Lies, Deception And Growing Conspiracy Theories

May 8, 2011 7:59 am 3 comments

Lies, deception and growing conspiracy theories. Sounds like a good title for a mystery novel doesn’t it ? Well unfortunately, the matter of the title of my blog article this week is that I have been tackling the on-going issue of governments and politicians who choose to present their citizens with so called facts when in reality, these so called “facts” are nothing but flat-out lies and deception.

For many years, especially in the USA, American’s have been duped and lied to over and over again from many a politician. It truly is sickening to me that some American’s continue to buy into government deception and wicked fable telling. Over and over again, we see heinous and evil hearted people being re-elected at the national level including Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Barney Frank and others much like them. Let’s face reality, these days because so many lies have come to light, conspiracy theories abound, unthankfully to the host of government lies and liars like the aforementioned here

You know Hitler during World War II had a man who was in charge of spreading rumors and lies. He was a most vicious man. Thats right- “vicious” and he was a liar also, his name was Joseph Goebbels. His title was correctly given to him as “Minister of Propaganda” as propaganda by definition is “ 1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. 2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc. 3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement. “(From Dictionary. Com) This definition is exactly what we get from most government American and other world leaders these days… “propaganda.” Why aren’t most American government officials given that title of “Minister Of Propaganda”? I mean It fits well for who and what they are, so why not make them use that title ? Let’s face it, It is very difficult to believe much of anything a government leader spews from their lips these days.

Being nearly 50 years old, I remember the days of “Tricky Dicky” Nixon and the Watergate scandal. Seems like this event occurred just yesterday to me. At the time, I really thought Nixon was the worst American President ever to lay hold of that office. Then came along Jimmy Carter and his liberal and wacky domestic as well as foreign policies(he’s still out there propagating his foolish ideas). When thinking back a little more, I remember when Carter was finally gone-voted out of office, many American’s gave a big sigh of relief-me included when that happened. I really thought American’s had learned a valuable lesson regarding swinging to far away from truth when Carter was gone and Ronald Reagan was elected. Although at the time I was relatively young, I remember seeing Mr. Regan elected. I had also at that time, seen and heard enough political non-sense up to that point in my life to already have open eyes and ears to the need for total truth in my personal and in hope for the same in other people’s lives. In fact I had seen so much waining of our American and local state’s government regarding truth, I decided to run for a State Senate seat myself.

Horror of horrors though was realized unfortunately once again when Americans voted for two full Presidential terms of William Clinton. He wasn’t in the White House that long ago, remember “Bubba” ? Here was a man who was impeached by the Untied States Congress for lying (perjuring himself) about having oral sex performed on him in the Oval Office. Along with the Clinton’s Presidency(Oh yes, Hillary gave plenty of aide and comfort to the enemy as well, so she is just as much to blame) came plenty of evil deception in which those who were brave enough to label the Clinton’s as anything but truthful, often wound up mysteriously dead. Some very serious questions regarding the mysterious deaths of so very many connected to the Clinton’s including Vince Foster still remain today.

Let’s fast forward in history up to our so called current President shall we ? Shall I take up writing 10 or twenty pages or more here logging all the lies Mr. Obama is credited ? Shall I take so much of my and our time and wasted ink to list all of the seemingly endless deception, lies and evil-destruction this man and his evil cohorts have relinquished upon America ? Shall I also write maybe 5 pages alone of Obama’s purposeful and evil violations of the U.S. Constitution, lies about his religion, his citizenship issues and more ? Shall I make notice of Mr. Obama’s incredible arrogancy when caught in his lies ? I think I have made my point well regarding Barry Soetoro here right ?

Beyond United States Presidents, there is so very much wicked deception involved in our government at every level these days. A person near my heart,(because of my situation of being a victim of a Filipina Migration Scam-Marriage Fraud and threats of murder against me by a police officer in Batavia NY, USA) that was murdered and I believe also her documentary film producer also murdered several months after her death, was Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer. Shortly before the time of her death, Senator Schaefer was heavily involved with exposing child kidnapping for profit by the US and State’s governments. In fact, she was working on a documentary film exposing a government run pedophile ring along with government sanctioned child kidnapping, when she was reportedly (by Georgia State Government Officials) murdered by her husband and then her husband taking his own life. The reason given by the Georgia State Bureau of Investigation for the so called “murder-suicide”? Supposedly, Senator Schaeffer’s husband Bruce had “cancer and was dying.” Guess what folks, it was later proven Nancy’s husband did NOT have cancer but the cover-up of Senator Schaefer’s death continues to this day. Just as wickedly evil of the Senator’s murder cover-up by government officials, is the continuing of the cover-up of government sanctioned pedophiles, corrupt judges, cops, lawyers, judges, CPS workers, Domestic Violence Workers, teachers, social workers, psychologists and others who are in America and world-wide involved in using children for evil and sick, twisted reasons. What really frustrates me is how almost all of the vast majority of our government officials deny and lie continuously about what is occurring to millions of children daily in our nation at the government or government agency directed hands. I hope I only need to remind you of the two judges who were finally caught doing such wicked things to kids in Pennsylvania

