Is Governor Huckabee Conservative Or Progressive ?

April 21, 2011 9:43 pm 5 comments

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Voters everywhere are asking the same question: Is Governor Huckabee a conservative or a progressive? Progressivism is a modern marketing package to hide the fact that someone is a liberal. Since liberalism has lost popularity among the voters, this shrewd marketing plan was created to rebrand liberals as “progressives” so some voters might be fooled into voting for someone they would otherwise not support.

To find out whether Governor Huckabee is a conservative is simple. Look at his platform and his principles. When he ran to become the nominee of The Republican party in the past, he was the only leading candidate who proposed a system called The Fair Tax. Mike proposed eliminating all income taxes,  social security taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, capital gains taxes, alternative minimum taxes, corporate and small business self-employment taxes, and Medicare payroll taxes. He proposed simplifying the tax system so dramatically that there would be no more need for the IRS. In principle, he believes the Government should serve the people rather than cause them to experience great pain and paralyzing fear like many experience at tax time. By shutting down the IRS, he wants to make politicians focused on serving their constituents within limited Government constitutional boundaries.

Does that sound like any kind of progressive or liberal you have ever heard? Simple Answer: NO!

I saw Governor Huckabee in Houston and have had the privilege of hearing him present his plans several times over the last 4 years. Not once would I have mistaken him for a liberal of any kind. I understand that his challenge to establishment Republican and Democratic leaders may be scary since many of them are used to the “halls of power”. Many would not know how they would survive and thrive if they did not have the power to payback lobbyist through favorable taxation loopholes that allows those with multibillion dollar budgets to pay zero taxes (i.e. GE). Meanwhile many small businessmen who come to me to grow their Sales through Joint Venture Marketing and alliances are often struggling to earn a profit since the government is only too willing to take away another man’s earned income. Politicians most often have no idea what it’s like to risk all one’s life savings to build a business through hard work and sweat equity. All the Washington centric community organizers and liberal politicians can say is: I don’t know about nor care to hear about all the years you sacrificed long hours and had many sleepless nights trying to keep your doors open while working on a breakthrough. Now that you have earned what I consider “more than your “fair share” of $200k in one year, I want more of your hard earned money to pay for my failing government programs.

Some of us are acting like we are a codependent nation. We are afraid to live within our means nationally but keep trusting failing nationalized programs run by politicians out of Washington D.C. to finally give us a program that works as promised.

Governor Huckabee wants to turn the tables on the Government and give the power back to local communities and family members to decide what’s best for them personally. He obviously believes that entrepreneurs and hard working people can be trusted with their own money. He believes that simplifying the Federal Government and empowering the State Governments within our original Constitutional powers, would enable us to succeed organically.

In my past, I have set up successful Business Development programs that bypass powerful bureaucratic blockades and enable gains of 100 Million dollars plus for previously failing products. I have also tried to work in companies where the culture is one of disabling codependency. In the latter, innovation is snuffed out while every employee is only living to 5% of his potential. While in the entrepreneur inspired culture, one person is able to  close 100 million dollars in success even after other consultants had failed. Just like an entrepreneur culture inspires companies to grow beyond imagination, our nation can regain the high ground. We can trust our neighbors and work together on a local level to make the right decision for our own families and neighborhoods. We don’t have to buy the lie of failed liberal philosophies and remain codependent to an out of control federal government.

If we empower entrepreneurs, they will grow companies that will provide jobs which will inspire more of our neighbors to have hope based on substance rather than more empty promises by inside the beltway politicians. Government is never going to grow our country’s highest potential by becoming more powerful on the backs of others.

