How To Stop An Islamic Nuclear Or Biological Bomb

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The horrific New Year’s Eve bombing was a gift from faithful muslims to Christians who went to Church to pray for one another and for their enemies, but with hussein obama’s gift of nuclear powered Iran on the horizon, we had better learn how to disarm Islamic republics now! Egypt is one of the oldest Christian nations going back to 44 A.D. If  they, who were almost 100% Christian, turned pro-islamic, our only hope to disarm the coming nuclear and biological bomb from faithful muslims is to disarm the source now! The time to play around with political correct ideology has passed!

First, we must understand how a Christian Nation becomes Muslim?

If you were to hear most muslim propagandist on foxnews or other news channels around the world, you would think that it was through peace loving presentations of a religion of peace. The Qur’an was presented to the Christians, and they were so taken by mohammad’s prophetic love of mankind that they all freely chose to follow mohammad’s version of God, instead of Christ and his Perfect example of sacrificial Love. We are told by Republicans and Democrats alike that Islam never forces anyone to become a muslim; but what a 5th grader could discover from EARLY ISLAMIC SOURCES reveal an opposite reality!

If you could put yourself in a time machine and go back, you would discover a sad truth known to many historians and scholars. If you were a Mom back in Egypt, you delight in the blessing of the LORD as He has granted you so many children and a loving Christian husband. You spend your days worshiping God with your family, working hard, and in your cities, you have some of the leading schools in the world. The Mother of all libraries is found in your country and scholars from all around the world love to come to Egypt under its Christian path of love.

Sadly one day, your world is shattered as hordes of islamic armies ruthlesslessly attack your nation without  any justification except to force islam down your people’s throats. The man leading the charge was someone who had saved a neighbor and the neighbor had brought him into the city to lavish on him great honor as a token of his thanksgiving – But that was before the man converted to islam. He is different now. Full of anger and hatred, he directs the armies to terrorize your nation. Your warriors fought valiantly and defeated them several times, but they were not prepared for dishonor and deception that these muslim men would follow in order to fool your nation.

Within a few short years, muslims are now in control of your nation, and burn your libraries and many of the national treasures from Egypt’s long history. They forbid any Crosses or other long standing Christ honoring art symbols to be displayed publicly in your country. Then the horrible day comes, when they knock at your door and drag your husband and sons and murdered them in cold blood; but it does not stop there.

They want to ensure that Egypt becomes a muslim nation, so they begin a process of genetic cleansing. How? They forcefully rape you and your daughters to implant muslim “seeds”so when the boys are born, they are brought up in the path of islamic darkness. Brainwashed, your very sons are now pillaging other Christian nations just as they had been taught by their rapists murdering muslim Dads.

Some of the rich men who agreed to shut up about Christ, were allowed to live as long as they continued to provide exorbitant taxes to fund islamic crusades on other unsuspecting nations. If any of them were found to share the Gospel of God’s Love in Christ, and converted a muslim, they were both put to death, so everyone learned how to survive by giving the muslims what they wanted: money, power and submission.

Justice does not exist for a woman in Islam, since the Qur’an teaches the faithful muslim men to beat their wives into submission. The very name copt is derived from the word meaning Egyptian. After one generation of murdering millions of Christian men and boys, the muslim men’s work is done as they force Arab seeds on Christian Egyptian women.

Now come back to the present. Generations later, sadly many muslims today are not aware of the fact that they are products of muslim men raping Christian Moms. This fact emboldens the muslim faithful, for they know that even if it costs hundreds of millions of lives or even billions, they have to “take the chance” in order to ensure Islamic world domination as promised by Mohammad.

Thanks to Hussein Obama’s awful appeasement policies which exalt Islam while denouncing our Christian heritage abroad, we now have a nuclear powered Iran. You would think we would have learned something from the first Jimmy Carter who gave us the Ayatollah and Mullahs in charge of Iran while holding America hostage, but the second Jimmy Carter, in Hussein Obama’s administration, has managed to top off the blunders of Carter years and now give us a nuclear powered Islamic republic of Iran. The same madmen that hire foreign goons to massacre wives in front of their husbands during the last demonstration by Persians, now has been granted carte blanche on nuclear powers. Some say our response should be to just “nuke ‘em all”! WHAT! The Christians have not suffered enough that you want to burn the remaining 15-20 Million Christians in Egypt? God forbid!

While we do need some strong and strategic military intervention, our one hope to disarming nuclear and biological bombs of islamic nations, is what provided great Peace to the Middle East long ago: A CHRIST Honoring culture! I know that sadly many have bought into the foolish pluralism lie that all religions are the same, but reality of those of us who know Islam from the inside out, is that Islam is diametrically opposite than the path of those who follow Christ. One teaches total annihilation of one’s enemy with no mercy while the other calls for loving even one’s enemy. One calls for wives to become objects of fulfillment for men here and in paradise, while the other calls for purity and love from the heart, here and for all eternity in the presence of God.

We must drastically change our foreign policy now and commit our nation to supporting millions of Christians in the middle east by providing them with the resources they need as our true allies. While military training and tools might be part of our solution, as it has already proven, it cannot be the only solution or we are bound to escalate the path to the world’s destruction even further than we have so far. We must commit to educating Muslim children now and offer them a path of Peace and Love in following God, or the upcoming nuclear and biological powered terrorists will wipe out all on the planet until they rule over us all.

We must remove muslims from power like we did the Nazis. Enforce freedom of religion and speech and/or empower the Christians to enforce this needed path. Just like in Nazi Germany, we did not allow the SS Troopers to remain in charge, but brought forth good Germans to help bring back Germany to a civilized status of today. We must empower true Egyptian, Arab, Persian and Asian Christians while discontinuing the hollow sounds of continuing to declare the barbarian muslim terrorists s as practicing the “religion of peace”.

The Truth is that there will only be peace in the Middle East when Christians have their nations back once again, but that is only going to happen if we start now to open the door wide open for Christians to be our top allies in making this the last generation that has to suffer from islamic atrocities of the last 1400 years. While in the past, we had some time, with the advent of nuclear and biological powered muslim terrorists, time for action is NOW! Don’t wait to “study this in committee” ! Take action now and Peace can once again rule in the Middle East and Asia. Continue our appeasement policies, or only military options while having our troops desecrate Bibles by burning them like they were forced to do in Afghanistan, and all will be doing is buying some time until our children have to face Muslims at their doorsteps like the folks did in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran and in so many nations. We must stop believing that the path of Mohammad was the path of peace, or we are going to be partakers of the largest massacre in history as emboldened Muslims attack our next generation!

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today, so we can have a tomorrow by taking action NOW!

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