The Tea Party – An Assassin?

January 11, 2011 2:00 pm 4 comments

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That is definitely the only conclusion you can come up with if you read most of the news-op-eds-opinion columns in Spanish in general and in the Hispanic media in the U.S. in particular.

Through out the weekend and today, I read the news about the despicable act committed by Jared Lee Loughner . I evaluated the news both in Spanish and English to see if there was any difference between them. Now, if any of you have been following the opinions of the main-stream media you know that most of them were blaming talk radio, right wing bloggers, Tea-Party followers, Sarah Palin, anyone with any kind of tendency towards Republicans, etc., etc. But if you are thinking that the media in Spanish was any different then you are only partially right (sorry for using that word, now they are going to think that I also had something to do with it).

Whereas the English language media has implicated the right-leaners with some enthusiasm, the Spanish media both in the U.S. and internationally is more uniformly convinced that the evidence is overwhelming: The Right Wing did it.

And here are some examples:

“But the political reactions towards the massacre in Tucson have just started, and if the Tea Party movement comes ahead in this test there will be so many more reasons to be afraid of their fanatical influence”.  El Pais, main newspaper in Spain… “The assassination was part of the same collective madness that helped the Republican party to, once again, take over congress”…  La jornada, Mexican newspaper… “Now we have doubts about the health of the American democracy not only because of the Tea Party phenomenon and its simplistic rhetoric, but also about the subject of the Second amendment and their freedom to own guns”… Excesior, Mexican newspaper… “The distance between the ultra right wing discourse, which becomes more and more aggressive and influential each and every day, to the assassination attempt against Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords an outspoken critic of the despicable SB 1070, is extremely short”…  Excelsior, Mexican newspaper… These are just a few examples of the heated rhetoric against anything that smells a little bit like right wing in the Spanish speaking media. Here in the U.S. the main political commentator-anchor in Hispanic media is Jorge Ramos (if you think that the anchors in CBS, ABC and NBC are biased you would never believe the amount of opinion this guy expresses when he is giving “straight news”) and he had a lot of things to express about the attempted murder: The second amendment should be repealed, intolerance and racism are prevalent in the Republican Party, intolerance and racism were the main cause for the shootings, Sarah Palin should just shut up, the U.S. should open its borders, SB 1070 was the main reason of the shooting, etc,. etc.  You can check it out here.

At the end of the day, Hispanic conservatives have a very steep hill to ascend to change these points of view. Here at LlaveDeSol, we are making our contribution by publishing a website called and by expressing our opinions every time we can. Common sense will prevail!


  • Well, I would suggest if anyone out there could afford it to buy radio station KFCD-990 AM in Dallas and turn it into a Spanish rightwing talk station. It seems to run nothing but paid programming (between $35 and $125 an hour, btw)

    Maybe we conservatives could start a pool to fund the founding of Spanish conservative media outlets, weekly papers and such.

  • Charly Varughese

    The performance of the Tea Party group made it possible to lead the Republican Party in the state house with 2/3rd majority. If our Rep.’s cannot make the law as the conservatives dreams then there is no point to support for another time.

    I hope the speaker of the House will stand steady with the conservative values and principles. If not the future of the 2012 election could not predict, how it will be…..

  • Eduardo Zetina

    Only a non thinking person could believe this massive Democrat party’s propaganda. Crazy people like the perpetuator of this heinous act do not need any encouragement by anyone to carry out their dark plans. It is unfortunate that conservatines do not have a voice in the spanish speaking media to put things in the right perspective to demonstrate that the politicians of the left are desperately trying to use any incident to smear the conservatives after their defeat in November 2010.

    As we have seen, the republicans, the Tea Party and other conservatives do not need to incite violence to win control to try to correct the course of this great country. They have done it through appealing to the common sense of the voters and not through cheap propsganda.

    • You are right Conservatives need to do nothing but show people who and what we are…We are not evil hateful people. We are Americans who love GOD & Country. We look at people not through the eyes of race but through the eyes of right and wrong.

      Yes we ant border security, and we want to stop illegal immigration. But this is not a hateful act. All countries need to have some sort of protection and have to have some control over immigration.

      I personally do not have an issue with anyone coming here but i do want them to come here legally.

      Having said that i do worry about some of the “Faithful” Muslims coming here. Not because of the race but because i fear they want us dead and until we have an end to them wanting us dead we should be more careful with them.

      I all other communities they are not wanting to kill or harm anyone they are friends and brothers and sisters in Christ and we need to embrace them. But we want it all done legally…

      As a nation we have the right and repeatability to protect our borders and enforce our laws.

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