With “Encouragement” From Our Special Forces, Osama Finally Bows To Jesus Christ

May 2, 2011 8:02 am 3 comments

It is unfortunate and deadly when a muslim commits his life to mohammad’s path of destruction and death. But osama bin laden had chosen his path long ago and even after his attacks on innocents in Kenya and Tanzania, and after his attacks on USS Cole and after his attack on 9/11, he was given many chances to turn from his wicked path of islam and humbly bow to the will of God in Christ Jesus. Unfortunately for him and for the sake of many others, he chose the wrong path of islam.

On the same day it was announced another muslim ally, Adolf Hitler, had been killed by our armed forces, osama faced our military’s might on May 1st. Despite hussein obama’s distraction with supporting muslim terrorists in Libya as he had in Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, Kenya and in so many other nations, our brave troops managed to continue following their standing orders from President Bush and seek out osama’s death or capture. When confronted by our elite military soldiers, instead of bowing down to their fate, osama and his men chose to hide behind women as a last act of cowardice. The result was his final seconds resulting in his own death and the death of his son as well as a woman they tried to use as human shield. After his body gave up life, the next minute was a shock to osama.

It has already been revealed that one day “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD” (Phil 2). Those who have humbled themselves to follow Jesus begin a path that leads to eternal life and love by God’s Grace. They grow to love neighbors and enemies and seek the best for all others.

However, those who purposefully reject the call of God on their hearts, abide in darkness. And there are those that are not satisfied in personal darkness as they seek to force their brand of evil on those around them.  This was the sad case of mohammad the founder of islam. Unfortunately, some still choose to follow mohammadeanism and its terrorist path even today.

The path of terrorism and death by faithful muslims on neighboring nations over the last 1388 years has been devastating to the world. What muslims often don’t realize is that at moment of death, there are no eternal ever-virgins awaiting to be sexually abused for all eternity. Instead, they come to realization that they are caught in the grips of satanic darkness that has their soul bowing to Christ Jesus and proclaiming him as LORD. Unfortunately, like the demons in the scriptures, a soul aligned with satan does not proclaim this as joyful,  but as one who has horrifyingly discovered that he has chosen the wrong path all his life. His resistance of God’s Love and Grace in Christ Jesus has brought about his own destruction.

Our politicians and media masters keep trying to tell us that osama bin laden was somehow not following the path of islam even though he imitated mohammad’s life according to the Sunna, Qur’an and hadith. Upon osama’s death, hussein obama was quick to try to denounce osama as any kind of muslim or islamic leader, but contradicting himself in the next breath, he ordered that osama be given honorable islamic treatment of his body so as not to provoke wrath of muslim terrorists. If he is not a muslim, why are we giving him proper islamic treatment. If he is a faithful muslim, why are we constantly appeasing muslim terrorists while covering up their path of islamic inspired destruction?

One has to ask if islam is “religion of peace”, then why are we terrified of “offending” peaceful muslims? But if islam is not the “religion of peace” we try to portray, why are our leaders constantly honoring islam by bowing down to creeping sharia law and avoiding offending violent muslim terrorists.

When a citizen protests islam by burning a qur’an, we have our Generals call him to warn him not to take his action and our President hussein obama publicly commands him to stop his plans of protest for fear that those who are peaceful muslims would murder innocents. Then the IRS knocks at his door to try to intimidate a citizen to silence. The constant contradictions of this policy of appeasing muslim terrorists while calling them practitioners of religion of peace is such an obvious hypocrisy to sound minded citizens!

With osama’s death, obama would like us to believe that terrorism is over because according to him, alqaeda is only hijacking a “religion of peace” and islamic brotherhood plus Hamas and Hezbollah are just “misunderstood”. But in contradictory fashion, he immediately puts all our embassies on high alert for expected acts of islamic terrorism. But at the same time, he tells the nation that islam is not at war with us and tries to cover up the great jubilations muslims around the world expressed when they saw 3000 innocent American civilians lose their lives at the hands of faithful muslims led by osama bin laden.

With osama’s death, our nation is now now at a crossroad once again. We either finally acknowledge islam as religion of forced submission by whatever means necessary and start a strategic path to healing our world; or we continue to live in denial of islam and hope that osama’s death means an end to terrorism.

On a personal level, how are you responding to God’s Grace? Have you begun to take up your cross, trust and follow Christ as one filled with His Love and Mercies towards others; or, are you waiting for the other side, when you will acknowledge Christ Jesus as God, and regret not having turned to him as your LORD and Savior in this life? Have you been baptized into the Body of Christ or are you still trying to fight The Grace of God drawing you to a relationship with your Father in Heaven?

As one who was brought up in the path of antichrist islamic belief, I can tell you that it is such a joy to be filled with His Love and Mercies in Christ Jesus; but until you personally make the choice to start following Him and embracing the call of God to humbly bow your life to Christ, you will not begin to know how wonderful it is to be filled with an eternal love and indescribable peace that cannot be explained in words. Choice is yours. Will you choose osama bin laden’s path of self destruction without the islamic path of murder of nonmuslims, or will you finally start a path of love by calling upon Christ Jesus to save you from a path of darkness and bring you into the Light of His Love by His Grace?



  • Well, O’Sama was a demon and I’m sure that he meant ill
    Now we pray for his disciples lest they’ll wind up in hell
    And I’m not sure that O’Mohammed thought he knew the way
    But it won’t be O’Bama that we stand before on Judgment Day.

    Oh, it won’t be O’Sama that’s sitting on the throne
    And it won’t be O’Mohamed that’s calling us Home
    And it won’t be O’Bama that plays that trumpet tune
    Cause we’re going to see The Son not Reverend Moon!

  • Where are all the outcries of rejoicing from the “moderate” muslims? Where are all of the lovers of the “religion of peace” congratulating the United States at ridding the world of this poor example of Islam? I’m waiting to hear from them. I’ll probably wait just as long until I hear Obama thank George Bush for setting the course that allowed our troops to finish Bin Laden off!

  • Richard is it is my understanding that we had to have a burial at sea so we did not offend the peaceful Muslims. This was done out of fear of making them hate us and then attacking us…Does not sound like they are peaceful to me at all.

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