Republicans Force The Obama Brotherhood Into A Balanced Budget Amendment For The Constitution

March 28, 2011 6:16 am 5 comments

Many, including myself, have criticized Republicans for not fighting for us. In 2008 the Republicans lost control of the Federal government, not because of acting too Republican or too Conservative, but because they acted just like the Democrats. The difference between the parties, when it came to the elected, were so blurred that one could not tell who was Republican and who was Democrat. Because of the lack of good Republican leadership, our Republican party almost died.

In the years after the loss in 2008 “we the people” have risen up and fought to take back our party and our nation, and in the 2010 election we took the first step in saving them both. “We the people” have done our part. It is now up to the elected to fight for and push through our conservative agenda in all levels of government and if our elected representatives fail “We the people” lose. In Texas it looks to me like the Republican House members and both Governor Perry and LT Governor Dewhurst are stepping away from securing our border and the great State of Texas by ensuring the Debbie Riddle bill on Illegal Immigration (HB17)dies in committee. If this happens, then we have a lot of work to do and we need to find replacements for all that stood up for and fought for Joe Straus.

The Obama regime, along with the Democrat Brotherhood, have destroyed our nation so fast. So far, the Republicans have done little to help slow the death of our great nation. As unemployment sores in the private sector, the growth of government is on the rise and the Obama regime, along with the Democratic Brotherhood, have taken our national debt to $14 trillion and they want the Republicans to commit political suicide and vote to raise the debt ceiling again. This has given rise to the foolish idea of the states coming together for a Constitutional Convention. This would give the elected full accesses to change ANYTHING they want in our Constitution. Don’t agree with me? Let me ask you what elected official from either party do you trust under the hood of our Constitution? I do not trust ANYONE these days.

The US Senate Republicans lead by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.) will roll out a plan for a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) to the Constitution in exchange for raising the statuary debt ceiling above $14.2 trillion.

If the Republicans stick to their guns and do not compromise on this, and it passes, this negates the need to have a Constitutional convention and will set in place limits on the growth of Government.

Back in 1997 the deficit was slightly over 100 Billion and today it is over $1.5 Trillion at that time Republican Orrin Hatch (Utah) lead the charge for a balanced budget amendment and it failed by 1 vote but was supported the gift that keeps on giving Vice President Joe Biden and I am sure we will have his full support again.

To get a Constitutional Amendment passed according to Article V of the Constitution, an amendment must get a two-thirds vote in both the House and Senate and be ratified by three-quarters of the states.  So in the Democrat-majority Senate, the amendment would need all 47 Republicans votes plus 20 Democrats for passage.

Human Events says “so far, the Republicans have at least 33 members supporting the new BBA.  Cornyn said that he and others are making calls this week to line up the others to support it.  He expects to have all 47 Republicans in support by next week, and then will start outreach to the Senate Democrats.”

This is good news for our nation and our party, and I for one am quick to jump on our elected leaders when they fail to do the work of the people. When they do right, we need to be quick to encourage and support them. Thank you Senator Mitch McConnell, and Senator John Cornyn, we are behind you. Let us know what we can do to help.

As for our Texas Republicans we are watching to see what you do. So far I am very skeptical. I know LT. Governor Dewhurst is thinking of Running for the US Senate and I can tell you now if you do not get the border legislation passed, you will not have my support . Do NOT play games with our nation or our State. You need to reach out to State Rep Debbie Riddle and work alongside her in her efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigration.


  • Like you, I am highly skeptical of our Republican Congressmen being able or willing to step up to the plate and demand that $61 billion be cut from the 2011 budget, and another $100 billion be cut in the 2012 budget, and a balanced budget amendment at least being passed by Congress. But thanks for setting the benchmark by which we can judge our Congressional representatives accordingly the next time we face them at the ballot box.

    ex animo


    I have a question: If we raise the debt ceiling and fail to balance the budget or pass a BBA, have we not shot ourselves in the foot? If our intention is to reduce the size of government how is that helped by compromising on raising the debt limit. If we are going to reduce the size of government we have to make some progress in that direction. Anyway, great article, Bill. Perhaps you, David and or others might have an answer to my questions.

  • Dan i am all for NOT raising the debt ceiling. I am for cutting spending and getting back to spending only what is necessary. As of now it my understanding we send tax dollars to every nation on earth excluding IRAN, FRANCE, and one more i do not recall. We do NOT need to raise the debt ceiling.

    But we “Republicans” do not have the control or the total ability to change this. So at least a BBA would limit the growth.

    Yes it is true that they would not need to stop spending they can always raise taxes but they would have to come to us and raise taxes. I think that would not be wise for them.

    A BBA at least puts limits on debt and is a step in the right direction.

  • We must be careful with a balanced budget amendment. A “Balanced Budget” does not in any way limit growth or size of the Federal Government. If they want to spend more they can tax more. A balanced budget amendment needs to be partnered with something that will limit the growth of government and eventually even reduce it in size and impact in our daily lives.

    Better to have a smaller, less intrusive government in debt than a balanced budget of a government that continues to reach into every aspect of your life.

    Let’s do both… balance the budget AND reduce the size and scope of government.

    • I agree Bob but with a BBA they would have to come to us and face the voters…As it stands now they just print more money and put our children’s future in jeopardy

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