Terrorist Attack Fails To Kill 162 Innocent Civilians On Flight From Chicago. Will Obama Lawyer Him Up Too?

May 9, 2011 2:29 pm 9 comments

Rageit Almurisi holding a passport from Yemen and an American Green card, which if valid, would have made him eligible to become a United States citizen, was on American Airlines Flight 1561 with 162  civilian passengers, when he began a Mother’s day muslim terror attack! He walked by a flight attendant and started to try to open the cockpit door, pounding down with his shoulder to break through the door. The flight attendant tried to stop him but was pushed back. As he continued his attack, thank God a retired Secret Service agent and a retired police officer reacted quickly to subdue the man. Joined by another flight attendant and a uniformed pilot in first-class, they were able to overcome his terrorist plot on American soil and save 162 fellow passengers!  Fellow Brave neighbors, as Patriots, we salute you and thank you for stopping this muslim terrorist attack!

By the Grace of God and the work of fellow Brave Americans, the plane and the 162 passengers  landed safely at 9:12 p.m. This attack brings to mind another muslim who had been trained in Yemen for the Christmas day bombing on December 25, 2009. Then barak hussein obama, President of the United States, immediately told us that the muslim terrorist was acting alone. After being caught, the Yemen trained Nigerian muslim terrorist was talking and giving us valuable information about other terror targets and fellow muslim terror plots and training camps.

Unfortunately, hussein obama’s administration immediately made certain that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who had just tried to detonate explosives aboard Delta flight 253 over Detroit in the name of Islam, was lawyered up and quickly shut up. But obama insisted that this was an isolated incident and nothing to do with other terrorists. As days went by, we started learning back then, through some “bargaining” with muslim terrorist, there were many other terrorists that had been part of that failed plot to murder almost 300 innocents aboard that Christmas day flight!

When will we know if the failed terrorist attack on the flight from Chicago will be acknowledged by the liberals in our government as a terror attack or whether it will also be brushed off as an isolated non-terrorist attack?

Will the CIA or the Romanian or Polish police be allowed to use enhanced interrogation techniques to get all the information they can from Almurisi about his islamic inspiration or will he be lawyered up to shut up before we get valuable information to save lives of fellow Americans?  With obama now outrageously prosecuting brave American agents who gathered intelligence to save the lives of others through enhanced interrogation techniques, it is highly unlikely that he will allow us to do what’s needed to save lives! He will just go on more photo ops and try to take credit for the brave elite soldiers who took out osama.

Recall how he told the world that he had known it was osama in the compound from back in August of 2010, and he had personally tracked osama until he personally ordered the killing of osama? After news got out that he had no idea if osama was in the compound but only got confirmation after our troops took him out to face judgement before the LORD, On 5/8/2011, in an interview with 60 minutes, it was revealed that obama was now ready to change his story.

Yemen used to be a large Christian nation. In the last 300s A.D. Abdullah ibn ath-Thamir, who was also the chief of the Banu Horith, converted to Christianity and led his whole tribe to Christ. Over the next couple of hundred years, many in Yemen came to the LORD . When mohammad began his terrorist attacks on fellow neighboring nations, to force them to accept islam or die, a treaty was set up to protect Christians and nonmuslims near modern day Yemen. Unfortunately, despite some financially induced “taxes” to mohammad to keep his troops away from them, shortly after Muhammad’s death, all the Christians of Najran, near the Yemen/Saudi border, now on the Saudi side, were expelled from their homes. They were deported all the way to Mesopotamia, along with the Jews, when Umar ordered that only muslims were allowed to live in the area. However, some Christians and Jews apparently managed to come back after a while.

These days, there might be only 3,000 Christians, most of whom are just foreigners working in the country. Yemen’s islamic law does not support the alleged “religious freedom” promised by its constitution. Christians are arrested if they simply share their love in Christ with nonmuslims, and the permits for Churches keep them in check. Worst of all , when Yemeni citizens decide to follow God in Christ Jesus, they are tortured to recant their faith in God as Christians or executed with some let go after a period of intense tortures. Recently, Yemeni police have detained at least nine people this year for converting from Islam to Christianity, a security official said Tuesday. The nine were arrested between May and early August and remain in police custody even now! Converting from Islam to any other religion is illegal in Yemen and can be punishable by death.

