The Real Problem With US Foreign Policy

February 19, 2011 1:00 pm 5 comments

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It is interesting to see the Obama regime struggle with the situation in North Africa and the Middle East. Regimes which have supported us in the past are being challenged or torn down. The problem with such things, is that no-one really knows what the end result will be. Sadly, the United States has spent the last thirty-eight years not worrying about the real problem.

In the past, the policy of the USA has concentrated on two points, maintaining the supply of petroleum, and guarding the sovereignty of Israel. While, as a Christian I think guarding Israel’s sovereignty is important, and while I agree with aiding democracy anywhere, we have to be aware of several factors. The most important is that our interference rarely works out the way we would like it to. Time and again the USA has interfered with the governments of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatamala, Nicaragua, Iran, Chile and others. Siding with the strong anti-communist regimes rarely brought neither peace nor stability, and in fact the Civil War in Guatamala, that was a result of US influence, lasted almost fifty years and tended to destabilise the situation in Central America and southern Mexico.

What the United States and other nations need to do is to stop arming these third world nations. They don’t need the to bear the cost of these weapons. They would be better off spending this money on schools, roads, and other infrastructure. The US needs to quit supporting most governments, and instead put the pressure on helping people. The riots in North Africa and the Middle East, while having a variety of causes were mostly pushed by two things, 1) scarcity or expense of food and 2) lack of jobs for young college graduates. This year’s tough weather has been hard on the poor world wide, especially those who spend 90% of their income on food.

What the US does need to worry about are our energy needs. It is important that we learn to conserve oil and gas, not because of speculation on global warming, but because they are limited resources, and their chief source are in basically unstable countries, many of which do not have the best interests of the USA at heart. While I suspect George Bush will be vindicated in Iraq at some future point, we need to start concentrating on becoming energy independent. This needs to be thought out carefully. We as individuals need to start downsizing our cars and houses. We need to relearn how to carpool and to make every trip count. This is a national priority for several reasons, one being need of fuel if we are cut off, and second being the use of gas and petroleum for other things. I am sure if we were to run out of petroleum we will find something else to replace the energy, but will we find something else to take its place in all the other things petroleum and natural gas are used for, fertilizers, pesticides, medicines, plastics etc. Interfering with the politics of foreign countries will be of dubious long time help.

Our president must make energy independence an urgent priority. It is important militarily and economically for our future. Otherwise when and if the petroleum runs out or becomes scarce, we will not only be doomed by lack of energy, but we will see the collapse of many other industries.


  • The environmental extremists are also a major obstacle in our path to energy independence. If we had a government smart enough to allow us to use our own resources, many of these problems could be reduced. We are sitting on enough natural gas to run our country for decades, and oil rigs on our coasts that are abandoned due to a lack of common sense in our federal government.

  • I agree we must have energy independence and it is great for one to conserve what we do have now. The problem here is the left does not want energy independence. They put up road block for everything someone tries to do. We have lots of energy here under US soil but we cannot get it we also have the option on nuclear power this is safe but we cannot do that either. All we get is useless stupid things like solar power and wind generation. These will NEVER give us independence…The truth is we have enough oil we just do not want to get it….

  • Another problem is we keep giving money to help the poor nations and the dictators that run them steal the money and the poor are left poor…80 BILLION to Egypt and our “US” friend the president is worth more that 40 BILLION and his people are in poverty..

    This is stupid and it also gives fertile ground for our enemies to work..

    We as individuals need to be the ones helping the poor..Its we the people that should do charity.

    Its not the governments job to do Charity, When the government does charity its called theft..They steal from one and give to another.

  • Zach Kirkland

    I agree we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and I also agree we should use our resources here in the U.S. I do not agree with how we should drill for these resources. I live in an area of Texas that has natural gas wells everywhere. There is a natural gas well right next to my house. About a year ago one of the wells about a mile from my home was struck by lightning and exploded. It was on fire for almost a full 24 hours before it finally went out. Not only is this dangerous for those that live here but it is also dangerous what they put into the ground to get to the gas. I had a water well here that put out great water until the gas well was put in. We can’t use the well any more because the water smells and tastes horrible. The gas wells also vent excess chemicals into the air and I have to breathe it about once a month. I have no problem with using the resources on American soil but I wish we could find a better way to drill for it that didn’t involve endangering the health of those that live around them.

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