Ron Paul: If I Were President, We Would Not Have Gone After Osama Bin Laden

May 13, 2011 6:42 am 12 comments

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In a stunning display of ignorance of islamic terrorist history, Ron Paul has now openly condemned all of us who supported our Navy Seals’ action against mohammad imitating mass murdering monster osama bin laden! This is exactly the kind of talk and action that allowed adolf hitler to come to power while we stayed out of the fight. When we finally got in, adolf was so much more powerful than his beginnings, that millions of brave American and allied soldiers had to give their lives for us to continue to breathe free from world conquering nightmare allied with the muslim world!

Over 1 Million people have already seen this video.

But it might be time for Ron Paul to take a view and open his mind to the barbarism that is taught to children of islam. Or maybe we can show Ron Paul how 50,000,000 Christians have died at the hands of muslims in recent history?

For 1388 years, islam has been trying to fulfill mohammad’s prophecy that calls on all muslims to force islam down the throats of every nonmuslim nation! Today, we have one muslim nation who has 100 nuclear powered missiles and they were hiding osama bin laden. Libya, sadam hussein, and many other muslim nations have been trying hard to get nuclear , biological and chemical weapons so they can use it against our people. On our own soil in the State of Texas, we caught a muslim man who was building a chemical weapon with intent to use it against fellow Texans.

While our strategy is flawed in allying ourselves with muslim nations who are empowering terrorists with our own money, and we would do well to finally identify islam as the inspiration behind 9/11 and thousands of other terrorist acts in recent history, it is truly a most isolated close minded person who would believe that if we only close down our military bases overseas and stopped fighting even a “war on tactics of terror”, that islam would be no threat to us.

In the news story from Ron Paul’s interview on a talk show:

“It was absolutely not necessary,” Paul said of the May 1 CIA-led Navy SEALs raid.

The Texas congressman questioned whether Obama could have gotten away with the operation if Usama bin Laden had been in a country other than Pakistan.

“What if he had been in a hotel in London?” Paul said on Newsradio 1040 WHO. “So would we have sent the … helicopters into London because they were afraid the information would get out? No, you don’t want to do that.”

Does Ron Paul truly think that our ally England is the same as Pakistan who was hiding and moving osama bin laden? Does Ron Paul not know about the muslim million man march in Pakistan calling for the murder of a Mom who simply did not want to become a muslim? Is Ron Paul not aware of the final words of martyrs like Shahbaz Bhatti who dared to simply question sharia law’s use against so many innocent Christians?

I think even the most ardent Ron Paul supporters see how this representative’s foreign policy position would put our country in even graver danger! While it’s good that Ron Paul wants to also shut down the IRS like Herman Cain and Governor Huckabee do, and that he supports financially astute policies like Michelle Bachmann and Paul Ryan do, but what good would it do if we had a lot of money in the bank and lost our children to faithful muslims?

In 2012, we have much better options for President like Herman Cain, Lt. Col. Allen West, Michelle Bachmann and Governor Huckabee. Fiscally conservative policies must also promote a strong national defense or we will have nothing left to defend!


  • More details on Ron Paul’s specific words reveal a sad position for Ron even as he is trying to become President of United States:

    “Paul also told WHO’s Simon Conway that the mission “absolutely was not necessary”:“I don’t think it was necessary, no. It absolutely was not necessary,” Paul said during his Tuesday comments. “I think respect for the rule of law and world law and international law. What if he’d been in a hotel in London? We wanted to keep it secret, so would we have sent the airplane, you know the helicopters into London, because they were afraid the information would get out?”

    For one thing, had we found him holed up in London, we would have been able to trust the British intelligence service to cooperate. MI-5 didn’t spend more than a decade helping to build up the Taliban and playing footsie with radical Islamists the way Pakistan’s ISI did, primarily as a bulwark against India. Moreover, as Paul should know, we tried trusting Pakistan once before on an opportunity to target bin Laden when Bill Clinton had a chance to target his compound. The ISI warned bin Laden, …read more at

  • AishaFoda,

    Unfortunately you did not get the premise of your piece right, Ron Paul has been in favor of, and voted for, going after OBL, he was just being critical on the procedure that Obama used. In his interview on Good Morning America today he specifically says “I have no qualms about getting him. I’m delighted he’s gone.” Here’s the video to the full exchange:

    I’m not sure of the specifics you mean in that “we” stayed out of fight while Hitler came to power, but we did in some areas, such as the near 3/4 of a trillion dollars (in todays value) that we gave to allies as part of the Lend-Lease program. Also do not forgot the volunteer service that many US airmen made to fight with the allies.

    Ron Paul understands there is a threat from radical Islam, and he will always be in support of a strong defense and going after any attackers. He is a strong supporter of the Christian Just War doctrine.

    I do have some questions for you, as you seem well versed in the issue of radical Islam perhaps you can answer.

    . How pervasive do you see the desire for Muslims to force Islam down others’ throats? Can you give a rough estimate of a head count of how many Muslims are active in this vs how many don’t care? What data are you relying upon to make this determination?

