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The Tea Party Trial – An American Constitutional Fable

Recent events in Arizona and elsewhere have been the basis for the mainstream media and some elected officials having a field day trying to blame the Tea Party advocates of engaging in everything from uncivil discourse to causing deranged persons to kill people and various other transgressions. Their arguments have often been laden with name calling and speculation. In that context, the reader is invited to imagine the following scene.

The court room became silent as the jury shuffled into the jury room for deliberation regarding the guilt or innocence of the Tea Party. The judge retreated to his chambers where he might contemplate the trial in peace while awaiting news from the bailiff that the jury was ready with the verdict. Though vaguely annoyed with the Tea Party rabble, he remembered with satisfaction the charge he gave to the jury in context of the eloquent presentation given by the prosecution.


Obama Administration Abandons It’s Duty To Defend The “Defense Of Marriage Act”

Today the Department of Justice announced that they will no longer defend the “Defense of Marriage Act”, which defined a marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

“The President believes that DOMA is unconstitutional. They are no longer going to be defending the cases in the 1st and 2nd circuits,” a person briefed on the decision said.

“Typically, when a law is challenged, the government has a duty to defend the law, and typically they do so with the most vigorous possible defense,” said Jim Campbell, attorney with the conservative Alliance Defense Fund. “In this case, we’ve seen executive branch officials refuse to do so.”


Lt. Col. Congressman Allen West Responds To A Muslim Trying To Play The Victim Card

mong all the politicians in the free world, there is one Lt. Col. Allen West who was recently elected to Congress. In this video, the muslim propaganda specialist tries to play the victim card and rightly gets the needed bold response:

This does not match the propaganda coming out of most politicians these days even as they try to promote the unthinkable and illogical belief that “islamisareligionofpeace”, but after 9/11, there should NOT be an American alive who would accept the dhimmi card to become enslaved by the propaganda that opened the door for destruction of so many nations for 1388 years!

I saw Congressman Allen West the first time when other politicians were passing the buck! He stood up so strong as he boldly declared what has been known by ALL islamic historians!

An Open Letter To The Conservative Majority

Last November was nothing short of a mandate from the people, a resounding call for a more conservative, level-headed government. Now, it is up to our newly elected officials to follow-through on those campaign promises, and really deliver. Looking ahead at the next two years, many may opt to rehash old battles or passively obstruct the progressive agenda; but what the voters really want are results. Show America once and for all that there is a better way. Republicans cannot rest on former laurels, and coast into 2012 thinking that the current administration’s failures will somehow make our candidates that much more attractive. This session needs to be one of action. It is our time to shine, and prove that we can do much more than block bad legislation, we can provide real solutions.

The Real Problem With US Foreign Policy

It is interesting to see the Obama regime struggle with the situation in North Africa and the Middle East. Regimes which have supported us in the past are being challenged or torn down. The problem with such things, is that no one really knows what the end result will be. Sadly, the United States has spent the last thirty-eight years not worrying about the real problem.

In the past, the policy of the USA has concentrated on two points, maintaining the supply of petroleum, and guarding the sovereignty of Israel. While, as a Christian I think guarding Israel’s sovereignty is important, and while I agree with aiding democracy anywhere, we have to be ware of several factors.