The liberals in the last election took advantage of a downturn in the economy and promised everyone that unemployment would never go above 8% if we would only allow them to have more of our money and put our grandchildren in debt! However, when their plan failed and unemployment reached above 8%, they could not stop themselves but continued the same failed liberal job killing policies. Then they started another government program under the guise of government run healthcare “reform” which took away more money from the private sector to hire more government employees and IRS agents to deliver even worst job killing results. As unemployment continued to go the wrong way, many of our neighbors gave up looking for jobs while thousands of small businesses and large job producing companies went under; but the liberals could not help themselves. They tried to throw more money at the problem while promising a better tomorrow. The politicians have failed so miserably that recently our country had its credit rating put at risk as verified by Standard & Poor. Instead of looking at their failed policies, liberal obama supporters started blaming even S&P, rather than take responsiblity for the damage they had caused for our country.

As Governor Huckabee said in one debate, we have a tax system that encourages Congress to spend money like John Edwards in a beauty shop. It’s high time we have a different kind of tax structure and the fair tax system is a powerful one. It would open more paths to success because the people would be empowered to do what’s right for their families without big brother from Washington telling them how much they are ”allowed” to keep of their own hard earned money. It’s time we trust conservative programs like the one proposed by Governor Huckabee and return control back to the people.

When Governor Huckabee was challenged with huge liberal congress in the State he governed, a great author by the name of Mike Griffith analyzed his results. During his time in office, Governor Huckabee:

* Cut the state capital gains tax rate by 25%.

* Abolished capital gains taxes on home sales.

* Abolished the state marriage penalty tax.

* Pushed a $90 million tax cut package through the Arkansas legislature in 1997.

* From 1995 to 2005, cut taxes 90 times, returning nearly $400 million to taxpayers ($378 to be exact).

* Indexed income tax brackets to inflation, thus protecting taxpayers from being pushed into higher tax brackets by inflation.

* Doubled the child-care tax credit.

* Increased the tax deduction for single individuals to $2,000.

* Increased the tax deduction for married couples to $4,000.

* Proposed cutting the executive branch from 50 departments to 10.

* Banned illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses.

* Reduced state welfare enrollment by nearly half.

* Helped pass an unborn child amendment to the state constitution.

* Helped pass a traditional marriage amendment to the state constitution.

* Pushed through a property owners’ bill of rights that limited property tax hikes and protected homeowners from unfair tax assessments.

* Pushed through homeschooling-friendly legislation.

* Limited the increase in the overall rate of state spending to 4.9% (AFI)–not bad, considering that he was dealing with a Democratic legislature.

* Protected gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.

* Removed restrictions on concealed handgun permit holders.

* Pushed through legislation that allowed the state to fire school boards and school superintendents in school districts that were chronically performing badly.

* When faced with a $227 million deficit for fiscal year 2002, refused to call for a tax increase and instead called for a massive cut in state spending.

*He helped grow the economy of his state by 4.4%, even beating the strong national average of 4.2%.

The very intelligent conservative Michael Medved correctly noted that even with all the liberals running the State with higher taxation, Governoe Huckabee managed to keep the rein on them. “According to figures from the non-partisan Tax Foundation (based on data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce), Huckabee’s term as governor (1996-2007) led to a modest increase in the overall State-Local tax burden for Arkansas: from 10.1% in the year he became governor to 11.1% the last year he served. In terms of overall tax burden (state-local-federal) Arkansas remained virtually unchanged— from 30.3% (39th among the 50 states) to 30.5% (32nd place).

In contrast, Mitt Romney saw sharper increases in taxes during his single gubernatorial term (2003 to 2007) in Massachusetts. The state-local burden rose from 9.8% the year of his election to 10.5% his last year as governor. Meanwhile, the total tax burden went up from 31.2% to 33.9% — vaulting Massachusetts from 9th place to 7th place in the nation.”

I’m not trying to say Glenn Beck’s favorite candidate Mitt Romney is a liberal. While Mitt Romney has some major problems when it comes to his backing a government mandated healthcare nightmare, and he has flip flopped from one year to the next on his support of abortions through Roe vs. Wade , I do not want to focus on him in this article; but, I do want to say that the reason strong conservatives like Duncan Hunter, Dick Morris, Neal Boortz and my favorite Chuck Norris support Governor Huckabee , is because we have a man with high integrity who wants to empower the people. He wants to reduce the size of Government dramatically and change our Government dependent system to one where we no longer fear our Government because of the IRS.

