Dallas Reporter’s Questions Make Obama Lose His Cool

April 19, 2011 6:25 pm 1 comment

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Josh Painter


Houston’s own Melissa Clothier observes that not only did Obama lose some of his presidential cool under questioning from WFAA’s Brad Watson, his view of Texas political history is woefully short-sighted. Kudos to Watson for asking The One the first tough question he’s had to answer in recent memory.

“Why do you think you’re so unpopular in Texas?”

The President answered,”Texas has always been a Republican state.” (Aside: Uh, no it hasn’t it’s been overwhelmingly Democrat until 1950 and continued dominance for decades until it finally and fully flipped completely in the 2010 election.)

The President also implied that his election was close in Texas saying that he “lost by a few percentage points.”

Watson corrected the President and said, “You lost by about ten.”

Then Watson asked,”Was the Shuttle not awarded to Houston because of politics?” (Aside: Republicans and Democrats here in the Houston area are furious about not having a Shuttle in the city–it’s being sent to New York City to be left outside, of all things.)

President Obama answered,”I just said that was wrong.”

So Watson followed up,”So you weren’t involved in any part of the decision.”

And President Obama said,”I just said that wasn’t true.” (Aside: Note that he didn’t say, straight out, “No.”)

Another question, “Are you going to campaign in Texas or is the state written off?”

The President visibly winced when he said the words,”I never write off any state and, I love, I love Texas.”

As the interview finished and when the President thought the microphone was turned off, the President said to Watson,”Let me finish my answers, the next time we do an interview all right?”

We agree with Dr. Clouthier that there’s not likely to be a “next time” for Brad Watson to sit down with Mr. Obama again.

She is also absolutely correct in her assessment that Watson’s questions were more mundane than tough. Yet the president showed, as has been the case in the past, that he has relatively thin skin:

Because he’s never challenged. He’s allowed to filibuster. He understands and manipulates the reporters and they play along with the game because each one hopes he’ll be the next “exclusive”.

But you don’t have to be a Texan or even a political junkie to know that Texas was a Democrat Party stronghold until Ronald Reagan came along. What kind of political environment does Obama think allowed Lyndon Baines Johnson to flourish under while preparing himself to rise from Congressman to Senator to Majority Leader and beyond? The old Lone Star State certainly wasn’t a hotbed of Republicans back in the day. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Sarah Palin had said, “Texas has always been a Republican state,” the media left would be mercilessly mocking her as woefully ignorant for having said it. Obama, on the other hand, gets a lifetime free pass from his talking head lapdogs.

The full WFAA presidential interview is here.

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  • This interview was great. The best part is the last 20 seconds or so when the anointed one chastises the reporter. What do you want to bet that he get audited this year?

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