points I agree with some I do not. But that is what it’s (America) all about. Respectfully agreeing to disagree while searching for the common good for the people. Please email me with infomation about the next meeting. I hope to attend. Thanks

    • Mike Mulligan


      The 2nd meeting is on February 2nd at “Houston This is it” soul food at 2712 Blodgett, Houston, TX

  • Woohoo! I will be following this for sure. It’s not a ‘Black Tea Party’ as the media wants to yet separate us, again. It is a Tea Party group that happens to be organized by black leaders! And to that I give a big shout out! Woohoo! The media would love to split us up into black and white TP groups? Let’s not let them!

  • Charles Thomas

    Let’s have a hip hip hooray for the expansion of the Tea Party. All Americans can benefit from participation in the Tea Party. It is truly all about our freedoms. Crispus Attucks is highly appropriate, since it shows that we were not only one of the first to bleed and die for this country’s freedom from oppression and taxation, but we have always been in the struggle and are yet well equipped to continue fighting this good fight. Our communities need to hear this message and they will only communicate with their own from these perspectives. As hard as it is to believe, with this Crispus Attucks approach, we have actually witnessed the emergence of a potentially valuable solution to address many of our black issues. A new organization, new life and energy to the freedom movement. I love it. Where do I sign.

  • Kathy Fehrenbacher

    Within the body of this letter there is a link to American Majority but the link is incorrect. not .com.

  • I am white. I have thought that, in the development of an overreaching government, the individuals who should be most concerned, even enraged, are Americans who are black. After so much repression, the day has come when obstacles to opportunity for prosperity in a free republic have largely been removed. However, coinciding with that progress, the continuing demise of that free constitutional republic restricts Americans who are black (and all Americans) from those opportunities (not guarantees, just opportunities) which have been so richly enjoyed by many before them. Continuing assimilation is just a natural by-product of having the chance to take risks in a truly free constitutional republic on a moral and legal equal footing with all other citizens. I hope the Crispus Attucks Tea Party is a forum to help restore that opportunity.

  • You will get great support from Tea Parties all across the country. We wish to grow the number of informed Americans who want to return to a smaller limited Federal government run on original Constitutional principles. We all want to rid our government of corrupt crooks, panderers and cheat. So that all Americans, regardless of race, economics, or creed, will be treated fairly and the country can once again prosper.

    God bless you all.

  • Thank you Fellow Americans,

    I’m so happy that you are joining us in the fight for freedoms for all and the right for all Americans to follow thier own destinys.

  • ChristianAmerican

    Thank God you all are speaking out!
    I am not against having a Black man for President – just this man.
    Obama has set us all back so far that it will take a lot of time and hard work to reverse some of his bad policies.
    God bless y’all for having the strength to stand up to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others who profit from Racism.
    We all have to live by to the teachings of the real ‘Uniter”, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • As a TEA PARTY coordinator and member of Tea Party Patriots I say WELCOME.
    We will not let the media control us, separate our races, or misrepresent us; WE ARE ONE and WE WILL STAND AS ONE. Thank you for your courage to stand up for what is right.
    Crispus Attucks and Martin Luther King would be very proud of you!


  • prudence wright

    I heard about this on Hannity and I’m so happy to see this happening! The black community especially must learn the truth. “the truth shall set you free” All Americans need to hear it. I am sick of the media shouting racist at every turn, trying to divide Americans. Welcome!

  • I’m so happy to see yet another community of concerned citizens pulling together to help us stand for TRUE Constitutional equality in this country! I love your mission statement. Ending dependency on social programs will promote strong leadership, more opportunity for prosperity and give a powerful new voice to the black community. It’s time the media recognizes that the Tea Party has a face of many colors. As we all grow together to form a more perfect union of ALL people in this country, the Tea Party WILL NOT be marginalized and we WILL be heard! Thank you Crispus Attucks Tea Party members & welcome aboard :)

  • How naive you all are! Don’t you see how blacks always have to separate themselves from Whites??? But, it’s OKAY for them to do this. The mainstream news media has accused the Tea Party groups of nothing BUT racism since the day they were founded. All articles focus on how there are nothing but White faces at your events.

    Notice the deafening silence from the news media on the formation of the black tea party? Yeah…….not a word about racism or segregation.

    What you naive Whites refuse to admit is that it is completely normal for races to separate. Every study that has ever been done shows that people choose and gravitate to their OWN race.

    Every race knows this and does this EXCEPT Whites. WHY? Because they are not allowed to do this by the White haters of America: the media, the jew groups such as the ADL and the ACLU and of course the black groups.

    I am extremely radical right, but I will never join a tea party group until and when they admit they are a White group and that blacks or mexicans or any other non White person will never join the White founded Tea party groups. And admit that Whites as a group have distinct and separate interests from any other group.

    Are you all just naive or are you really ignorant of history and racial realities?

