Did America Really Win The Cold War?

May 24, 2011 10:56 am 6 comments

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A couple of weeks ago, thanks to social media, I was able to reconnect with a bunch of my Army buddies. We were all stationed in Germany with the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (Toujours Pret) when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. Our mission prior to the wall falling was to patrol the Czech border while our sister unit, the 11th ACR, patrolled the East German border.

It was an amazing time to be in Germany. The West German government was giving the East Germans a few hundred Deutsche Marks every time they crossed the border to visit so that they would have money to spend. The highways were clogged with these tiny cars that ran on two-cycle engines just like your weed eater. For weeks the air was thick with the acrid smell of burnt oil hanging in the air.

Our base was less than an hour drive from East Germany or Czechoslovakia and on weekends, the tiny town of Bayreuth Germany (home of the famous composer Wagner) was flooded with people who had never known freedom. They wanted to buy anything and everything American; from Nike shoes to Levi’s jeans. It was hard not to get caught up in the emotional frenzy. Every time you turned on the radio the Wind of Change by the Scorpions was playing. The people were so friendly; they wanted to hug us, talk to us, and more importantly… buy us beers.

I have enjoyed sharing all these memories with my friends but it has also left me with a nagging question. Did America really win the cold war?

There is little doubt that global socialism is on the march and arguably at its peak. America is closer to becoming a socialist state than any time in her history. For the first time we have a president whose world view is more in line with Karl Marx than George Washington.

President Obama’s political career was launched in the living room of communist extremist and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. He has surrounded himself with more than forty Czars many of which profess to be Marxists and Maoists. In doing so he has been able to usurp Congress’ ability to perform its checks and balances on the executive branch because these czars report only to the president. Meanwhile there are cabinet members (that do report to congress) who still haven’t spoken to the president after more than two years in office.

President Obama’s Organizing for America hosted the One Nation rally in response to Glenn Beck’s, Restoring Honor Rally. Many of the organizations who co-sponsored the rally were openly socialist/communist and were proud to show their colors. Earlier this year when radical communist and former Obama Czar Van Jones and MoveOn.org held their Saving the American Dream Rally, the permit for the event was actually pulled by the International Socialist’s Union. Funny Van, I don’t remember the American dream being a socialist hell.

In Europe when Austerity measures were announced (deficit reduction) there were violent protests. With the exception of Germany and England it is a foregone conclusion that Europe has adopted socialism. Spain, Portugal, and Greece all teeter on the brink of solvency. Yet their citizenry, who have grown accustomed to the government teet, continue to demand more social programs. Meanwhile because of open borders they have lost all sense of national identity and are all on the brink of being overrun by muslims.

Brazil, one of the world’s emerging economies, has elected a woman president who was once imprisoned for attempting to overthrow the government. Recognizing that Dilma Rousseff is a good socialist, President Obama has given a multibillion-dollar subsidy to Petrobras (Brazil’s national oil company) while halting all U.S. drilling which has helped push gas prices to four dollars per gallon.

Of course Russia and their brand of “state controlled capitalism” (aka socialism) are beginning to flex its political muscles again. They are now in the top ten countries in Gross Domestic Product and continuing to climb. Russia continues to align itself with our enemies by providing nuclear weapon technology to Iran and selling missiles to Venezuela. Maybe we should have listened to Patton after WWII and rolled through Russia while we were in Europe.

And then there’s are friends the Chinese who know a thing or two about planned economies (another buzz word(s) for socialism). Proverbs 22:7 says that “the borrower is slave to the lender” and China owns nearly a trillion-dollars of America’s IOU’s. Sooner or later we are going to have to make good on that debt but Obama and congress continue to spend money like a bunch of drunken Bolsheviks.

Make no mistake about it America is nearing her tipping point. If we don’t take drastic measures to get our spending under control and return to the principals that founded our great republic, then like Rome, we too shall fall. This administration seems hell bent on crippling our economy by placing an insurmountable amount of red tape in the way of business. People that would have been tried for sedition a few generations ago now have offices in the white house. Perhaps we should have listened to McCarthy back in the 50’s because there’s no denying Hollywood, academia, and government have been thoroughly infected with the cancer of communism. The question is: is it too late to cut it all out?


  • “Did America Really Win The Cold War?”

    I was asking myself that very question back in the late ’90′s and into Y2K.

  • Perhaps the first and most important question to ask is not what should be done about the Marxists in the White House, but rather how it is that the party that is supposed to be their antithesis is instead complicit in their crimes? It is popular to refer to many mainstream Republicans as RINOs and to attribute their behavior to political power-lust, but these are intelligent people who have the best available information and still persist in supporting progressive socialization, suppression of private industry, endorsement of enviro-hoaxes and the compromise of our borders. The primary reason that we see international communist organizations brazenly operating in our midst can only be that the “loyal opposition” refuses to take a stand against them. Why?

    • It’s a good question, one that I doubt we’ll ever know the answer too. I think that there are many R’s who are really D’s that do that to win elections. We have a similar case where I live right now and I’m doing everything in my power to shed light on this cockroach.

      I think there are very few true constitutionalists left in America. The media machine along with our education system keeps the vast majority ignorant to what’s happening around them. They care more about American Idol and Dancing with the Stars than their own country. I believe this is by design.

      Our recent local elections saw voter turnout of less than 5% in many areas which is truly pathetic. We see Iraqi’s and Afgahn’s willing to risk their lives to vote but we’re too busy on a Saturday to spend five minutes to vote.

      It’s sickening!

  • The future of this country depends on those who are now 11 or 12 years old. With our current education system, pop culture, and media, I’m not overly optimistic. But, maybe it’s just because I live in NY.

    Great piece!

  • wow i did not know things where so bad in the U.S.A Government untill i read this.has made me look at it in a new light now. here i was thinking we had it bad where i live.,Australia. But u guys have it really bad. Gald i live where i do.

  • Ridicolous, economic liberalism is engulfing the world, corporation are bigger than ever and commands power like no other force before.

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