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The world is on the brink of WWIII - Image courtesy of virginmedia.com

With nearly all the governments in the Middle East and northern Africa on the verge of collapse, is it crazy to think World War III is just around the corner? Just for fun, you can throw Spain, Portugal, France and Greece into the mix. None of them have a military strong enough to repel the Islamic horde should they decide to take to the streets in force.

With chaos surrounding them Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE are sure to fall in the resulting groundswell of Islamic extremism causing oil prices to soar to never seen before prices. In the resulting turmoil, terrorists may scuttle the oilfields like the Iraqis did when they fled Kuwait after Desert Storm. If the oilfields are left intact, will the extremists sell oil to the great Satan or get in bed with China and bring the west to its knees once and for all?

Of course Israel is sure to be attacked and will vigorously defend itself but in the end they will be overwhelmed by shear numbers of their attackers. The only question is whether they launch their nukes at Iran as they are trampled into the desert sand.

With the region in complete and total chaos and Russia left out in the cold they seize the opportunity to attack through the Balkan States to seize the oil rich region. China seeing this move is forced to respond and begins marching west to put a stop to the Russian advance. The United States will have no choice but to take action to prevent her two biggest adversaries from claiming a stranglehold on the world’s largest oil reserves.

Now with the world embroiled in a third world war America will largely be left to fend for herself since Great Britain is fighting a civil war against the nearly two-million Muslims within their own shores. Fortunately America has assets on the ground in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan but will it be enough?

Maybe 2012 is the end…


  • All I know is that if BO doesn’t keep his mouth shut, all of this could definitly have the potential of happening. Thank you, John Bolton, for being man enough to speak the truth.

  • With the weak President that we have, we’re in deep crap. We cannot allow China or muslims to control oil, or the world.

  • Unfortunately, most of you have a naive understanding of what is taking place…..it’s not really about the Muslims, but more about the NWO taking control. The muslims will control some of the world, but will take their marching orders from the power elite….and with all of us focusing on the oil situation and middle east this and that, they are able to move forward with their agenda…..as for us, it is an economic crippling that they have designed, so may I so ask “forget about the rest of the world, we need to do with our part of the globe.”

  • Laurel – Maybe they are taking advice from NWO, these radicals will never take orders from them and when the time is right they will turn on those who think they are their masters. Radical islam thinks we are all infidels and that we should all convert or die, it’s as simple as that.

  • From Catholic Mystics formally approved by the Church: Marie-Julie Jahenny, Briton Stigamatis and victim soul, 1850-1940, was shown WWI, WWII, and WWIII. Describes WWII – Total world economic collapse, martial law and injustice everywhere, world revolution, when the whole world is in chaos and anarchy which is to come suddenly and without warning: Russia, China, and the Moslem Nations attack the West and the USA. Russia wins everywhere for two years which then God intervenes and turns the tables. Three quarters of the world dies and over 90% of Western Europe. No electricity for two years, USA and Europe get nuked. Sky is black with planes and missles coming out of Russia in numbers and with men that the west never even imagined Russia had. In the end the West wins but over 3/4 of the world is dead from disease,war and famine. All to last about 2 years in USA and 4 years in Europe. All will be over in 2017 so that means 2012 or 2013 to be the beginning. God will allow the enemies of Christianity (Muslims, Pagans, and Jews) to punish the West and the Church for the great loss of faith. Abortion, homosexulality,pornography, the violation of the first 3 commandments which are against the majesty of God himself, immodesty in dress and behavior, drugs, contraception, feminism, etc. etc., all call to heaven for vengence and God will allow justice to be visited.
    When all is over comes the golden age of Christianity, all those who conspired against Church and State, all those who supported the above violations of God’s laws will be found and punished, not one will escape his justice. When all is over comes an unprecedented erra of peace and justice for a few generations before man falls again and then comes anti-christ. Get ready for what has been described and beyond most peoples imagination, a punishment beyond compare where both the Church and the world will be punished for their infidelities and sins. So say these mystics who are of the highest integrity. Homosexulaity, divorce, feminism, immodesty in dress and actions (children and wives dressing immodestly), abortion, pornography, fraud, drugs, etc. get ready to pay the price. Yea laught now but within a year or so you will not be laughing. All those who voted for Obama, with him have declared war against God. All those who think that the Republicans are any different than the Democrats will soon see that all have succumbed to prostitute themselves to both the NWO, and Judeo/Freemasonry.

