Governor Perry Signs Sonogram Bill, Bittersweet

May 25, 2011 3:29 pm 0 comments

Yesterday Governor Rick Perry ceremonially signed TX. Sonogram Bill HB15 with a private crowd cheering. I was in that room but my heart was not cheering.

Governor Perry said, “Every life lost to abortion is a tragedy we all must work together to prevent, and I commend Rep. Miller and Sen. Patrick for their hard work on this significant legislation. This important bill will ensure that every Texas woman seeking an abortion has all the facts about the life she is carrying, and understands the devastating impact of such a life-changing decision.”

Lots of thoughts are running through my mind right now.  Am I happy that by this sonogram bill someone might choose to let an innocent baby live? Absolutely I can rejoice for that one life.  Am I glad that now an abortion doctor will be forced to speak to his patient? Yes but I think there are loopholes that will allow the doctor to remain unseen. (For those wondering- doctors at Planned Parenthood have been known to only  come in after sedation, perform the abortion and never even say a word to the woman-before or after the abortion)

Clinic workers simply have to get the woman to sign a statement that she doesn’t want the sonogram or the information. They might be told they can opt out and save money on that sonogram too. There are so many ways to get around this law.

But my heart aches because a woman can still choose to end the life of her innocent baby after she sees that child in a sonogram.  Or she can opt out for any reason and still have an abortion. No one should have the right to kill a baby for their own convenience. How people can fight for the right to kill a baby is beyond my comprehension.  But the pro choice for death camp fought to keep women from viewing sonograms all the while saying they are for “choice”.  Simply put, their “choice” is only for death, not for the act of choosing or seeing information to make a real choice.

The sonogram bill may slow the process of abortions but babies are still dying at the wish of their mothers and the hands of blood thirsty “professionals”. Pro aborts will find a way, as all criminals do, to escape laws. And this sonogram bill makes it very easy to slide past it.

The sonogram bill leaves a huge hole.  Intentions were good but with the opt out doctors are not responsible and neither are the women seeking abortions. In all truth the women can still walk out not seeing and not hearing their baby. The following excerpt  pretty much says “all that we previously said can be thrown in the garbage”.

Sec.  171.0122.  VIEWING PRINTED MATERIALS AND SONOGRAM IMAGE; HEARING HEART AUSCULTATION OR VERBAL EXPLANATION.  (a)  Authorizes a pregnant woman to choose not to view the printed materials provided under Section 171.012(a)(3) after she has been provided with the materials.

(b)  Authorizes a pregnant woman to choose not to view the sonogram images required to be provided to and reviewed with the pregnant woman under Section 171.012(a)(4).

(c)  Authorizes a pregnant woman to choose not to hear the heart auscultation required to be provided to and reviewed with the pregnant woman under Section 171.012(a)(4).

(d)  Authorizes a pregnant woman to choose not to receive the verbal explanation of the results of the sonogram images under Section 171.012(a)(4)(C) if:

(1)  the woman’s pregnancy is a result of a sexual assault, incest, or other violation of the Penal Code that has been reported to law enforcement authorities or that has not been reported because she has a reason that she declines to reveal because she reasonably believes that to do so would put her at risk of retaliation resulting in serious bodily injury;

(2)  the woman is a minor and obtaining an abortion in accordance with judicial bypass procedures under Chapter 33, Family Code; or

(3)  the fetus has an irreversible medical condition or abnormality, as previously identified by reliable diagnostic procedures and documented in the woman’s medical file.

My pro life friends fought hard to get this bill passed. While I realize they accomplished some things there is much left to do.Yes it is proven that women who see their baby in a sonogram and /or hear the heartbeat will lean towards life for that baby. But those determined to have an abortion will still get one.

A pro life clinic director told me of a woman who after several abortions stated, “I’ll just think of it as an STD and get rid of it.”  This said while looking at the baby moving inside her and hearing the heartbeat. Seems like this woman was having to lie to herself to have the abortion. But the law still says killing your unborn child is OK.

When will everyone be ready to fight for Personhood? Only Personhood stands on equal rights for everyone, every human from conception. Jerome Le Juene, world renown geneticist stated that he “saw no difference in a human at conception and as an adult. They were and are human beings.” So why can’t everyone stand on that scientific truth?  When will there be NO exceptions?

If people will acknowledge the value of rape/incest babies and those with abnormalities then all life will have a chance.

There remains a group of people that are always discriminated against. This bill insults women who became pregnant through rape insinuating their babies are too hideous to see in a sonogram. It gives rape/incest mothers and mothers of babies with abnormalities the clause  to opt out of viewing a sonogram. When I testified before the senate committee hearing I showed two sonograms. One was of a rape child and the other was a “love child”. I challenged the committee to point out the rape baby. Dead silence was all I received. So what’s so horrible? It is the view of society against the baby conceived in rape.  Also the mother is again assaulted emotionally. Some even refer to her as the “incubator for a rapist”.  The focus should not be on the rapists but on the hurting mother at this point. Insults and punishment should be hurled at the perpetrator not the innocent mother and child.

I must thank all those who work diligently fighting to save babies. Thanks to The Justice Foundation who invited me to attend this invitation only meeting. I know that their heart is to save all babies.

I thanked Representative Sid Miller for his hard work and admired him greatly for having NO exceptions in his original bill. The look on Rep. Miller’s face said it all when I told him I was conceived in an 8 man rape. I could see that it pained him to have let me down. Unlike others who said I should “just be happy that it passed”, I could see Rep. Miller felt the pain of leaving any baby behind.

In Louisiana yesterday a battle for life was fought.  Insults were hurled by the pro choice for death camp saying that abortion was necessary  in cases of rape. Laura Mullen, an educator and poet for choice stated she “didn’t share the representative’s optimism about the good effects that the gene pool of rapists, potentially diseased rapists entering La.’s citizenry… seems a little peculiar.”  What an insult. Would she get by with saying bad things about any other minority? I absolutely know she could not.

This woman also stated boldly that she had an abortion to have “opportunity” to be what she is and “enlarge the family of artists and writers.”

Did anyone get that? She killed her own child so she could advance herself.

I think that is more than a little peculiar.

When are we going to stop tolerating the sacrifice of any human for the pleasure of another?

I am hoping that in two years when Texas goes back into legislative session we will enter the promised land. In two years it will be the 40th year anniversary of Roe vs Wade. We will see that death wall come down if we stand for nothing less that 100% life, Personhood. Moses trusted God, Joshua trusted God and Peter trusted God for awhile. Who will we be like? Moses and Joshua or Peter who lost faith and sunk!

Forty years walking around that mountain is long enough.

If you’re in it to win it I have some great ammunition.

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