HR3 Bill “No Public Funding For Abortions” Saves Lives Of 25% Of Our Youngest Citizens

January 21, 2011 10:51 am 13 comments

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Awesome news! The Republicans are standing by their word. They have just introduced HR 3 (number signifies importance to Republicans)! In this bill, siphoning money to fund abortions will be made illegal.

One day we will acknowledge before God’s Throne that crimes against humanity include murder of over 50 million American children. This is the number of deaths caused by Supreme Court judges who in 1973, went beyond our constitutional boundaries, and refused to allow States to protect the life of  our  defenseless children.  Republican Congressman Chris Smith alongside of House Speaker John Boehner, revealed that

“When there’s no public subsidy for abortion, the number of abortions drop by about 25 percent!…HR3 will ensure that the taxpayers no longer are coerced into using taxpayer funding to subsidize the killing of an unborn child and the warping of his or her mother.”

As a Christian, I know that historically all Christians everywhere have confirmed their belief in the evil of abortion. The murder of a child was always counted as evil by all faithful Christians from the beginning of the Church at Pentecost. In accordance to God’s Mercies renewed every morning for us all, Moms who were caught off guard with abortions were provided with a time of healing after their repentance.

We find in very early Church writings the following important understanding regarding abortion:

From the letter entitled “Teachings of The Apostles/didache” dated around 50 A.D. : “You shall not slay the child by abortions.”

From the Letter to Diognetus written a few decades later: “Christians marry, as do all others; they beget children but they do not destroy their offspring” (literally, “cast away fetuses”).”

From the Letter of Barnabus: “You shall not destroy your conceptions before they are brought forth; nor kill them after they are born.”

Clement of Alexandria: “Those who use abortifacients commit homicide.”

St. Basil the Great: “The woman who purposely destroys her unborn child is  committing  murder.”

The Golden Mouth Preacher John Chrysostom wrote: “You do not even let a harlot remain only a harlot, but you make her a murderess as well. Indeed, it is something worse than murder and I do not know what to call it; for she does not kill what is formed but prevents its formation. What then? Do you condemn the gifts of God, and fight with His laws? What is a curse you seek as though it were a blessing? Do you make the anteroom of slaughter? Do you teach the women who are given to you for a procreation of offspring to perpetuate killing?”

Some might ask what if I am not a Christian, should I value life of innocent children as you do? “You shall not murder” is universally acknowledged as a basic human right across all civilized cultures. Also, in 1981 the United States Senate conducted extensive hearings on the “Human Life Bill.”

The official Senate report says:

Physicians, biologists, and other scientists agree that conception marks the beginning of the life of a human being – a being that is alive and is a member of the human species. There is overwhelming agreement on this point in countless medical, biological, and scientific writings.

13 medical textbooks and testimonies like the following helped shed light on the truth:

Dr. Leon Rosenberg, from Yale University: “Those witnesses who testified that science cannot say whether unborn children are human beings were speaking in every instance to the value question rather than the scientific question. No witness raised any evidence to refute the biological fact that from the moment of human conception there exists a distinct individual being who is alive and is of the human species.”

What a great day in our Republic when our Republican congressman stood by their word and introduced HR3 to stop funding of abortions through taxpayer money. I pray our LORD will grant us the Grace of Repentance, so as a nation all Americans will unite in protecting the unalienable “right to life” granted by our Creator.

Senate report discussions can be found in Willkes’ book entitled “Abortion Questions and Answers” “unalienable” vs. “inalienable” rights - Professor J. Lejeune, Paris, discoverer of the chromosome pattern of Down’s Syndrome: “Each individual has a very neat beginning, at conception.”

Professor H. Gordon, Mayo Clinic: “It is an established fact that human life begins at conception.”

Professor M. Matthews-Roth, Harvard University: “It is scientifically correct to say that individual human life begins at conception.”


  • In China, our government funded abortions have cost us so many precious little girls’ lives that they now have to return to slavery to BUY little girls as wives for their sons. So glad the Republicans in United States of America are standing for the right to life of little children.

  • Anthony Davar

    Yes Yunmun. Hopefully soon we will end all murder of children worldwide. As Americans, we must lead on this important prolife issue for the sake of our humanity.

  • Anthony Davar

    The video from House Speaker Jhn Boehner is found at

  • This is great news but we still have a long hard fight ahead of us…I hope the Republican elected keep the faith and there backbone..

