My First 100 Million Dollar Year

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Creative Commons - by AMagill

To some it seemed impossible. A struggling division of an international corporation had not been able to negotiate even one contract in over 2 years. But, by the Grace of God, in less than four months, he had over 200 international corporations deploying his company’s latest technological offering around the Globe and 13 top tier consulting companies committing up to 21 Million dollars each plus their Directors in charge of Sales personnel, bringing in 12 Million dollars per rep each year, leading with his companies’ solution to their clients. How did this person achieve his first 100 Million dollar plus year? In the words of the Business Manager of the division, “how could one person do what 600 of the most brilliant and experienced from around the world were not able to get done in over 2 years?” He marveled openly how one person could change the business model of a 40,000 employee company without being ‘in charge’.

It seemed almost overnight! The previous year, the young man had helped a small company of 30 employees to close several 1 to 5 Million dollar contracts and grow to employ about 120 employees and contractors. After years of struggling to grow but to no avail, with the help of this one young man, they had grown their company four times their previous size in under nine months. In his new role at Headquarters, he knew no boundaries. He treated the company as if it were his own and brought in resources across the globe to get the job done. He would walk into a room with CEO’s of international companies and in one hour open doors that had been closed for years. And he was NOT the CEO of the company. It had been years since he had won an award for being the top Sales Person of the year in a division of another large corporation. He had helped a small 4 man company to grow their business 400% in less than two months during “slow times” and he had managed to help a division of 5000 employees to complete 22 projects in less than 3 months, although the division had not completed even one project in the previous 2 years. Along the way, he had many personal successes but he had also helped friends to become so valuable that they had doubled their salaries with one friend going from earning less than 20k per year to bringing in over 160k in a year. One thing was clear about this man that was now on board to help our clients succeed,

Contrary to popular clichés, True Success does not happen overnight!

Once you accept that reality, you are now ready to begin your journey to true success. How can you have a dramatic impact in your life and in your company? It’s not going to happen overnight, but it can happen to you if you start with this principle: Work every day consistently to improve yourself. Once you are ready, amazing how many doors will open up for you. You will find out that the opportunities had been in front of you all along, but your heart had not been allowing your mind to recognize them! It’s not about the money or going after the goal, but the primary principle of honorable success is about changing the heart first!

Once consistent disciplined work and smart regular improvements have made the heart and talents ripe, the harvest will come in due time!

However, in a culture that encourages overnight success, and getting millions through “lottery tickets”, it’s hard for some to imagine the ingredients required for a slow path to success! Too many are looking for the get rich quick scheme! So many hopes are wasted putting money into a lottery ticket or the “latest” breakthrough book or investment that’s “guaranteed” to make you a success overnight.

Would you like to know the real reason why some succeed in seemingly impossible situations, while others have failed when they have been given the greatest opportunities known to man? They challenge themselves to do what’s needed to fulfill their written goals even when they don’t feel like it, while those who fail only go with the flow. They choose to change what they are doing so they can get different results, while those who fail continue to do the same thing expecting different results. They are willing to sacrifice and budget and take calculated risks and persevere after many failures, while others will give up when they have failed just a few times.

If you live in America and are struggling to fulfill your call and meet your family’s necessities, it’s time to change what you have been doing, or you’ll never get different results! Whether you are working minimum wage or have had your business in a downfall, or whether your business is surviving or doing ok, you don’t have to remain there for the rest of your life. Hard times are opportunities to grow and while some are called to suffer for the glory of God, make certain your suffering is not due to idleness in areas that you could have changed. Make the most of your failures and learn from them. The moment your life can turn around is when you start identifying the lessons they teach, and start aligning your heart with changes that can often only be learned in the midst of hard times. If you are called to provide millions of dollars to your church and worthwhile charities, and create jobs to provide for thousands of families, or to be the means with whom God will save Millions of souls, don’t waste your life in regrets of failing to do what you believe you are called to do. Change your heart for God to do his work in you and you might be amazed by God’s plan for positive impact with you. The synergistic work does require us to do our part in planting and watering seeds in our hearts and the lives of others, so when God does give increase, the harvest can follow.

