Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence Launches Ads To Ban Non-Existent Item

April 12, 2011 11:17 am 5 comments

The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, well known assailants of the Constitution and our right to keep and bear arms, recently launched a website and social media campaign to ban a firearm part that doesn’t even exist – assault clips.

I know, it’s obvious that they meant to use the word “magazine”, but this is no excuse for their ignorance. They have been at the gun banning game long enough to know proper terminology. Instead, they choose to use street lingo to reach uninformed people that get their firearms education from watching old Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

To be fair, many firearms do use “clips”. There are a few revolvers that use moon clips, and certain classic rifles use stripper clips or  en bloc clips to hold and load ammunition. This is not a dangerous new technology, and there is not a single “clip” that could appropriately be called “high capacity” or “assault” since these items only feed a standard number of rounds and they are not used on a fully automatic firearm.

Perhaps there is a dangerous new device used for sealing opened potato chip bags that I am unaware of. Or perhaps there was news of a hair fastening clip that went on a rampage recently. I doubt it.

The liberal left has learned that if they cannot win with facts, they must change semantics to suit their agenda.

We are not at war in Libya – this is just a “kinetic military action.” We do not have a problem with illegal aliens crossing our border – we just have a few “undocumented guest workers.” Don’t worry about the brutal criminals that go through the revolving door of justice every day – It’s the “assault clip” that you have to worry about.

Words have meaning. When the Brady Campaign continues to use incorrect street lingo in an attempt to limit the freedom you have to protect yourself, they are insulting your intelligence.

I choose to stay informed, know my rights and laugh at the Brady Campaign as it fights to ban a nonexistent item.


  • Oh nooo’s. We must ban the dangerous “assault clips”. (Is that anything like “hair clips”?)

    Liberalism: the ultimate brain disorder.

  • Lolz. I used to be a liberal, but I woke up one day after being attacked by a band of these “assault clips”, and I realized I could no longer stand by and let my freedoms be impinged upon with such impunity. I’ll let my Springfield XD speak on my behalf. Good piece.

  • Actually, the Japanese Type 3, Type 92, and Type 1 heavy machine guns as well as the Hotchkiss M1909, M1922, and M1930 used in WWI and WWII were strip fed. So I guess a small portion of antique firearms collectors will be upset over the ban.

  • Pure propaganda, “assault clips make everyone a target” scare tactics to inspire action from fear. The gun man was a mental case with a history of drug abuse who looks like he was kicked in the head several hundred times. He should be publicly executed in a firing line.

    • Clips do not make people targets…Bad people make people targets…Just like SUV’s do not kill people….Bad driver and drunks kill people.

      After this monarchic comment i can see why you hide you real identity. This is the same mentality that the racist of the past had….They judged by how someone looks and this is wrong and i think you know that….so you hide.. “The gun man was a mental case with a history of drug abuse who looks like he was kicked in the head several hundred times. He should be publicly executed in a firing line.”

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