    . What do you suggest as a plan of action against this threat?

    . Are you OK with stripping Americans of their freedoms and money in the fulfillment of your plan?

    . Are you OK with borrowing from the Communist Chinese, or other non-friendly nations, to fund your plan?

    . What type of distribution of resources do you see best between engaging this enemy vs. defending our border?

    . Do you support the Christian Just War doctrine, or are you in favor of preemptive warfare? (As defined here: )

    Answering these questions, and successfully defending your position, will help you and it gain credibility. So I hope you consider, and I will be on the look-out for such a write-up.

    I’m not sure why you say that Saddam worked hard to get chemical weapons to use against us, since we had previously given chemical weapons to him.

    Finally, I would say, that what is a “much better option” for a 2012 candidate is certainly a matter of opinion. While there is some goodness in the names you list, there are many issues too. For example, Michelle Bachmann voted in favor of the big government, freedom stealing Food Safety Act:
    So she is not perfect. Herman Cain was in favor of the TARP bailouts:
    Which is a deal breaker for many. And while Governor Huckabee wants to shut down the IRS, he wants to replace it with a freedom stealing sales tax. Any such taxation is completely unnecessary if spending got even a bit under control.

  • I watched Ron Paul try to defend his support of Pakistanis who were hiding osama and the best most awful answer he gave for his attack on our victory against osama, was that Pakistan who was hiding osama all this time, should have been notified and without their permission, we should not go in and take out the mass murdering mohammad imitating muslim. Truly hope this man is never in charge of any foreign policy

    Ron Paul also made another strange case for legalizing heroine and other destructive addictive drugs. We should learn from China’s experience when they lost Hong Kong to United Kingdom due to UK’s set up of legalized drugs that made slaves of Chinese and forced them to give into UK’s demands. Muslim faithful grow drugs in Afghanistan and would really love if more Americans were weakened by drugs so they would have an easier time of taking out their main obstacles to re-establishment of the islamic caliphate!

  • Ron to be honest Aisha scares me….He is dangerous to our national security….I think enough Americans understand this and he has little chance..

    But if we get someone like Mitt or Newt…His chances do go up

  • AishaFoda, would you be OK if the Chinese made an unannounced raid on American soil, killing someone they wanted dead? I haven’t talked to a single American that would be. So why should we treat others any different? If China did that it could certainly be seen as an act of war. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t do such an unannounced raid, but doing that is basically an act of war and, per the Constitution, requires a declaration of war from Congress. That is the procedural matter than need to be followed that Dr. Paul speaks of, more or less. What Obama did was act without Congressional approval and he has stirred up resentment against the US, like it or not.

    Dr. Paul support following the law and respect for sound principles, he doesn’t support Pakistan and it is misleading to try to twist this to say he does.

    As I told Bill before, Ron Paul is not in favor of legalizing drugs, he is in favor of supporting the Constitution which means that the states get to regulate drugs as they see fit. Why is following the Constitution so wrong?

    Bill, how do you think Dr. Paul is a danger to our national security? His policy is very simple:
    - Strong national defense and border security.
    - Good military and veteran benefits and care.
    - Go after anyone who attacks us. (So he will fight “terror” as you put it)
    - Respect the Christian Just War doctrine.
    - Stay out of entangling alliances (basically where there are winners and losers to a deal).
    - Don’t go into debt for basic defense, which can be a big problem for national health.
    - Don’t over extend the military, which we arguable are doing now.

    Which of these is bad? Yes, Dr. Paul does not agree with the views that we need 700 military bases around the world. If you support them then perhaps you can explain, and justify, why each and every one of the 700 bases you support provides a cost-effective benefit for our national defense. It is true, that every dollar we spend on overseas bases does help our defense in some ways, the questions are: Is it money well spent? Could it be used better in other ways? ) Are we in places we are not welcome? Where are we getting the money from anyway? Borrowing from China? (Yes) The freedom stealing income tax? (Yes)

    Even if you can justify the 700 bases, can you understand we’re broke and $14 trillion in debt, with much more already promised to be spent, and that we can’t afford everything we have or can justify? Yes, we need to cut entitlements, too.

    Bill, you keep bashing Dr. Paul and do not provide any accurate support for your attacks, even when asked, all I’m getting is mis-informed opinions, as here:

    I call them mis-informed because I correct each one of your points, every time. If you disagree then by all means engage me in the discussion (such as in the link above). Sorry, I don’t mean personal disrespect, it’s just the opposite, I wouldn’t spend my time on this unless I did respect you. But I still must be honest in my evaluation and stand up for truth.

    So it’s fine, Dr. Paul scares you, but why? Specifically, how do you see him as dangerous to our national security? General statements with no substance won’t sway intelligent people… and like it or not, more and more people are seeing Dr. Paul as being correct about domestic and foreign policy. In 2008 he received more military donations than all other GOP candidates combined. Now, he is already tied for second in Iowa polling.

  • Stan, if we help a known murderer that killed there people then yes…when someone fly’s a plane and kills 3000 and we hide them…Can you please make a rational argument?

