What Evil Lurks In The Heart of Man?

January 12, 2011 10:56 pm 3 comments

Creative Commons - by Savio Sebastian

With the media circus over the shootings in Arizona accusing Republicans, Tea Party groups and Talk Radio of causing the shootings, we need to sit back and take stock.

Ultimately, the person who pulled the trigger is the one responsible. Since it is coming out that he has some mental problems, some would like to blame the health care system, and some would like to blame the parents, but while society and bad parenting can affect a person greatly, we are all ultimately responsible for our own actions.

Where does evil come from? Looking at the third chapter of the book of Genesis, we discover that Adam and Eve were responsible for sin entering the world. Why is Adam blamed? Because he is right there, he should have stopped Eve, but did not. Reading the account, when God asks Adam if he ate the fruit, Adam responds, “the Women YOU gave me gave me the fruit,” so that Adam not only doesn’t take responsibility for his action, but blames both Havah (Eve) and God himself.

Why does God allow man to sin? He could have made us all a bunch of robots obeying him at all times. God didn’t want slaves, he wanted companions, co-creators who would love and obey him of their own free will. Thus, to truly be good, we must have the capacity to do evil.

So with Adam and Havah, sin enters the world. It is no accident that the fruit is the “fruit of knowledge of good and evil.” When we decide what is right and wrong, we do not recognise God’s kingship. The problem with living in a democracy is we forget what a kingdom is truly about. The King alone is sovereign. He makes the laws, and none-other. Eating the fruit, aside from disobeying a direct order from God, means we reject his kingship as well.

Before eating the fruit, Adam and Havah were in harmony with each other, with nature and with God. When they sinned the whole nature of creation changed. Animals which heretofore had eaten vegetation came to eat meat. Man had to work for his food, women gained the pains of childbirth, and a saviour became necessary. Sickness and death entered into the world. Man created to be immortal became mortal. nature and the universe began to run down.

Sin is a terrible thing. The center of sIn is I. When I put myself first, that is sin working in me. But sin is like a rock thrown into a pond. The ripples reach out until they have affected the surface of the whole pond. Our planet is corrupted spiritually by our sin. Roman Catholic priests abuse children, terrorists fly jets into buildings, children massacre their class mates, all through the power of sin.

There is one and only one solution to sin – Jesus. God made Jesus a man and entered him into the world to live a perfect life. He showed us the way and died to pay the price for all our sin. Do we wish to end evil in the world? Then we must allow Jesus to be our boss, our King, and let him run our lives. Life will not then be perfect, but will be better. The power of sin will not be able to enslave us any more. But the effects of sin will continue in the world until God destroys it and makes a new heaven and a new earth.


  • …and Jesus paid for the sins of Jared Loughner as well. Excellent read. Thanks.

  • Michael Joe Thannisch

    That last paragraph wasn’t written well. “God the Father sent Jesus, who took upon himself our human nature, and he entered the world to show us how to live a perfect life and to die to pay the perfect price for our sins,” would have been much better.

    Sorry, just dont’ want to be construed as anti-Trinitarian.

  • Robert Hagedorn

    Everything you state can be accepted as truth. But hiding the specific act which Adam and Eve committed is not necessary. Fear is never our friend. Please do a search: The First Scandal Adam and Eve.

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