Anti-Integrity Democrats Lose And Voters Win – Voter ID Bill Hits The Texas House

March 20, 2011 1:11 pm 0 comments

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Bill Kneer

In 2009 the Republicans tried to ensure the integrity of the ballet box, but true to form, the anti-integrity Democrats in the Texas House did what they do best when they are losing – They stalled the debate to ensure the bill would not pass and they could still cheat at the ballot box.

May 24th 2009, The Houston Chronicle had a story titled “Voter ID Bill Puts House At Impasse.” The Democrats, being true to their personal anti-integrity beliefs, used scare tactics like saying that this “legislation will deny ballots to many minorities and elderly voters.

We all know this was a lie but in the end they used this lie to justify there fight to leave the ballot box open to anyone, whether they are legal voters or not.

The Chronicle reported at the time -

For two days — to keep the voter ID bill from coming up for debate— they have slowed the House process by dragging out a calendar of local and uncontested bills that normally could be completed in 90 minutes or less.

Time we have stripped the power out of the hands of the anti-integrity Democrats, and have giving the power to lead to the Republicans. In the Texas House we currently have 101 freedom loving Republicans and 49 anti-integrity Democrats.

The Texas Tribune is reporting that the Calendar Committee has voted to send the Voter ID bill to the House for debate on Monday March 21st 2011.

The House Calendars Committee voted this evening to place the voter ID bill, SB 14, on the House calendar for Monday. Gov. Rick Perry declared the item an emergency issue just days after the Texas Legislature gaveled in two months ago.

House members always have the option of suspending calendar rules to take up the matter before next week, but committee chairman Rep. Todd Hunter, R-Corpus Christi, said he didn’t think that would happen.

The measure would require voters to present photo identification — like a driver’s license — at the polls in order to cast a ballot.

We have given the power to lead to the Republican, and they have the overwhelming numbers to pass this legislation. I certainly hope and expect that there will be little opposition to this bill and we will finely see the fruits of our labors by passing good conservative legislation.

Contact your State Representatives and be sure they understand that “we the people” are watching and taking notes. All those who work against the people will be run out of town during the next Republican Primary.


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