Let me share with you a great success story that can help propel you to where you are called to be. A few years ago, another young man was in a pickle. He had a dream and he shared it with his family. In response, rather than encouraging him in his dreams, they got angry!  Some of his family members even got together one day and plotted the murder of their own kin just because they were jealous of his success. Do you have friends around you that encourage you to go for your best, or are you surrounded by those who are vegging out in front of the tube watching someone else fulfill their dreams while always complaining how bad things are? An important part of a successful life is

Pick your friends wisely and keep away from those that would drag you down.

A divinely inspired proverb tells us:  ”If bad companions tempt you, don’t go along with them”. Very soon, I will share with you a way to find companions who are devoted to your success as you are to theirs!

Back to the young man. He had not picked his family, but his family has made the horrifying choice to murder him in cold blood. As providence would have it, he lived through that plot, but was put in one of the worst positions a man could be on this earth: “a slave”. Sadly slavery is still alive in some countries. Seemingly all his choices were taken away from him. But instead of moaning and complaining, he made the most out of his circumstances and amazingly, after applying certain hard working principles of success, The LORD granted him to be responsible for a large Estate.

He did not complain about “the economy” or his circumstances. He made the best of his opportunity right where he was.

Rather than moan over his life’s trials, he took full responsibility for his own actions to give 100% to the glory of God right where he was. He was not into the blame game, nor demanding more pay or even wasting time living in bitterness at the injustice that had been done to him. He focused his goal on giving his all to the glory of God and amazingly, did not give up on his God given dream. Have you given up on your dreams because circumstances are unimaginably tough? This wonderful young man felt what you might be feeling during hard times. Can you imagine what it must have felt to live in a foreign country as a slave, sold out by your own family. He kept his heart focused on becoming more like Him, in whose image he had been made, rather than allow tough times to take away God’s dream for his life.

After he was promoted, he worked even harder and smarter to help his “owner” rather than work less out of bitterness that could have easily been justified in the eyes of the world. He knew in his heart that he belonged to God and not to any man. Thankfully, in America, we no longer have slavery, although some complain that they are slaves to their jobs. In America, you have a right to move on anytime you are not in the right place in life to do your best, but how many today would devote themselves to working beyond their pay to offer high value before they are in the money for it? Too many employees suffer because they work only as much as they think they are getting paid to do, and wait until they are given the money before they give 100% to the job. They complain that the government or their boss is not “giving” them a raise, without realizing that their “raise” is in their own hands.

Don’t you know that if you contribute to your company’s success and the company brings in an extra $100k or 100MM because of you, if they don’t reward you proportionately, you have gained more than they could pay you already? Because once you have the higher valued skills in the marketplace, in a free enterprise society, you are no longer at the mercy of your boss; but your boss is now either excited to share the reward with you or worried that you will now move to the competition. If you are only giving what you think your company is paying you to do, you are only short changing your own family and your own future, not your company. They can find someone to replace you and in a bad economy, many employers have cut back. Don’t be among the first who is let go, but rather become the person who is bringing in the extra customers and the revenue needed to make it through the “hard times”, and partner with your company to have their success be part of your success story.  This way you become so valuable that even if the company fails, your personal success is beyond one employer’s mercies. Realize

There is something customers and companies value a lot! Highly skilled persons who are always doing more than they get paid to do!

You can choose to become excellent at what you do in life or you can choose to be mediocre! How many hours you spend in front of the TV will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime, but the mystery of iniquity is that too many choose to “veg out” rather than invest in their own lives!  You can choose to spend the hours studying, picking up new skills, research your company’s market, but it all starts by taking 100% responsibility for where you are now, and where you want to go in the near future. Don’t blame “the economy”. Simply choose not to participate in a “bad economy” by making right choices now.

A few years back, when the car manufacturers were heading towards a downfall, some were smart enough to invest in themselves, and get training in another field. Others saved their money to invest in buying or building a business in an area of their strengths. When the time came, they were prepared to wisely move to areas of our country that had not fought against free enterprise. Some did nothing but hang out with the guys night after night and squandered their opportunities, while trusting the government or their union to “take care of them”. Take a wild guess who is happier for the choices made.

Even today, some are putting their hopes in the Government for their welfare at retirement. Others want a politician to get them a job! Others are waiting for “the economy” to turn around, while the successful mind is working at making things happen now.

Rather than relying on someone else or the economy, what would happen if you took personal responsibility for yourself and your company and committed your life to becoming all that God has called you to become?

