Remembering The First American Military Warriors Who Fought Against Islamic Terrorists From 1801-1805

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“From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, we fight our country’s battles, in the air, on land, and sea.”- Official Hymn of the U.S. Marine Corps. Have you ever wondered what is Tripoli doing in our Marines’ official hymn? On this memorial day, let us remember those who gave their lives that we might be free from muslim terror!

Ambassador Thomas Jefferson had a wake up call the day he met with muslim leaders. Thomas Jefferson asked why are muslims attacking American ships when we are doing nothing to incite any form of violence. To his shock, he recorded the following words spoken by the muslim ambassador Abd Al-Rahman: “it was written in the Qur’an, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged the authority of mohammad were sinners, that it was the right and duty of every muslim to make war upon nonmuslims they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Muslim who should be slain in battle was believed to go to Paradise.”

Remember there was no Israel nation at this point and there was no American military bases in Saudi Arabia to blame these muslim terrorist attacks. All America wanted to do was to pass by the open seas and engage in fair trade. Even liberal PBS McNeil/Lehrer reported one day on America’s first war by President Thomas Jefferson against the muslim terrorists.


To the surprise of many in our modern liberal and libertarian false worlds, our nation formed its first national Navy and united beyond individual States to a national force, due to muslim terrorist attacks at the foundational years of our nation. The founders of our nation believed that we needed to be united against the threat of islamic terrorism or we would fall as divided States.  Muslims were terrorizing Americans by forcefully boarding American ships and beheading our men and enslaving our women and children. Americans were being sold in the open muslim market.

When they offered America an option to pay a nonmuslim tax of up to 1 million dollars per year so they would “allow” us to sail without their attacks on our ships, sadly, John Adams agreed to pay the bribe according to the European model of that day. At one point, up to 20% of our national budget was dedicated to paying off muslim terrorists. Thomas Jefferson argued that the more you pay a terrorist, the more he’ll demand. When he became President, he called on our brave Marines and Navy to go overseas and kick the butt of those muslim terrorists who were ruthlessly attacking our American citizens. {Jefferson used the common colloquialism of his day for this.}


Muslims made the grave mistake of believing that a small nation just formed would not have the power to fight the muslim powers overseas. By the Grace of God, The LORD granted our Marines and Navy great victories and the muslim powers were forced to return several hundred American women children and men. Unfortunately, our first treaty sadly stipulated that America would agree to pay $60,000.00 for these “slaves”.  President Jefferson tried to call it “tribute” instead of “ransom”, but rightly, William Eaton remained strongly opposed to the State Department diplomat Tobias Lear on this important matter. By 1807, Muslims began to attack American ships once again and terrorize our citizens abroad. In 1815, Commodores William Bainbridge and Stephen Decatur led our military victories to force muslims to sign ending all “nonmuslim” tax payments by the United States to faithful muslims and that finally put a stop to the muslim attacks on our citizens for a long time.

However, Thomas Jefferson knew the danger of islam was not over. He secured the great Naval Hero rear Admiral John Paul Jones to try to fight off the muslims in Constantinople and return Constantinople to the Christians who had been attacked by muslim ottoman forces and overtaken after several hundred years of failed attempts by previous muslim rulers to attack the peaceful Christians. In an article on this important Naval officer, we read:

John Paul Jones, Father of The American Navy: he engaged in his most famous battle: the Battle of Flamborough Head.  The battle took place against the British warship called the HMS Serapis.  It was a long battle that Jones nearly lost, but he continued to fight until the very end.  His ship on fire and sinking, he refused to give up.  When the commander of the Serapis asked him about surrendering, instead of giving the idea any thought, he quickly replied with his famous line “I have not yet begun to fight!”

You can imagine the surprise of the British commander, seeing as the American ship was already in a bad state.  But Jones was true to his word, he had not begun to fight.  After uttering that reply, he was able to overcome the enemy and actually captured the Serapis.