Just like his obvious positive jovial character, Governor Huckabee wants us to be inspired to do all we can with the talents we have , without having some bureaucrat in Washington D.C. stop us from fulfilling our call to bless our families and neighbors. It’s high time we start giving our support to this principled man and stop needlessly attacking a strong conservative like Governor Mike Huckabee.

And if you want to know more about what Mike Huckabee stands for, stop biting on the poison being fed from various news sites empowered by Romney’s ad money, but simply read Mike’s latest book “A Simple Government”

I highly recommend reading the great analysis found at this site . The author Mike Griffith did such a fantastic job in putting this site up for us Patriots! Thank you!


  • Just found out that Governor Huckabee’s PAC has set up the following link for those who want to have Mike represent our people in the White House in 2012:

  • When did Glenn Beck come out in support of Mitt Romney? I know Beck is a self described Libertarian, however, I cannot ever imagine him supporting Romney. Romney not only brought on higher taxes but also brought socialized medicine to Massachusetts years before Obamacare came to fruition. I will do all in my power as the election cycle progresses to point out that Romney is a RINO.

    • The report that Beck liked Romney is coming out the 2008 campaign season. I didn’t listen to Beck at that time, so I’m not sure how often Beck mentioned Romney – but A LOT of conservatives were turned off of Romney the more we explored progressivism, and learned of Romney-Care for Mass.

      Lately, Beck has been pointing out that Romney is also a “Progressive Republican” – Gee I guess 2008 was dominated by them: Romney, Huckster, McCain, and some would argue Gulliani.

      The author of this post is showing his lack of updates on Beck’s favs for 2012 He’s said recently – and many times – that he likes all of the following Palin, Bachmann and Allen West (for now – none of them are declared candidates).

  • Great comments and questions that is obviously on many minds of us conservative Patriots today. While this article is specifically showing the simple truth that one who wants to abolish the irs and get rid almost all the liberal’s sources of enslavement of our citizens, Romney was already a proud supporter of Roevwade as far back as when his Mom took a proabortion position when she ran in a conservative prolife district. He also promoted homosexual positions for boyscout leaders and specifically attacked anyone trying to speak well of Ronald Reagan and associating him in anyway with Reagan. These are Romney’s own exact words in the following videos and and …Of course after flip flopping one year, he would flip flop the next and then go back to his old position and once again change his position depending on his audience and goals. Beck had access to all these recordings of Romney and still sadly give him these coverup softball “interview” while touting him as the only hope for America, while specifically covering up for mitt’s obviously pro-socialist hillary/obama/romneycare Government mandated health programs as well as his awful pro-Roevwade positions in the following recording

    If he wants to crucify fellow conservatives who are currently leading in the polls of over 50% of the states in which we can already beat obama with Governor Huckabee but lose most with Mitt, he is free to do so, but not while trying to act high and mighty on his show and complaining about Governor Huckabee’s right to respond appropriately to his obvious hypocisy and wrong labeling of Governor Huckabee as a liberal progressive.

    Governor Huckabee has been consistently prolife profamily proschool choice and wanting to abolish the irs and get rid of as many taxes as possible while reducing the size of government and stopping the faucet of constant spending coming out of Washington.

    Back when he became Governor, the liberals screwed his door down literally so he would have no way of accessing his office while working as Governor. In every way, day after day , they attacked him and he still managed to get through so many tax cuts and strong conservative laws but with 90%+ of his State’s powers, he had to try to balance the budget while trying his best to avoid taking in money from the federal faucets, even if it meant taxing cigarettes to get to a better budget.

    Let’s stop crucifying our conservative heroes and support them this time around. If we give President Mike Huckabee a conservative TEA Party aligned congress, we will get some of the strongest job producing cost cutting measures we have been wanting for a long time! 2012 is our year if we will unite this time! Our call!

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