    “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and it’s spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Joseph Stalin

    Sounds like the same agenda to me…

  • Would you have endorsed asking Germany for permission to kill adolf hitler on German soil so we don’t mess up their “national sovereignty”?

  • Problem with our policies with Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and so many other nations, is that we don’t start with the important premise: “islam is at war with all nonmuslims”. Thankfully not all who are cultural muslims go by islamic call of mohammad, and follow the Sunna, to imitate the annihilation or subjugation of all nonmuslims; however, faithful muslims have always imitated mohammad and his immediate line of leadership in needlessly terrorizing nonmuslim worlds as well as terrorizing even their own people if someone dares to challenge mohammad’s ideal life.

    As for the proof you asked for, please look up my articles on Patriot Statesman. For example, lays out the qur’anic clear mandates for terrorizing nonmuslims!

  • Bill, here is the rational argument, everything is based on principles, which are:
    - Respect other countries national sovereignty.
    - If another country has wronged us, and we wish to retaliate by violating their national sovereignty in some way then, per the Constitution, Congress needs to declare an act of war.
    - If we do misdeeds around the world, or go after bad guys, we should expect retaliation.
    With that, if we did help a known murderer (a misdeed) then we should expect retaliation, but that doesn’t mean we need to like it, and if there is an over-the-top retaliation then the matter may escalate.

    I’m completely at a loss as to how you are tying Stalin’s agenda in here, no one is certainly suggestion we help a known murderer. To be certain, Dr. Paul does stand for patriotism, a healthy moral standard and a fulfilling spiritual life, but he does not push personal issues onto others, he just leads by example.

    AishaFoda, as to asking permission to get Hilter, this is something I addressed when I said: “This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t do such an unannounced raid, but doing that is basically an act of war and, per the Constitution, requires a declaration of war from Congress.”

    Congress had declared an act of war against Germany in 1941, so any violation of their sovereign was a part of the objective of total victory.

    Requiring the president to get a declaration of war from Congress before violating a countries sovereignty is a very important balance of power in our Constitution as the ramifications of such action need to be carefully considered by the representatives of the people (Congress). Unquestioned access to a counties military power by a single individual is a dangerous road. This is what Dr. Paul is arguing about, it is both wise and Constitutional.

    Based on your premise that “islam is at war with all nonmuslims”, what would you suggest our policies be with Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, etc.? For starters, would it make sense for us to end foreign aid to them? Do you know of any GOP leaders that stand for that? I know Dr. Paul wants to end the foreign aid. What else should we do? Enforce sanctions? Attack them? How can this enemy be stopped? What would you do?

    I haven’t seen much debate in their being both terrorist Muslims and cultural Muslims, the question is, how pervasive and powerful is the terrorist Muslim sect? It’s an honest question that needs hard facts to support. As a counter argument, some people say that the threats are largely overblown and it is little more than a conspiracy theory that Muslims are secretly working to take over the world and that most of the evidence is little more than over-hyped, misanalysed and connection dots that just aren’t there. I personally haven’t seen how the case can be proven on either side, but I’m also not seeing much GOP leadership support for your “islam is at war with all nonmuslims” premise, at least not from any presidential contenders. Am I wrong on this?

  • Stan, On your great questions, “based on your premise that “islam is at war with all nonmuslims”, what would you suggest our policies be with Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, etc.? For starters, would it make sense for us to end foreign aid to them?” YES

    Do you know of any GOP leaders that stand for that? Lt. Col. Allen West!

    What else should we do? Enforce sanctions? Attack them? How can this enemy be stopped? What would you do?

    First, we teach the truth to our people that islam is a religion of deep violence and hatred against all nonmuslims!

    Allen West:

    Once we have strategic understanding that our enemy is ISLAM, then we can set up the right winning plan against ISLAM which inspired 9/11 and murderous terrorist attacks for 1388 years including from the start of our nation, when 20% of our national budget was going to pay muslims to not behead American men and enslave our women and children.

    Then, we can follow up by having true allies like the 15-20 million Christians in Egypt, Israel and 2 million in Iraq and the 100+ million Orthodox Christians currently effected by the evil of islam as well as all the Christians in Nigeria, Sudan, and all around the African continent and the Hindus and Christians and nonmuslims in India and the millions of Christians in Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Once we have true allies, we can coordinate our efforts without empowering the same muslim terrorists that turn around and use our dollars against us.

    Stop dependency on foreign oil. We went in and dug the wells , then use the money from the wells to pay muslim terrorists to attack our nation! This is dumb!

    Next, we must set up an education strategy where we can stop indoctrination of little children to become muslim terrorists from as young as 2-3 years of age!

    Among all these , we must stop muslim nation building but have coordinated targeted military response to take out key islamic power centers like islamic republic of Iran going nuclear and pakistani leaders hiding osama bin laden!

  • By your logic, China should be able to move military units into this country to capture their “terrorists” like the Dalai Lama. You would be fine with that? You don’t know what it means to be a patriot. Shame on you.

  • aisha, kind of sounds like you’re a crusader. Christians va Muslims round 2?

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