The Video From A “Moderate” Islamic Government You Are Not Supposed To See

January 2, 2011 6:15 pm 4 comments

This video was secretly taken out of a muslim run land, moments after faithful islamic principles were applied to Christians. A few hours after his video, the Islamic government responded by attacking the very Christians that had just been bombed! Are our citizens ready to join Millions of Christians abroad in stopping this constant atrocity on truly peaceful Arab Christians, or are we only going to condemn the bombing because it is hideous but not condemn the motive behind the attacks: Islam?

“Cultural muslims” are obviously not the source of the problem, but won’t speak up for Christians out of fear of Islamic hell or out of fear of Islamic inspired terrorists. Worst, our popular media outlets, including the ones on Foxnews, CNN, ABCNews, MSNBC, and CBSNews hide the Islamic inspiration behind terrorist acts. The Islamic leaders give lip service to protecting Christians while they shut down a Church trying to rebuild after the bombings. They won’t show how the “moderate Islamic” government in Egypt won’t permit Christians to even repaint their Church walls or fixing their bathrooms, but they’ll give mosques permits to build near the same site they are refusing Christians the right to worship. Our news coverages on these incidents, including conservative leaning commentators, fail to go behind the scenes and discover why Christians are being regularly discriminated against, but the news channels will always show videos of lip service by the Egyptian leaders when they claim they want to stop terrorist acts.

The troops from this “moderate Islamic” government were sent to attack and suppress these Christians who are fed up with being discriminated against. One Reuter photograph managed to capture that moment. See it here (image 6 of 9) before it is hidden further or permanently removed.

Police confront Christians outside church after bomb blast, 1 Jan 11
Christian demonstration after car bombing, 1 Jan 11

Police surrounded the al-Qiddissen church entrance after the blast. Tensions have been rising between Egypt’s Christians and Muslims in recent months.


  • Anthony Davar

    From past history, I know muslims will join to censor out videos like these. Hope youtube does not give into an organized campaign by supporting muslims demanding to censor out this important live coverage of the attack on Christians in Egypt!

    Consider posting this link with its great videos and pictures on your twitter and fb pages and various sites to help bypass the current media blackout and selective news packaging. Except for this story, all the news stories on major networks are sadly hiding the islamic inspiration of the terrorists, and are deceitfully showing the Egyptian president’s empty rhetoric next to hussein obama’s without providing needed details on the constant discrimination Orthodox copt and Christians around the world are facing at the hands of muslims every day.

    After this event, why were Christians not allowed to publicly demonstrate their grievances? Instead, select videos are showing the Christians as the ones that had to be dealt with :-( !

  • I hope some people will save these videos to keep the truth alive..

  • Posted this to a Pro Islamic fb page

  • Islam is spreading around the planet like a plague. They have essentially taken over Europe, the most popular name in the UK the last few years has been Mohammed. The African continent is now all muslim and it is spreading across Asia with alarming speed, the only roadblock being China. And now they have their sites set on the United States.

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