Sex, And The Downfall Of American Society

January 8, 2011 6:00 pm 5 comments

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Bill Kneer

From New York PostAs a nation we have been going down the drain quickly. Over the last several years we have been bombarded everywhere we look with all kinds of evil. The Libertarians say “close your eyes if you don’t like it after all it’s my choice to see and do as I please”. Over the last few years on my Facebook page I have been arguing with them over the fact they want to make drugs & prostitution legal.

Our nation slips ever so slowly into more and more filth and no one seems to see it or care. Now the courts have ruled that nudity on TV is ok.

Bottoms Up Court Ruling Opens Doors For More Nudity on Local TV

The US Second Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the $1.21 million worth of fines that the FCC levied against ABC after alleging that the network violated broadcast indecency standards for daring to show actress Charlotte Ross’ naked behind during a 2003 episode of “NYPD Blue.”

When overthrowing the fine, the court cited the FCC’s own declaration that “nudity itself is not per se indecent.” It also reiterated that the FCC’s context-based indecency test is “unconstitutionally vague,” as previously determined by the court when the FCC demanded fines from Fox when profanities were aired during the 2006 Billboard Music Awards.

We have been destroying the American family for years, we kill the unborn and most marriages do not last. Infidelity is everywhere and not only accepted but expected. Everywhere our children turn they are hit with images and thoughts of sex and all things ungodly. The music, the movies, and TV, so what’s the big deal? So we take one more step on the journey to amorality and a Godless society.

In American society today all things evil are acceptable and all things Godly are not. Do you have a problem with that? What are you going to do about it?


  • While I agree that I don’t want me or my future children to be exposed to such things, I must also realize that the world will never behave as it ought to.

    I think it is important for all who profess to be Christian to take the Bible seriously when we are told not to conform to the ways of the world, but to break away.

    The world suggests that the TV is a standard appliance, and that everyone watches it. The world suggests a lot of things that are inconsistent with Christianity, even when the world was less offensive.

    Forget the world… change starts in the home.

  • Michael Mullen

    If they do this I will no longer have a TV hooked up to cable or any service in my home. This will be a grand opportunity for someone to become a billionaire by offering cable that has no nudity and is 100 percent family frendly.

  • I understand and agree Jason I do all i can at home but like it or not the world we live in has influence on the the young…

    There is lots of it all over cable the net and everywhere we turn…when it hits regular TV it then just becomes a little more acceptable…

    Although it may be fun for some to treat the opposite sex as cattle its not right..

  • As a Christian, I am often sadden by the state of America. It seems that all wrong is okay and all right is just “the opionion of a religious nut trying to force stuff down our throats”. Aint our society a hyprocrite. THey tell us on one instance that we should mind our own business and not try to convert them but everyday we are subject to what goes on around us that we find offensive. We must be “open minded” or else we are called names because it is okay for the secular culture to call us anything they please. Why would they be held accountable, they have no one to answer too. I just ask that all Christians who can, pray because I believe in God’s words He already spoke of times like these. I know I am not a model Christian but I fear that things will get worse before they get better. I just ask that everyone keep the faith because this is what will get us through until Jesus returns for us.

    • would it matter

      Exactly why my visions and great ability to measure finds the only answer is to crush everything that’s evil
      the internet- Evil The Market- Evil The Government- Evil- The media -Evil The military evil and my wish will soon come true! For all lands have been corrupted by my adversary ‘SATAN’

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