Iowa Professor Tells Conservative Students To “F” Off

April 21, 2011 12:21 pm 7 comments

"Professor" Lewin - Courtesy:

Several outlets including the are covering the story about a University of Iowa professor that sent an R-Rated email after receiving a university approved email from the College Republicans club.

The professor in question, Ellen Lewin who is a professor of Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies angrily responded, “F U Republicans!” upon receipt of an email highlighting the club’s Conservative Coming Out Week. She followed up with several other emails taking issue with everything from her name to the club’s use of the term “coming out.”

I always find it ludicrous that socialists (I refuse to call them Democrats any longer) are always telling those of us that are supposedly less informed that we must be tolerant of others views; yet they are some of the most intolerant people walking the face of the earth. Their political and social beliefs are rife with hypocrisy.

For instance the socialists insist on teaching that evolution and Darwinism is an absolute fact yet they fail to recognize that humans are at the top of the food chain. Christians obviously believe in creationism, however, regardless of which belief you hold, humans are to have dominion over the earth.

These same socialists claim to be a champion for gay and women’s rights and then stand up in support of Islam. Maybe they should move to Iran or any other Middle Easter country and get a taste of how women and gays are treated.

If you would like to let the sanctimonious, hypocritical wind bag know how you feel; you can do so at or (319) 335-1610. Remember to address her as “professor.”



  • This make me so mad…..and so many supposed Republican get one me for being mean to the left…But they are silent on things like this.

    This women and i use this term loosely should be out on her but without tax funded underemployment.

  • The cancer that is liberalism is deep and if we don’t start cutting it out soon, we may face a horrible death.

  • You are right, and this is Iowa and they are the first stop in picking our presidential candidate. I hope they are not all like that…

  • The level of hilarity in your hypocritical labeling Democrats “Socialists”, then in the same sentence complaining about their intolerance is simply gut-bustingly awesome.

    If Republicans weren’t as hypocritical, people might take them more seriously. And by people, I mean educated people who actually are concerned about the levels of deficit spending and growth in size and scope of the federal government.

    Unfortunately, Bushes I & II (the remix) and Ronald Reagan (the actor turned head idiot-in-charge) all ran up record deficits while expanding the size and scope of the federal government.

    Why do we have a homeland security department? The CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, NSA, military, etc etc etc weren’t enough to handle the threat? I know, let’s start a new federal agency to fix it. While simultaneously trying to eliminate the Department of Education. Yeah, that’s a great idea.

    Everything the Republicans are criticizing about President Obama is exactly what their knuckleheads have done since 1980. But I guess they were their knuckleheads, so it was cool. Now…not so much.

    Obama is Bush part III. Which makes me mad as a liberal, because I didn’t want a corporate shill who wouldn’t get us out of the wars (granted he hasn’t started any new ones on premises of lies, so I guess it’s not all bad), wouldn’t continue bailing out corporations left and right, who wouldn’t reform corporate finance practices, wouldn’t end reliance on oil bought from countries who hate us, wouldn’t stop torturing people, wouldn’t protect our civil liberties, etc etc etc.

    Really my list of gripes is nearly endless.
    Because Obama is essentially Republican.

    Yet Republicans hate him.

    Really it amuses me.

    • So you think calling Democrats with that push anti-american agenda that looks and smells like Communism and socialism is hypocritical? So in your mind i have to accept and embrace Communism and socialism to be tolerant? NO..Thats like saying we should embrace pedophilia or we are intolerant to those without personal control…

      As Republican we have morals and standers we do our best to live by. We love our country the our founding father tried to make it.

      If i wanted to live like a Communist or a socialist i would move.

      So i along with the majority of our beloved America will fight you and your kind until we have our nation back..If in your liberal mind that make me a hypocrite then i wear that label with good old GOD loving American pride.

  • Margaret Mitchell

    I don’t understand on what basis you attribute that we are the “top of the food chain” to Darwinism. If anything, Darwinism supports the ephemeral nature of the “food chain” over time. Personally, I thing the bacteria that eat us in the end will be the next step in the food chain for me. I thought the problem with Darwinism was that it failed to make moral judgments.
    Is there some sloppy thinking here?

  • Here’s an interview with University of Iowa Professors Timothy Hagle (the University of Iowa College Republicans faculty advisor) and Kembrew McLeod, Matt Sowada, the conservative co-host of the political talk radio show American Reason on KRUI, and Rod Sullivan from the Johnson County Board of Supervisors about Professor Ellen Lewin’s “F— You, Republicans!” email.

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