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Don’t Spend Our Children’s Future On Today’s Pleasures

We are all aware that our nation, as well as the great state of Texas, is in big trouble. Our elected leaders have a spending problem that they are having a hard time admitting to and breaking, but we need it to stop.

There are many groups in Austin lobbying to have their pet projects continued and we do not have the money to continue this. They are now putting pressure on our elected leaders to spend the rainy day fund. While this might solve the immediate problem, it does nothing for our future but digger a bigger hole.

“We the People” did our duty. We all worked hard to get conservative Republicans elected, but now we are all sitting at home while the lobbyists are in Austin massing pressure on the elected to continue to put our children’s future in jeopardy by continuing to spend our futures on the pleasures of today.

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Life Ethics by Dr. Beverly Nuckols

Last weekend a group of TexasGOPVote bloggers gathered in Austin, Texas to discuss various issues being faced by conservatives and what the core ideology of a conservative blog should be. The resounding issue was determined to be that of standing on the side of protecting human life. Following are some excerpts from this fascinating and thought provoking article about Life Ethics by TexasGOPVote blogger and Dr. Beverly Nuckols.

TexasGOPVote’s Dr. Beverly Nuckols
If you crack the egg of a bird on the Endangered Species List, it won’t matter that the bird was a fetus or embryo. You’ve still broken Federal law. Why is the species of an (unhatched) animal so clear cut under law, but human embryos have no protection under current law? Legal follies such as this underscore our lack of seriousness and consistency when contemplating our children of tomorrow.

Does Texas Senator Tommy Williams Want to Scrap the 4th Amendment?

In a bill being brought forward in the Texas Senate for testimony this week, The Woodlands State Senator Tommy WIlliams seeks to attack your 4th Amendment rights with a bill that calls for police checkpoints for proof of insurance. Sorry Senator, this is a bad idea. I am all for enforcement of the law. Especially the law requiring drivers to carry insurance on their motor vehicles and to provide proof of this insurance at appropriate times. However, police checkpoints for the purpose of making citizens prove they are not breaking the law is a bad idea and is unconstitutional.

SB 1700 will be heard in the Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday, March 30 in Rm. E1.016.

The 4th Amendment states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue,

The Real Herbert Hoover Record

With the after-effects of the so-called “Great Recession” still lingering — unemployment is still at close to 9%, even after the “stimulus” spending of nearly a trillion dollars (spending that was supposedly necessary to keep the unemployment rate below 8%), and economic growth is still sluggish — and the landslide election victories for Republicans in November 2010, there is now real debate around cutting government spending at the local, state, and federal level.

Predictably, such calls for fiscal discipline bring the inevitable references to President Herbert Hoover and his response to the stock market crash of 1929 and his response to what would become the Great Depression. According to the conventional narrative, it was Hoover’s supposed laissez faire inaction that was the catalyst for the economic malaise that consumed the United States for the next decade and a half.

Republicans Force The Obama Brotherhood Into A Balanced Budget Amendment For The Constitution

Many, including myself, have criticized Republicans for not fighting for us. In 2008 the Republicans lost control of the Federal government, not because of acting too Republican or too Conservative, but because they acted just like the Democrats. The difference between the parties, when it came to the elected, were so blurred that one could not tell who was Republican and who was Democrat. Because of the lack of good Republican leadership, our Republican party almost died.

In the years after the loss in 2008 “we the people” have risen up and fought to take back our party and our nation, and in the 2010 election we took the first step in saving them both. “We the people” have done our part. It is now up to the elected to fight for and push through our conservative agenda in all levels of government and if our elected representatives fail “We the people” lose.