Romneycare Is Bankrupting Massachusetts – A Lesson On The Dangers Of Obamacare

May 25, 2011 6:34 pm 1 comment

Romney continues to defend his plan, but new report shows romneycare costs grew by 600% from 2007 to 2010, adding 1.3 billion dollars of additional expenses to the already troubled eonomy in MA. When Romney left office he had already added 1 billion dollars in debt and 700 million dollars in new taxes under the guise of “fees”.  Last year alone, romneycare cost 700 Million dollars for only 6.5 million people in the entire State of Massachusetts. Now, MA is in debt by 20 BILLION DOLLARS THAT IT CANNOT PAY!

And that’s not the only real cost, since Cato institute already busted Romney by uncovering the fact that 20% of the cost of romneycare comes from the federal government through medicaid. With 311 Million citizens in United States, romney’s socialized medicine inspiration for obamacare will end up bankrupting the nation and we won’t have anyone else to pay the extra costs for our federal costs.

Romney’s press entourage also like to hide the fact that he was in bed with diehard liberal socialist lifetime democrats when he came up with “his” romneycare idea. Who was the brain behind romneycare? Liberal professor Jon Gruber. “Thinking back, Gruber can’t help but gush. ‘I’m a Dem through and through, but Romney really knocked my socks off, I thought, here’s a guy who knows how to get things done.” Of course, now that Mitt Romney is flip flopping by trying to fool the voters to give him the GOP mantle through acting like he is against obamacare, his old diehard liberal buddy Jon is not as excited about Romney anymore.


As for the results of romneycare, cost of insurance skyrocketed. Individuals now pay an extra $480 for the same coverage than the national average, while families pay an extra $900 more for insurance in MA compared to what they would pay on average in other states.

When the liberal politicians start a new program, they sell the public on all the supposed benefits. When they don’t deliver as promised, they’ll win elections based on media coverups. Instead of being held accountable, the left wing media centers will attack all opponents who try to be fiscally responsible like they did in NY recently. In case of Romneycare, he promised to reduce costs with socialized medicine through government controls, and MA residents got snookered. Due to cost overruns, now politicians will decide who dies and who lives in MA.

Romneycare’s 2 main components of universal coverage and personal mandates are exactly why obamacare will hurt everyone and not help those in need when they start rationing coverage through politician governed death panels. As reported in the Washington Examiner, in a February 2007 speech, Romney said, “If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing it, then that will be a model for the nation.” Now Romney wants to use the libertarian argument to ask voters to ignore what he did and what he said, since it was only a State plan. Some libertarians will fall for anything from state controlled pimps to state controlled drug lords, but even the strongest libertarians are having a hard time buying into Romney’s federalism argument.

Back in 2007, many of us saw through Romney as he was recorded online with flip flops on abortion showing how he was almost in tears on why he was proabortion and would never stop committing himself to laws that legalize the murder of little children. But when he wanted to campaign in Utah in 2001, he had an overnight epiphany that he was not proabortion anymore. But when he wanted to go back to MA in 2002, he again switched to becoming strong proabortion advocate, but yet again, when he started his thoughts on fooling us to become the GOP Presidential nominee in 2004, he magically declared himself as becoming prolife. But in 2005, he was caught promoting his own proabortion stance once again.

He was also adamant back then, that he wanted nothing to do with Ronald Reagan or being connected in anyway with Ronald Reagan, but when he started to run for Presidency, he began tooting the Reagan horn in front of some gullible voters.

In 2008, no matter how much Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and so many on foxnews commentators promoted flip flop Romney, those of us who had seen his own ultra liberal views, knew that he would bea better sidekick with obama, than an alternative conservative candidate. Once again, some have begun touting Romney as the only GOP choice. Before buying into deceptive marketing techniques, realize one of the most important rules of true marketing: If you don’t deliver on your promise, your marketing will work strongly against you!

No matter how many millions of dollars romney is able to siphon to advertising on major media tv outlets and talk show radio hosts, we the voters must keep our discernment hat on, so we are not so easily duped by candidates promoting failed policies like government controlled abortions and “healthcare”!

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