Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Barack Hussein Obama, Is Empowering Muslim Terrorists

May 3, 2011 5:28 pm 3 comments

According to those who awarded Hussein Obama with his Nobel “Peace” prize, he was given this “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”!  Obama has now murdered more 12 year old grandchildren and fired more missiles for alqaeda than all other American Nobel Peace Prize Winners Combined.

As Republican congresswoman Michelle Bachmann stated in her interview today:

Obama’s LEADING FROM BEHIND strategy is empowering muslim terrorists!

Obama is empowering muslim terrorists to take over oil powers that will continue to increase our gas prices, while empowering alqaeda & Hezbollah aligned muslim terrorists to fund more terrorism against our own soldiers.

(minute 10:04)

It’s so sad to watch Fox News lose its “fair and balanced” perspective these days as they try to justify what Hussein Obama is doing in his support of Al-Qaeda in Libya. In almost every report coming out of foxnews, there is constant support and false justification for supporting the same muslim terrorists that blew up our own soldiers over and over again. Sadly all the other mainstream media had already abandoned fair journalism as they supported muslim terrorist takeovers in Egypt, Tunisia, and all around the muslim world. Now they refuse to lead their news stories with obama’s hypocrisy as he enters us into another front beside Afghanistan with no justification at all and with no congressional approval!

Nobel peace prize winner Hussein Obama is authorizing murder of little children with our cruise missiles with no justification except possibly empowering muslim terrorists abroad.

Ask someone today “What are we doing in Libya?”, and you’ll get a blank stare.

Hussein Obama’s own Defense secretary was asked why are we in Libya and he could not say why. He told us there is no American national interest in attacking Libya’s government and they pose no threat to our national defense. Democratic party Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is right that hussein obama’s actions are an impeachable offense, because obama unilaterally began attacking a foreign government without even getting authorization from our Congress.

We now have killed more Libyan civilians and their children in order to protect one small village that was infested with alqaeda aligned muslim terrorists. Therefore even the false attempt to justify obama’s war as “establishing a no fly zone” to protect Libyan citizens holds no muster with sound minded citizens.

Why are we fighting for Al-Qaeda operatives who distributed IEDs and openly supported acts of terrorism on our own brave men and women in the armed forces? Unfortunately, obama is now not alone in his warmongering. Democratic party Senate leader Robert Conrad and Rino (Republican in name only) Lindsey Graham are also showing no remorse and openly joining obama’s plan to murder another nation’s leader. By Lindsey Graham’s own judgement standards, he is not a legitimate senator anymore since he is openly supporting the murder of innocent civilians with no remorse. As lindsey said about Ghadaffi, ”He is not a foreign leader. In my view, he is not the legitimate leader of Libya.” He continued: “Ghadaffi should be brought to justice or murdered.” How would lindsey respond if China’s leaders called for his assassination?

Republican Governor Mike Huckabee was right in calling out the islamic inspiration behind terrorism 

Lt. Col. Allen West, Republican congressman from Florida, is right to challenge Hussein obama’s strategy when he asks ” Are we trying to protect civilians from 30,000 feet?” As someone who spent 22 years in the military and now a member of the congressional armed services committee, why was Lt. Col. Allen West and Congress not consulted before Hussein Obama started a unilateral war on Libya? President Bush had more than twice the commitments in his alliance when he attacked Afghanistan and Iraq after we were attacked on 9/11 by faithful muslims, but the media repeated the mantra that his decision was a unilateral decision from a “warmonger”.

If that was “warmongering” for President Bush, what is Hussein Obama…A raving lunatic muslim aligned madman in charge of the world’s military powers!

He has obviously fired more cruise missiles and murdered more innocent children than all other American Nobel Prize winners combined. During the campaign, hussein obama kept saying that Iraq was a distraction from the center of terrorism in Afghanistan. So what is Libya now?

46 Trillion dollars in spending plans, more than all other presidents combined, and somehow Hussein Obama manages to find new ways to throw money down the drain with cost of $1,500,000 per missile shot at Libya. Gas prices have gone from $1.70/gallon to $5/gallon and obama is empowering muslim terrorists to take charge of more oil fields while refusing to allow American companies to drill for oil on our soil.

It’s time for our troops to be called away from Libya and for obama to be voted out of office!


  • I haven’t been a huge Huckabee supporter to date, but that second video sure makes him look good up against BHO.

  • It’s like this.. the emperor is NAKED, folks!

  • Veritas Parit Odium

    To ALL True Patriots of America, there is but ONE man with the strength of Character, Honour and Integrity to be CIC , and that is Allen West, He KNOWS the enemy that lives within the borders of America, He KNOWS the enemy that brave Soldiers fight against in Afghanistan, and above all he is a God Fearing Christian Man and a Conservative Republican, This man has all the leadership qualities needed to save America from destruction from within … Go West 2012…
    By the way, the non de plume Means Truth Begets Hatred in Latin ….

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