To illustrate the extent of the damage to the Bonhomme Richard, Jones’ crew tried for almost two days to salvage their vessel, but it was in vain.  it was determined that the damage suffered during battle was too great and the ship was left to sink.  Jones took command of the Serapis and then made the journey back to France.  He was a hero in France and America, receiving awards and titles for his valor.

To read more about the record of islamic terrorists attacking our citizens long before we struck oil in Saudi Arabia, you can read a 600 page book by military reserve officer, American-born historian, Michael Oren entitled : Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present

Many of our brave men and women have sacrificed their lives fighting off muslim terrorists. On this Memorial day, let’s honor their memory by remembering this battle did not begin by us, but it started in the last 1700s against our nation. Prior to that it had started in the beginning of islam by mohammad the false prophet of islam. It has continued for over 1388 years. May this generation be the final generation that allow the terror of islam to be passed on to the next generation!


  • Eleanor Driver

    This report should be sent to Fox News; that’s the only network which will broadcast this information and get Anerica truthfully informed!

    • Fox news is a Zionist supported media who is still below the rest of the world in reporting the crimes against the American people. They act conservate when in fact they are more left than center.

      • That is untrue…it is real easy to say thing that are untrue. Can you put up the evidence?

        I suppose you also think CNN and the other left wing meda outlets are a better choice.

    • Roger Anderson

      They sure would because like this blog they too are a propaganda machine. You people are truly sick

  • How do we get stories as important as this one to be picked up by the major media outlets who are censoring out these important historical facts, when AP & Reuters keep propagating the lie that islam is supposed to be a religion of peace?

    It is obvious that historically before anyone could try to pin the blame on America’s presence in the Middle East or on the existence of the nation of Israel, that muslims were raping our women & children while enslaving them as booty because it was taught in the qur’an that nonmuslims are to be properties open to be abused by faithful muslim men!

  • The muslims have been trying to subjugate the world to their “religion” for thousands of years. The Spanish threw them out of Spain in 1492 just before funding Columbus voyage to the New World.

    If we can break the will and change the culture of feudal Japan; a culture that is much older and more homogenous than that of the Middle East, then we can break the muslim will to fight us. We just have to be willing to use overwhelming force and crush them on the battlefield. If their mullahs are hunted down for inciting violence then they will stop preaching it. If we can convince their youth that they can live out their lives as peaceful muslims, or bring them to Christ, then this violence would stop. We can either utterly destroy their society and leave them no choice but death or capitulation; or give them something to hope for other than the mad words of the wahabii mullahs. I prefer a peaceful solution but whichever one works to preserve our society then so be it.

    • Mike Travis

      D Meche
      sadly, you are mistaken. why? Because the Japanese aggression was led by militarists who stole and abused the traditional values of Bushido to force their own agenda on the Japanese people. Islam is a totally different case as they are not perverting their ideology when they murder and enslave people. They are simply following the dictates that form the foundational principles upon which islam exists namely, all the world must either submit to islam, live as slaves and be taxed, or die.

      The point is so long as the ideology of islam exists at all, there will never be an end to their quest for global domination. The ONLY answer to solve the problem permanently is to eradicate the very concept of islam from the entire earth. It does not necessarily require that every adherent be eliminated, but it does require that islam as an ideology not be allowed to exist. That no books on islam be allowed to exist. That anyone who attempts to revive islam be imprisoned.

      It is not pleasant, but it is the only way that civilization will ever be rid of the threat that the existence of islam poses to the world.

      • why did the white man go to Africa to enslave the black afican and using them as selling them as slaves and doing the same and raping the black African women. when they captured them by a net to drag them off to there ships. were they muslims too or did they have any kind of religion?

        • Edward, it was muslims who sold africans into slavery. Do some research and learn the truth.

        • the truth about the slavery of Africans is for every slave in America there were 10 in Brizil for every slave in the western hemisphere the Muslim nations had 100 in the west the slaves we allowed to marry and to have children in Muslim nations the male slaves were castrated the women slaves were used as sex objects and servants I they become pragnant they and the child were both killed male slaves were forced to fight for Muslims in war

        • Kathleen A Nobile

          you are an idiot liberal…. no conversing with your type.