  • Not sure I can agree with Robert’s assessment. Especially since I see zero evidence that says the Jews are behind any of this, in-fact it seems Israel, and the U.S.A. fates are tied to gather, but most importantly if Israel falls so does Europe, Islamist will be so embolden they will set their sites on the closest easiest target.(Note it only took Hitler less then 10 years to have the military to take on Europe)

    Laurel, and Todd are both correct by my research, The globalist, are the ones manipulating this, and the Islamist are a wily ally, that could turn on them at anytime, I believe this has been factored in the globalist plan, that they are indeed looking to history, and the fact that it was wwii that got the world out of the last depression, made all governments, even ours more powerful, and most of all ended the lives of millions. I believe they are banking on the Islamist caliphate, and its eventual turning against them to start things off, China, and Russia are friendlier to eat other now then ever, so I am thinking, look to India which has been taking issue with China of late. This all plays into agenda 21, the goal there being the complete subjugation of humanity, and massive reduction of world population, and whats left of humanity is quarantined in extremely dense cities, with no property rights what so ever. To get there, as it is with current population, it isn’t going to happen, it would take decades of sterilization, starvation, and conventional war to achieve the desired population levels labeled out in agenda 21, but a partial/limited nuclear exchange, and massive military engagements on a global scale could put them close to the desired numbers in 2 to 5 years, and starvation, sterilization will bring us the rest of the way…

    The Idea here is every country is a loser, as far as human cost, every country will bleed, and come away closer to their agenda 21 obligations, and since most major cities are destroyed, it makes the herding of humans into this new planned cities all the easier, if we survived we would be de-housed, without basic necessities and looking for some kind of civilization to return to. People would be walking right into servitude, and thanking their new master for it.

  • Well, the GMO’s and anti vitamin and food supplement agenda are already set up to aid with the starvation agenda. As NWO gains control of food and water supply, manipulations of the masses becomes too easy. I don’t expect to live long once our health care collapses, and I imagine that will be one of the 1st things to go. I just pray my family survives and thrives, we must continue to resist, though it becomes harder everyday.

  • Was this the original Jim Baker from the Tammy Fay Baker days of televangelism ? He must of had just gotten out of prison. When the general public is ignorant of these types, who misuse the Bible for financial gain, the entire realm of Christianity becomes the victim because of these type of manipulative tactics. Never mind Americans being “that stupid”, Canadians are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, either.

  • John S White

    I will say I have over the years heard every concoction misinformation of Revelation out there, only everyone is absolutely WRONG! And IMHO no one really knows, only some concocted idea that has been around so long, last crazy idea was a Gay Person to be the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet the Pope which BTW would be Biblically off, a false prophet would probably be either an Atheist or a Church of Satin who would been taught the power of illusion to perform all of these things, more less someone performing wizzardy and all the other stuff the Bible Talks about. And there will definitely more false teachers coming and mote hearsays that will surface.

  • I’ve decided to comment. I wish I could comment to everyone. This is a start and I’m neither Conservative nor Liberal; I’m just Human. I believe there is going to be WW3, but that it is going to be a worldwide Civil War. I think money is going to burn in the streets of Cincinnati, Cairo, Budapest and Barcelona simultaneously. Remember, “Food has money value, but money has no food value.” We are no longer, isolated cells of individuals. We are ONE and our species is diseased with our refusal to recognize that there are zero extra people. The world economy must replace money with a higher value system to see that none are denied what is needed by everyone. The common resource pool is plentiful and ready to over-flow. The bureaucracies/logistics are in place and very few are so isolated that they cannot contribute. We won’t abide the propaganda that says otherwise for very long. It’s in our design; hard wired into us. We are so close to solving mortality; we’re on the verge of wisdom to go with our human potential. It’s going to take all of us working as one, being the individuals we are, on each, our own terms; but we’re going to do it. The species will make it through this. Take that ethic into the face of what’s coming and maybe those of us who are here now will never have to suffer, grieve or die, again. Maybe my grand-children will grow up in a world that never uses fear. Bring it on.

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