  • Anthony Davar

    Amazingly, for the first time ever, the left is wondering if they can continue to support abortions anymore. The left is now in an impossible position trying to defend abortions after their abortionist’s “hero” Gosnell will be prosecuted for murder in the deaths of seven babies, for infanticide in the deaths of two others, and for 33 felony counts of performing abortions after 24 weeks in violation of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act. Found this shocking news of the left’s dilemma in one of the far left sites:

  • Everyone is entitled to what they feel is best for them. I do not want my tax payer money going to wars that kill people, but I don’t have that choice.

  • MyGrammarRules

    All of you who are so pleased with this bill should remember your comments when your daughter is the victim of date rape or when your sister is drugged and raped. If she gets pregnant, you better hope she has a black eye, a bloody nose, or a broken bone. Otherwise, she will be forced BY YOUR FAVORITE NEW BILL to carry her rapist’s baby for nine months instead of recovering from the trauma that she’s caused. I would never support gratuitous abortions, but sometimes they are needed. This bill is an act of violence and terrorism against American women.

    • Killing a baby because the sins of the father takes one evil act and compounds it.

      I know people that are conceived in Rape and they have the right to live just as i do.

      Maybe you should talk to some of them and hear what they think. They are all so happy that they have been given life.

      Here is a link to a few for you to read.

      • You don’t have the brains to understand that children born from a rape woman have broken parents and then you have broken children who will become unstable adults. This is how a society crumbles, when the children are ruined they become exactly what you think your saving your country from by this bill. Apparently America is able to introduce misogynistic laws without the help of things like Sharia law from Islam. This is about the rights of women, and their rights to their own bodies and reproductive system. What you want is the the uterus to become the governments property. This is SICK!

        • Alexander love and understanding shows through in all those words of kindness. The children are not responsible for the sins of the parents. To say that children born of rape are will become unstable adults is foolish at best. This does show you that people can speak out of more places than their mouths.

          I know people born of Rape and they are great people that have lives that are just as important and meaningful and yours and mine.

          Here are a few examples for you, Emmy® Award-winning artist Ryan Scott Bombeger, speaker, singer/songwriter, author, licensed minister Juda Myers, 7 time world champion surfer Layne Beachley, Chemist Sharon Isley, co-anchor Fox’s Fox and Friends Weekend Kelly Wright.

          Just a few there are many more you might think about helping people instead of throwing your hate and lies.

          Do a little research


          There is one who gives life and we are all made and born in the image of our creator…

          Even Justin Bieber gets it

        • Wow Alexander I am so sorry that you think you and all your lineage are perfect.

          How many people conceived in rape do you know personally?
          Is it not people like YOU who place the shame and inadequacy on people like me. If anyone becomes an unstable person perhaps it starts from being attacked by people like YOU.

          I was conceived when 8 men raped my mother. I am a licensed minister and have spoken at Harvard and the United Nations as well as many other places. My son is an ordained minister as well.
          Who are you to play fortune teller to see what a person will be?

          I am the perfect example of God’s EXCEPTIONAL redemption. He can take a horrible situation and make it to His glory. Get to know the true God and you will soon see He does this regularly. The bible says He takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. I take it you are wise?

          I am gathering stories from around the world to silence people like you. Most are silent for fear of just what you say. I am not afraid nor ashamed. I know who I am. No one can take that away from me. So now I am helping others like me to be bold.

          Our presence will be known and shame will be on people like you, not me.

    • It is people like you and Alexander that keep women with rape children in shame. You have no idea what a woman who has been raped and pregnant feels. Have you even talked to them? I have. Lots of them.
      They say they were FORCED to have abortions but they fought against it. Parents disowned their daughters instead of comforting her and saving an innocent child they make matters worse and rape her emotionally pushing ideas and feelings onto her that are not her own. Most women find that the baby gives the something else to focus on. The baby is NOT the rapist and does not deserve to be killed for what the father has done.
      Abortion NEVER unrapes a woman and having an abortion violates the very same area she has been violated by the rapist.

      What women need is loving support from family and friends to understand that baby is HERS too. And as a grandparent the child would be YOURS too. Could you kill your own flesh and blood – a helpless baby? Wow another Obama.

      As a child of rape I can tell you we are as human s(sometimes more so) than the people who are savagely suggesting that we be killed. You wouldn’t kill the rapist if he was caught so why kill a baby?

      If you need more proof please read my website posts of other conceived in rape people and the mothers who carried them.

      No presume you know what they feel.

  • Rape is a savage act. Something the victim never forgets and always lives with. No matter how old they get. Does not matter if it is a man or woman. Hospitals will give the morning after pill for those who are raped. So abortion does not have to occure.

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