    • Yes, you are correct…”break the will of the people”….which is what we did in WWII by carpet bombing Europe, levelling Japan…….this is what is needed now. Yes its horrendous…..but the threat is real and it will never go away by talking.

  • Some of the capitalization needs to be corrected. “Muslim” and “Islam” do get capital letters. “Memorial Day” is the holiday. It’s “Mohammed”, “Ottoman”, etc.

    Interesting that in our treaty with Tripoli, we acknowledged that our war was not against Muslims per se, and that the USA was not a “Christian” nation.

    Another interesting nugget about this incident was that Jefferson wasn’t sure he had the Constitutional authority to send the troops to Tripoli, so he sent them and waited until they were unable to be contacted before he notified Congress.

    • what about the fact that John Paul Jones died in 1792, 9 years before Jefferson even became president. There is no way that he could’ve summoned Jones to lead the Marines if he was DEAD.

      • or eve if this were somehow true – which thanks to Linda, we know it is not – “However, Thomas Jefferson knew the danger of islam was not over. He secured the great Naval Hero rear Admiral John Paul Jones to try to fight off the muslims in Constantinople and return Constantinople to the Christians” Why would America be fighting a religious war in Turkey?

      • That’s why the article refers to him as Ambassador and not yet president, Linda.

  • Yes, sadly the mood of politicians at that time was to follow the European model and continue to bankrupt our nation by paying up to 20% of our budget to appease muslim terrorists.

    President Jefferson is often touted by libertarians as the model to follow because they falsely teach that he would be against us sending troops overseas to attack muslim terrorists.

    President Jefferson’s work in getting our great Naval hero John Paul Jones to try to overthrow the terrorist islamic regime of the ottoman empire should also be helpful in understanding Jefferson’s views of islamic rule of Constantinople and other Christian nations.

    This article reveals historical truths that should forever debunk the libertarian and liberal myths promulgating our modern accounts of President Jefferson; although I suspect, some will simply start modifying their position to continue down the path of self destruction.

    It is interesting that when America’s first muslim congressman used the Jefferson qur’an, no major media outlet led with the historical reality that Jefferson held strong anti-islamic views due to his personal encounter with muslim leaders calling for the enslavement by muslims of all nonmuslims. Jefferson’s qur’an confirms this truth about the motivation of faithful muslims when they attack nonmuslims.

    And certainly this article provides another historical reality check for those who have bought into the false propaganda by CAIR, osama bin laden and Ron Paul, promoting the false arguments that it is because America has troops stationed overseas or because Israel has become a nation, that muslims are terrorizing the world.

    Memorial day should be capitalized. Thanks.

    mohammad is the correct transliteration of the arabic word but some do have it as muhammad. Not sure how “Mohammed” became popular? Either way gets the point across clearly enough!

    Often islam, ottoman, mohammad NOT capitalized by purpose since they represent evil that does not deserve respect of those of us committed to the belief that our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness was given by our Creator. These rights have been trampled upon by mohammad and his followers for too many centuries! Sometimes I mistakenly have them capitalized in the beginning of a sentence or in a quote :-) !

  • Aisha,
    Can you expand on your claim that Jefferson got John Paul Jones to attempt to remove the Ottomans from Constantinople? I understand that Jones was under the employ of Russia at the time. How did Jefferson facilitate this? Jones entered the service of Catherine in 1788, before Jefferson’s tenure as President or Secretary of State. Jefferson was the ambassador to France at this time, I believe. I would just be interested in hearing more of the story! Thanks!

  • Woody Bailey

    Stephen Decatur not John Paul Jones. The statement by the Tripoli envoy is factual however.