Congratulations America, look how far we have come( just a little sarcasm). We don’t hear truthful words calling “it like it is”any longer… no not at all, for we we have entered the age of devaluing truth and have become instead,“politically correct.” In other words, truth really doesn’t matter as long as a someone thinks or believes they can lie or hide the truth, it’s “all good.” Because we have effectively made truth something in our society other than what it really is(we now have replaced Biblical Truth with relativism), many in our national and states’ government’s as well as media outlets now choose to replace what truthful fact is, instead with terms like “character flaw”, “spinning”, and or “misguided.” This is all contrary to what God sees and describes in His Word, and is a very guile and a wicked thing(anyone in government or in America remember the 9th Commandment of the 10 Commandments from God ?). These P.C. terms are straight from Hell in my opinion and take us far from the truth of what truth really means especially in regards to guidance from God. In 2Corinthians 13:8 it states “For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” If we are really honest, we are truthful at all time and expose evil, not cover up evil as it would seem many American politicians and government agents so love to do at present. I want to remind all Christians and good Americans that we need to follow the Bible when it declares in Ephesians 5:11 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”

When we have taken Biblical Truth out of our society, we give ammunition to unnecessary conspiracy theorists and the devil. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there(gee, have you noticed ?) and they are growing for a good reason-mostly do to the amount of lies and deception by our government leaders and employees. Do I believe all conspiracy theories? No, absolutely not, but with our Government leaders involved in so much deception and telling of lies, it is nearly impossible to trust one word that peeps from their mouths.

Just who in the American system of government can we trust anymore ?


  • truth, is become what we can be persuaded it is, and/or what we are willing to believe. it has been redefined. sadly, there is no truth anymore. I don’t think we will ever hear the truth behind the lie of global warming as being a way to control and manipulate the populous…we just blindly accept it as truth..why? because they tell us it is…We no longer think anymore…we have been programmed to believe what they tell us, instead of question. Thomas Jefferson’s “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” has been substituted for being a rebel, a bigot, a racist, and an enemy of the state. voice your opinion to someone, and you will find yourself on the outside of circles, not considered an educated conversationalist. what has happened is nothing new, nothing that hasnt been tried before. protests and gatherings are looked upon as a bunch of losers, it yields very little productive change….because the press who covers them have only one agenda. Rewind back to the 60′s and look at the demonstrations and gatherings that were reported and how they were reported, and then fast forward to how they are reported today…if any even make the front page, you are lucky.we dont get news anymore. we get filled with informational junk. make a commentary in a tv station’s website chat room about real issues and you will be spurned as a radical idiot. as long as you are talking about the weather, who is doing well in american idol, you are ok. keep us occupied with informational junk ….keep us entertained, while the magicians who hold the keys to our lives steal it out from underneath our faces……”dont pay attention to that man behind the curtain”……just believe what they tell you. HOWS IT WORKING OUT FOR YOU!

  • the reason protests today yield little productive change not only is because who reports them…but also we live in a different time…after its over, we all go back home, and when all the dust settles, and all the “hoop l a” is over, its business as usual. you might as well have gone on a camping trip with your family, that would have done more for america than the protest.we have lost so much. we have become terribly busy just to take care of our homes….and that too i believe is by design. make life hard to live, and the people have no time for anything else….much less question or research truth. If we really knew the truth of anything happening today, there would be a revolution such as never seen in the world’s history…because its not only here in the states, its world wide deception.

    • You are right and we will never see true American freedom loving Americans be portrayed in a good light. So what do we do do nothing? NO, we move beyond the traditional media including Fox, and even beyond Rush. They both are great but its still a filter. We use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other forms of the new social media, the media that we the people can control. and lets not forget the blogs like this one. This is the new media and we need to use it and embrace it.

      The more we ignore the old and use the new the less relevant they become. We have the power its time we use it.

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