Have You Read The Greatest Book Ever Known To Man?

January 3, 2011 9:48 am 1 comment

With the New Year, came many resolutions but is there a more important resolution than to get to know God? By the Grace of God, I have had the blessing of reading many books of the Bible 50-100 times. One of the most helpful tools I found over the years, has been a disciplined daily scripture reading plan. In the early Church, it was normal to have Scripture memorization as part of every faithful prayer warrior’s life. Over the years, The Body of Christ began to encourage every member to read through The Bible by setting up certain passages every member could read as ONE BODY. Come to Church and you would hear prayers filled with Scripture reading in every service. Somewhere along the line, many have lost this treasure, but that does not have to be your life anymore.

An early Church Pastor and prayer warrior by the name of John Chrysostom proclaimed: “This is the cause of all evils: Not knowing the Scriptures. If we go into battle without arms, how are we to get home safe?” Before 800 A.D., one could not even qualify to become a Pastor of Pastors till he had memorized at least ALL the Psalms. Much of The Bible was memorized by those who got up to preach The Word of God and I am not talking about just memorizing a few verses that lined up with preconceived ideas. They used to memorize whole books of the Bible cover to cover. A daily regimen of prayer and reading of Scripture, along with accountability to the ONE Body of Christ was the normal path of a faithful Christian prayer warrior.

If we want to have a nation that honors God, we must start with our own life first. Have you had the blessing of reading through divinely inspired Scriptures at least once in your lifetime?

How about make a resolution to make this happen starting now. With advanced technology, it has never been easier. Just like most things, because it’s so easy, it might be easy NOT to do, but that’s not you in 2011. You already know what is important in life and want to commit your life to the discipline of Grace that can have the greatest impact on your life NOW!

Average American spends 5 hours per day watching TV. That’s about 1800 hours per year. If you would exchange 30 minutes of that time with Reading of Scripture every day, how would your life be different one year from now? Try it and you will find The Peace you have been longing for, and the love your heart seeks. You can finally discover your most important purpose in life: Becoming more like Christ!

I know it’s more popular to follow the fad of the day and allow others determine what you will want to believe. Over 90% of Americans say they believe in God, but no matter how many psychological studies show Garbage in produces garbage out, many are determined to believe a lie that “I am above being manipulated” away from God. They think they can numb their minds to evil even as they expose their souls to much darkness and negativity of this world. Now, I’m not asking you to give up all your TV. LORD willing by the end of the year, you can have so much wisdom from God that you can make wiser choices with your life in all areas including TV viewing time; but for now, start by exchanging 30 minutes per day for a blessing from Above. It’s so easy.

Here is how you start for FREE:

Go to  One Year Bible OnLine and every morning, click on the day’s reading. Another screen will pop up and automatically have your reading for the day lined up perfectly on your screen. If you want to use another translation, just pick it from the drop down button next to “update” and click update! Can read it in a popular format like ”The Message” or a literal format like The king James version. If you know Greek, you can even read the Bible in the original language :-) . You can also pull up the Bible in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, or almost any other language. How much easier can it be?

Right now, take out a piece of paper and write down your goal to read through the Bible by Dec 31st 2011 and stick it on your Vanity mirror, so you can read this goal at least twice per day. This will make it your priority and once you internalize the goal, it will become part of your heart’s desire.

When you read, ask God for Wisdom. Open your heart to receive the blessing from Above. And, if you want to have an extra powerhouse of blessings, take out a notepad and jot down your positive and convicting thoughts of the day. If you have a question, jot it down but don’t let it bog you down. If you happen to miss a day, make a note of that day on your journal and continue to read today’s reading first, then try to catch up to the passage you missed.

There is nothing more important than the Salvation of our souls and total deliverance from darkness into The LIGHT OF CHRIST. Don’t wait till you are at the end of your life and cry with regret that you have lived in ignorance of the greatest book ever written. Contrary to popular opinion, ignorance is NOT bliss. Ignorance is poverty of mind, heart, soul and body. If you have 40 more years left on this earth, that means you have the opportunity to read through the entire Bible at least 40 times by following this very simple plan, but it all starts how you act now.

A gift of Love from God is yours if only you choose to take action now.

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  • Anthony Davar

    ““Give attention to reading, to exhortation. (1 Tim. 4:13.) For it is not possible, I say not possible, ever to exhaust the mind of the Scriptures. It is a well which has no bottom. …the more one dwells on them, the more insight does he get, the more does he behold the pure light.” (1600+ year old commentary on Acts by John Chrysostom http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf111.vi.xix.html

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