Yemen has almost 21 Million people which are almost 100% muslim now (65% are Sunni Shaafi and 35% are Shiites). About 130,000-150,000 Jews left Yemen for Israel in the last century! Under islamic rule, touted by many as so tolerant and “religion of peace”, there have been many nonmuslims who have suffered greatly. Not too long ago, Christians families from Germany, Britain and Korea who were offering medical healing to those in need, were brutally murdered by faithful muslims. 3 and 6 years old littel girls, Lydia Hentschel and her younger sister Anna Hentschel, were rescued in a military operation, but there was no indication as to the whereabouts of the girls’ parents, Johannes and Sabine Hentschel, or the girls’ 2-year-old brother Simon, and the Briton, identified only as Anthony.

Please keep Christians in your prayers and pray that our citizens in the United States will soon vote for a government that will not appease muslim terrorists or cover up terrorist activities as “isolated incidents”. We need a government run by a President and Congress that understands the dangers of islam and sharia law. We want a government ready to take all legal action necessary to protect innocent Americans and fellow Christians worldwide! Through your prayers may our LORD grant us such a blessing soon.


  • HoboProjekt

    In this day and age, how can anyone in their right mind believe that this wasn’t a terrorist plot?

    0bama can say that it is some isolated incident. But after September 11, 2001 any muslim on a plane trying to crash, explode, run into things with said plane is an attempted terrorist plot.

    It really doesn’t matter if the guy was acting alone, wasn’t a card carrying member of Al Quida…. Or whatever.
    He was a muslim, trying to kill Americans.
    TERRORIST. Full stop.

    0bama really thinks that Americans are stupid and the sad part is, of those that are, and follow him are so vocal and loud that it would appear as though most Americans are that stupid.

    What is this country coming to anyway? It is really sad.

  • Sadly even foxnews reported this as “unruly passenger disturbs flight”. Seems AP and all news agencies are purposefully covering up this terrorist attack and our article is the only one at time of publication that was calling this what it was: a Mother’s day muslim terrorist attack. We have now discovered from two eye witnesses (one being Arab speaking) that the muslim terrorist was indeed shouting allahuakbar as he went down the aisle and tried to take down the plane by breaking through the cockpit door.

    Seems the TSA was too busy searching 6 year old girls to worry about this muslim terrorist getting on. It’s time we start a program similar to El-Al airlines which has kept terrorists from starting an attack on their planes for many decades. Not even ONE terrorist has succeeded in getting on air with El-Al while we have had way too many lives lost as we had on 9/11 and in all these many attacks. El-Al does profile suspected muslim terrorists like any good security system should, but for some reason there are ultra liberal factions in our country starting from the top in the executive and legislative and judicial branch members that prefer to “not offend” muslim terrorists while searching 75 year old Patriots and touch 6 year old American girls, rather than identify these high profile potential terrorists before they get on a flight!

    We have to get someone like Lt. Col. Allen West or Herman Cain to lead the charge to change our policy to identify our enemy as “islam”, rather than defend islam as “religionofpeace”.

    With 1388 years of recorded muslim terrorist attacks beginning with its founder mohammad, there is no doubt left in the minds of those who have studied islam and its history, that faithful muslims are trying to fulfill the prophecies calling for the subjugation or eradication of all nonmuslims from the planet!

    We must start voting for the right candidates and take our country back or our open borders and policies will cause too many muslim terrorists to succeed costing even more lives than the last 16,000 muslim terrorist attacks by faithful muslims since 9/11.

    Our readers can find out about those on this website: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com and also look for many of the ideologies motivating terrorists on http://www.jihadwatch.org as well as keep up with our posts on the Patriot Statesman with breaking news stories like this one!

  • Load of horse****.

  • A friend just sent me an update from AP now confirming what we reported on this muslim terrorist attack: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/05/10/yemeni_man_yells_allahu_akbar_while_banging_on_cockpit_door.html The eyewitness report and picture confirm what was BREAKING NEWS from Patriot Statesman!

  • Thanks Aisha some people are to foolish to see the truth

  • foxnews did release this blunderous news as just an “unruly passenger disruptnig flight” http://video.foxnews.com/v/4685828/can-president-obama-really-protect-us/#/v/4685808/unruly-passenger-disrupts-flight/?playlist_id=87937 , but they provided an “updated” video on how awful it was for muslims to be discriminated against http://video.foxnews.com/v/4686672/imams-not-allowed-on-planes/

  • to the comment poster above, you are absolutely right

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