Monumental Attack Against Texas Conservatives

April 22, 2011 6:36 pm 3 comments

Texas Capital DomeThe House Redistricting Committee map plan (a.k.a., Solomons’ map) is a monumental attack that is meant to silence conservative voices in Texas for the next ten years to come.

The Solomons’ map eviscerates the conservatives, has nine pairings, and seven open seats. None of the House Redistricting Committee maps matches the message that conservative voters so clearly sent on Nov. 2010.

Even though Texans voted into office a supermajority of Republicans (mostly conservatives), the House Redistricting Committee map actually shapes some districts so that Democrats could more readily win rather than conservative Republicans who are in the Legislature right now.

Ironically enough, Rep. Burt Solomons (chair of the House Redistricting Committee) is a Republican appointed by Republican Speaker Joe Straus!

Please listen to this brief video in which Rep. Wayne Christian interviews Joe Nixon and his fellow attorney Trey Trainor. Nixon and Trainor are considered to be the best redistricting map experts in the entire United states and are authorities on the Voting Rights Act (VRA).

Nixon was the former Texas legislator who authored the tort reform legislation that has led to Texas being ranked #1 as the most business-friendly state in the United States.


Joe Nixon and Trey Trainor worked against the clock to produce a plan that passes Constitutional pre-clearance because it preserves past voter patterns across Texas.  The Solomons’ map does not do that.

The Nixon map reflects some pairings, but they are unavoidable because of population losses in several urban counties.

Over time, rural areas have increased the number of conservative members in the House; but Solomons’ map arbitrarily dilutes conservative strength which is diametrically opposed to the will of the majority of Texas voters.

The House redistricting maps will come to the House floor for a vote this Wednesday, April 27, 2011.  Meanwhile, the numbers and names on the redistricting maps keep changing in an attempt perhaps by redistricting members to confuse the public.  Final amendments to maps must be filed by Monday, 4.25.11, by 5:00 P. M.

I have been assured that whenever the final vote on the House floor occurs on Wednesday that there will be a clear distinction made between the map that reflects the Solomons’ Redistricting Committee provisions and the map that reflects the Nixon conservative map provisions — no matter what the final names and numbers might be on those maps.

Because of the Easter break, our time is short; but here is what all of us MUST DO this Monday and Tuesday:

1. Call as many of the Texas House members as possible, particularly our own Representative.

2.  Tell them to vote “No” on the Solomons’ redistricting committee map and “Yes” on the final version of the Nixon map.

3.  Clearly explain that you are going to hold your Representative personally responsible at the ballot box in 2012 for the way he votes on this issue and that conservative organizations all around the state who prepare voter scorecards have said they will weight Representatives on the way they vote on the final redistricting map.

4.  Also explain to your Representative why we conservative voters are distraught over what is happening in the House.

We conservatives elected a supermajority of predominantly conservative House members on Nov. 2, 2010; but 14 out of 17 members of the House Redistricting Committee appointed by Speaker Joe Straus are ranked 75% or below on the Young Conservatives of Texas ratings.

In fact, the average overall conservative rating of all 17 committee members is a pitiful 50%.  This fact alone substantiates why conservatives do not trust the Solomons’ Redistricting Committee map to reflect the wishes of the majority of Texas voters.

What do conservative Texans want?  They want a map that reflects conservative voting patterns, of course. No map being presented by Solomons’ House Redistricting Committee meets these standards.  That is exactly why the Nixon maps are being overwhelmingly endorsed by a majority of Texans.

House Redistricting Committee

(Young Conservatives of Texas ratings)

Burt Solomons – R — Chair – 70%

Mike Villarreal – D — Vice-Chair – 3%

Speaker Appts.

Robert Alonzo — 10%

Carol Alvarado – 7%

Jimmie Don Aycock — 87%

Dan Branch — 61%

Rob Eissler — 61%

Charlie Geren — 59%

Patricia Harless — 71%

Harvey Hilderbran — 77%

Todd Hunter — 68%

Jim Keffer — 55%

Jerry Madden – 70%

Aaron Peña — 29%

Larry Phillips – 90%

Joe Pickett – 17%

Marc Veasey — 20%

To view the map go to  Click on “select plans,” and select “base plan.” Please remember that the names and numbers are constantly changing.  The last amendments to the map are due by Monday, 4.25.11 at 5:00 P. M.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Capitol Office

P.O. Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768



Nacogdoches Office

202 E. Pillar, Room 209

Nacogdoches, TX 75961



Center Office

204 Houston Street

Center, Texas 75935




  • Kathleen Smith

    Vote no on Solomon’s.
    Vote Yes on the final Nixon’s redistricting map.

  • well, Does anyone find it interesting that Warren Christian is more concerned with the fact that he will have a more difficult reelection. The Solomon map will result in 90 very safe republican seats. Oh, they forgot to say that didn’t they. The map they are talking about will bring 96 to 99 seats. These seats will be weaker and more likely to swing democrat. They tried that back in 2003 when they tried for too many safe republican seats and ended up losing the marginal seats to the dems. Be careful who you listen to and get the information behind the scenes. This map that Christian is pushing will split up cities in the suburbs into multiple districts rather than keeping the “communities of interest” together. Don’t fall for this line.

  • Support the Nixon plan.

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