The young man in our story did not get the world handed to him. In fact, he got another tough break when his owner’s trusted confidant asked him to compromise his integrity, but he rightly refused. She kept coming at him over and over again hoping to find a weak moment, but he refused to give in. But, like the scene from a favorite movie of mine: “The Lord of The Rings”, he put his foot down and shouted to the enemy of his soul: “YOU WILL NOT PASS!” Finally she trumped up some charges that landed the man in jail; however, his heart was fixed on God and he would not allow himself to be dragged down with the temptations of this world or bitterness of his heart! When he landed in jail for keeping his heart and life pure, it would have been easy to give up on God’s call on his life.

Are you willing to sacrifice everything for what you believe in ?

Integrity is gained by making one good decision after another. Are you keeping the path of high integrity above all gains in this world? Or are you giving into temptation to “take a peak” at a show on the tube that opens adulterous lusts in your heart? Would you rather look busy while your boss is looking but go back to mediocre performance when he is not looking? Success in small decisions can make you a better person but giving into temptations can cost you dearly over time.

While in jail, this man’s integrity was so evident that the folks in charge of the jailhouse put this prisoner in charge of the whole place! Can you imagine if a warden did that today? He must have been amazingly exceptional and uncompromising in his integrity and trust in God, to have been given a promotion even in jail.

True success does not come overnight! After suffering for a few more years, the young man was promoted to be not only in charge of a company but in charge of the whole country. Here is his full story about this great man.

Many would say he became that man through a ”lucky break”. Reality is that

God was with him but also he was with God in all he did! He did not wait till he had “riches” before he acted richly!

He did not “wait” for the day when he got his break so he could “start” living right! For years, he gave more than he was paid to do. In all those years, God was forming in him who he was to become so he could handle the great reward and responsibility he was going to be given. Whether you catch glimpses of eternal rewards by being given more responsibilities on earth, know that one day you will reap the rewards for keeping your heart right with God. Today, devote yourself to learn all you can, to become all you can become, to work on your heart and your talent, and be willing to discipline yourself so one day in Heaven you too can receive your reward. Cause as great as Joseph’s story is, reality was that he died like the rest of us, but what he was given as the kingdom in his heart, provided a path to eternal riches that are his now and ever.

Sadly, the lure of quick riches catches some of my clients from time to time. I cannot tell you how many company owners refuse to do what it takes to stick with a wise consistent plan that can give them the success they want. Some compromise the seeds of good service, while others compromise the need for consistent marketing, but all expect to get rich. Over and over again, those who discipline their companies to live within their budget, those who consistently improve their companies to excel in service and give more than they are getting paid to offer, those who regularly market to potential clients and improve on their message to focus on true strengths, end up coming out on top while those who compromise and do what they have always done without improving one iota, end up either remaining stagnant or slowly dying in the market place. It’s amazing how much success is already waiting for so many companies if only they would uncover the hidden potential that’s already there.

The same fundamentals that bring person success also effect corporate success. Companies who devote themselves to daily improvements in product, service and marketing, often come out on top, while those looking for a quick fix, end up losing money with no long term gains. What we put in, is often what we get out. Or as The Scripture puts it better, in the long run, we reap what we sow. New technologies do not change the fundamentals of success. They only accentuate it.

Success does not happen overnight! It comes from living right every night and day, from investing in yourself and your company to become a better steward of your money, your time, your resources and your opportunities now. You often already have what you need to succeed, but your potential lays dormant because you are not trained to find your company’s hidden assets. Of course, our ultimate goal is to be consistent and undaunted by our trials, so one day in Heaven we can hear the words

Well done my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a little, now I will put you in charge of much!

Sometimes in America you can catch a small glimpse of that success. But the point is not the 100 Million dollar year or a billion dollar one; rather the person you become in fulfilling your call. That is the most important one!

Ask any truly successful man or woman and you will hear over and over again,

Success came through years of consistent smart improvements in my own abilities and life

before the door of opportunity was recognized for what it had always been in front of me. By reading this, you have begun your path to success that is beyond just money. Remember money is fleeting. An old hymn at Christian burials says:

Come let us gaze into the tombs. Who is the rich man, and who is the poor? Who is the master and who is the slave?

What is success for your life when you are gone?” You have to search for the answer to the question cause God makes no distinction in death. All of us are going to have to give an account for whether we fed the hungry, clothed the naked, gave drink to the thirsty, or discerned the image of God in others. But also part of that judgment will be: What have you done with all the opportunities and talents I gave you?