  • the barbary war was instigated by an attack. and, they cut down the flagpole in a declaration of war. therefore, it was an appropriate response to retaliate. you cannot use this as justification for the pre-emptive wars of today. we are no longer attacking the people who attacked the twin-towers. we have move on to another group. the only guilt found in the people we are now attacking is that they have the same mindset as the attackers. how can we wage war on someone because we disagree with their philosophy. they haven’t attacked us. they may be in staunch agreement with those who did attack us, but that is not an act of war. we are the aggressors in the war on terror.

  • To be the aggressor means to be the one to initiate an aggression. Therefore you are incorrect in stating we are the aggressors. The Muslims who attacked us on 9 /11 were the aggressors. In responding to that act of terror that killed thousands of innocent civilians by going to the very root which is the terrorist training camps hiding behind the borders of governments sympathetic to their cause of killing Americans we are simply protecting ourselves by preventing another attack. The very act of the aggression that Muslims promote against America and is considered holy war is even given the name Jihad. How can the act of preventing such horrendous attacks such as 9/11 be considered aggression. Have we already forgotten?

    • Mike Travis

      Muslims have been the aggressors since mohammed made his first raid on caravans to provide “booty” and slaves to his followers, and to fund his plan for expansion. The only times they have not been attempting to conquer lands was when they perceived their forces were inadequate to do so.

      Their ideology calls for global domination by any means necessary. Lying is allowed (taqqiya), slavery is called for and still exists today, rape is condoned, child molestation is condoned, wife-beating is accepted, polygamy is condoned, murder of apostates is the only option for those who leave islam, murder of family members is condoned to uphold “honor” (sick), killing an “infidel” is acceptable, extermination of the Jews is called for, and the list goes on.

  • I must be confused by the timeline here. John Paul Joes died in 1792. How did Jefferson commission him to fight in the early 1800s? Or did I misunderstand that timeline?

  • Found this whole piece very interesting, but the following paragraph may clear some of the confusion up:
    “At one point, Jefferson hoped that John Paul Jones, naval hero of the Revolution, might assume command of a squadron that would strike fear into the Barbary pirates. While ambassador in Paris, Jefferson had secured Jones a commission with Empress Catherine of Russia, who used him in the Black Sea to harry the Ottomans, the ultimate authority over Barbary. But Jones died before realizing his dream of going to the source and attacking Constantinople. The task of ordering war fell to Jefferson.”

  • Stuart Hunkins

    I pretty much do the 10 things listed here (except meditation) but I have this boss that is threathening my career and causes me so much anxiety that I have to take medication because I may no have a job and be able to provide for my family. I have done all he asks me to do but he is never satisfied. I will probably lose my job because of the power he has over me.Peace is hard to find.

  • Mawloud Ould Daddah


  • I have always lived by Stephen Decatur’s famous toast: “My country right or wrong. May she ever be right, but my country right or wrong!” This is despised by liberals as being too extreme and jingoistic, but I am of the opinion there is no such thing as being jingoistic, especially noe with the devil at our throats.

  • Where it is claims to be fact of the Marines and Navy were formed during the Jefferson day’s is incorrect.
    The Navy( Continental Navy, 1775-1783) was formed 13 October, 1775, and the Marines were formed,10 November, 1776.. After the War for Independence, Congress sold the surviving ships and released the seamen and Officers. The Constitution was ratified in 1798, empowered Congress “To provide and maintain a Navy” Acting on this authority, Congress ordered construction of six Frigates in 1794. The Department of the Navy was established 30 April, 1798.
    P.S. To the author, next time, research before you spew misinformation.

  • Awesome About time we came across information rather than all the hate for Americans for protecting the nation Great article and right up!

  • There are a few errors and omissions:
    Thomas Jefferson was President during the First Barbary War; James Madison during the Second Barbary War.

    Thomas Jefferson, as ambassador to France, recommended John Paul Jones to Russian Czarina Catherine the Great for her Navy. As a Rear Admiral in the Russian Navy, he fought and won the Battle of Liman against the Turks in 1788. This predated both Barbary Wars.

    As Jones died in 1792, he did not take part in either of the two Barbary Wars.

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