    You all are so naive and ill informed and frankly ignorant about how blacks behave in White society. On college campuses, they ALWAYS self segregate and form their own groups because they know they cannot compete with Whites and so they simply remove themselves from the competition.

    No wonder this country is in such a mess.

  • The REAL racists are those “progressives” who contend that African-Americans are incapable of caring for themselves and require perpetual “assistance”. Multi-generational dependence on handouts is just as demeaning and oppressive as physical slavery.

  • You don’t get it Gene. Racism, or the lack thereof, is NOT the real issue. As I pointed out, it is entirely normal for people to gravitate to their OWN kind. Everyone is ALLOWED to do this EXCEPT Whites. THAT is the issue.

    Jews segregate, blacks segregate, mexicans segregate, asians segregate. Everyone can segregate for their own good EXCEPT Whites. When we do it, we are labeled racists… if that is only something bad when we do it.

    This country was founded BY Whites FOR Whites in a country that WAS White. There were no non Whites in America when this country was founded.

    The Indians were NOT a part of America. The non Whites who were present in and around Colonial Whites were not citizens. Citizens in Colonial America were WHITE.

    Don’t you all get it??? We have allowed this country to be thwarted and manipulated and ruined by the White haters in this country: mainly the jews. But the jews have used minorities in America to destroy White America.

    Jews were not present in pre War World I America in any great numbers. They did not come over here until the wars in Europe at the beginning of the last century.

    You naive Whites who make up the Tea Party movement in America are very ignorant of history here. You all mistakenly think that it has been liberal Whites who have ruined this country.

    No my friends, it has been by and large the JEWS who have ruined this country. They own something like 75% of ALL media in America: newspapers, magazines, tv and radio stations, hollywood…..starting to get it now?

    It was been the jew in America that has run the feminist movement in America. Feminists, mostly jews, have steered the American White female away from the American White male. Why do you think the feminists are silent on so many issues concerning non Whites? They only bash the American White male. The American White male is the natural enemy of feminists.

    You White women who think Oprah is so great? Don’t you get it that she was NEVER a straight female? She has always been a lesbian. Her so called boyfriend, Stedmon Graham, was a front, to get all of you silly White females to bow at the altar of a mostly uneducated, ignorant, stupid black lesbian and give her the money and power she now wields. Good grief.

    The American White female has been turned into an almost unrecognizable creature. Consider what American White females were like years ago: demure, modest, unselfish, intelligent, honorable, faithful, mothering, loving, loyal.

    Now consider what the modern White female has become: loud, obnoxious, slutty, slovenly, aggressive, disloyal, selfish. Starting to see the big picture?

    It has been the destruction of the White race, the disintegration of the American White male and female in this country that has been the number one agenda of the so called LEFTISTS. The leftists, my tea party friends, are almost exclusively non Whites and jews.

    Until you understand this connection to our present day fiasco, nothing will change. All the Tea Party candidates in Washington, all the Fair Tax agendas, all the conservatives won’t mean a damn thing.

    And, remember, on top of all of this, Whites will soon be a numerical minority in this country. Once our numbers are so diminished, how many of you REALLY think that Whites will be treated with the consideration that non Whites have been treated in the past fifty years?

    Raise your hands please. I have some swamp land in Florida I need to sell.

    Whites in America have some tough questions and issues to confront but until we are willing and ready to confront the REAL race issue, which is that Whites again MUST racially segregate to remain a viable entity AND to even remain a race, nothing will change, except to continue to worsen.

    As long as you all continue to say “how high” when the jews in the mainstream news media accuse you of racism and other silliness, you will not get anywhere ultimately. You may win a few paltry battles, but the war will ultimately be lost.

    I am only trying to wake you all up. You are being led down the path of self destruction by the likes of the so called conservative radio and tv talk show hosts. They make millions doing what they do. Take away their money, and you would not hear a peep from any of them.

    Does anybody here get what I am saying?

  • Thanks whoever came up with this idea of putting this group together. Its been long in waiting and I am very supportive of what it is saying. Its time. and for Susan…I believe she never took off her “cone” hat and went into America today and see there is a change and its coming around when we all will “Stand United under one God, one Country and for America the Great Country.”

    Susan there is life past the 60′s now….we can be united for all the reasons to keeping this country safe and the economic booming and yet go off and do our thing…that is where the freedom lies and that is what I like as a Latina

  • I “get what your saying” Susan. Loud and clear.
    You’re a nutty liberal racist.

  • the real christian

    Awhhh the tea Party welcomes The Crispus Attucks Tea Party group with open arms – As long as read the lines they give you, dont think for yourselves, and shares the lies they feed you. If you speak on your own or dare think, you will face the punishment of Michael Steele, the once leader of the Republican National Tea Party. What a joke! Chrispus Attucks himself wouldn’t have joined your racist party!

Leave a Reply to the real christian

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