Did you invest to make your heart better now, or did you look for shortcuts that made your soul dull to real success? Did you faithfully and consistently work on having your heart right with God, improving your mind, taking care of the Temple of God (your body), or did you “veg out” for 5 hours a day in front of the tube? Did you read this article and start making some small and some dramatic changes in your life or did you read it and move away from the slow long path to true success?

Your future is in front of you. Become all God wants you to become, starting right now!

If you are inspired, and want to start right now to become all you want to be, read this article and jot down some notes on changes you can make starting right now. Drop me a note via and share your success with the subject line “inspired”. If you want to connect with others who want to help you or your company on your path to success, let us know. Taking that first step is easy, but also easy NOT to do. Becoming a good and faithful servant of God in Christ Jesus is possible in any economy, but whether you choose that path starts with that first step.


  • I am so happy for you! But I do have to ask why God could not have taken some time away from helping you, just a little, and help those starving kids in Africa.

    Guess you are more important.

  • David i think you missed the point of this…This was not about the writer…This story was about ethics, personal responsibility, being happy with what you have. Not being envious of others…The man in the story that got rich was King David…

    • Bill, the story is about Joseph, son of Jacob.

      Anthony, thanks for the insight. I have learned this story of Joseph in Sunday School, but haven’t really thought of it this way in this day and age of advanced technology. Truly, our God is gracious in giving talents (He knows what is sufficient for each one – His grace is more than what we can ask for). I am just so blessed and happy knowing the fact that in this quick fix, instant this and that era, there are still people of God, like you, who are grounded on His words in doing business – a business of helping others get what they want in the right way.


  • Anthony Davar

    David, Glad you care a lot about the wonderful children in Africa. A dear friend and mentor who does use his gifts to bless many in America, with God’s heart of Grace chooses to spend many months of the year traveling to build orphanages and take care of the food and education and basic necessities for children in Africa.

    Also, many others moved by their God given heart of
    compassion and mercy give their lives daily to try to help those in need.

    God has granted us the blessing of using our talents so we can be the hand of Christ’s Love to those in need. The main point is not the money but having a heart of Love from God’s Grace working inside of us so we can be the blessing God gives to those in need.

    There are also some very sad realities in Africa as those who are trying to exterminate people of other religions stop the trucks that bring food and necessary medical attention to those children in need. Research some on the web and you will find out more about Sudan and Congo atrocities and genocide and many other very sad realities of the evil in men’s hearts that stops others from helping the poor in need. If God were to hold humanity accountable without mercies, all of us would have no hope, but thankfully in His Great Mercies renewed every morning, He grants us many opportunities to continue to be the hand of God’s Love to those in need.

    That’s one reason it is important for us to become all we can be, so we also can help others to learn to maximize the use of their time, finances, resources and gifts. God has given us such a great blessing to be able to partake of his work He wants to do with us to help others not just to be fed but also to learn how to be enabled to feed their own families. There is such a great feeling when someone is able to help his own family and also be able to help his neighbor in need.

    I hope you and many others will join us on this journey to implement what has been shared so we can all become part of the solution rather than on the sidelines criticizing while hoping someone else will maximize the results of their talents so “he/she” can help others.

    Mother Teresa’s wonderful organization, IOCC, Compassion International and World Vision are some great examples of how many are reaching out to the poor to be God’s hand of love to those in need.

    The story of Joseph in the link above reveals how God can use one man to persevere with integrity through many trials to finally save a nation of nonbelievers through upcoming years of drought. May the historical biography of Joseph, David, Saint Nicholas, John Chrysostom, Cosmas, Damien and numerous other heroes of our Faith inspire us to become all we can be in Christ so we can help in times of need.

    humbly in Christ,

  • The responsibility to help the starving kids in Africa is yours and mine. But you can’t give them anything if you have nothing to give. Wealth, then, is for the neighbor, and the man who achieves wealth achieves it to help the neighbor. Not all men do this, but this a reflection of bad character, not a reflection of wealth itself which, the Fathers of the Christian Church tell us, is also given by God.

    So “God” in a very real way, needs you and me, to be His hands and feet to bring relief to those who don’t have the abundance we do.

    For more on this, particularly an examination of virtue and economic growth and stability, visit

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