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Texas House Kills TSA Groping & Sanctuary City Bills For Joe Straus

After the last election, with the overwhelming Republican victory, all of us thought that we had finally done it, and that we could now take back control of our state and make some positive changes within our state legislature. Then we found ourselves in a battle royale when our State Representatives overwhelmingly supported Joe Straus for Speaker of the House. Since that time we have had a few victories but we also have had Joe and others stand in the way of what “We the People” desired. Joe Straus has also done what he could to punish those who did not support him. Dan Flynn is a good example of the retribution wielded by Straus, by getting rid of his district under the new redistsricting map.

The latest move by our Republican legislators to stick their fingers in the eyes of “We the People” has made me and many others fighting mad and we will not stand for this! We need to replace house members in the upcoming Primary elections. if we fail to do so we will have relinquished the power of the people to the elected who do not care about “We the People” of the great State of Texas!


Unions Are Not Paying Their Fair Share

Today New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed legislation requiring state workers to contribute more to their health and retirement benefits to help meet budget shortfalls. New Jersey has more than a half-million, mostly union employees, whose pension system is facing an estimated $110 billion budget shortfall according to Fox New York.

Angry union members have been protesting the proposed changes but one must stop to ask why? Union boss and frequent White House visitor Richard Trumka is fond of saying that the rich don’t pay their fair share in this country.

Hit & Run-Dead Body In Front Seat

We hear about hit and runs all the time but this one is unbelievable. I was listening to Channel 2 Houston early this morning. They reported that a man was driving on I45 in Houston, TX. when he hit a pedestrian. He continued driving even though that pedestrian had gone through the windshield and was lodged between the windshield and the passenger seat.

The driver continued driving for over a mile as if nothing was wrong. He only stopped after police pulled him over noticing his broken windshield. To their horror they found a man severed at the knees laying in the car. When asked about the dead body in his car the man simply said he thought he had ran over something. Really?

I sat in shock listening to this report on the morning news.

Time Is Running Out To Assist These Young Girls; Do Texas State Representatives Support The Sex Slave Trade In Texas Sanctuary Cities?

Our State reps, for whom we campaigned so hard last fall, have decided they are tired of showing up to work, as reportedly one third of them didn’t show up last Friday, June 24, ensuring that they did not have a quorum to conduct Texas business. They have thumbed their noses at “We the People”, and the speaker of the house, Joe Straus, has done nothing to get them to come back to address some of the outstanding issues that Governor Rick Perry has called them to address in this special session.

Word has it that as long as the Sanctuary City issue is still left to be addressed, these irresponsible State Representatives will not appear and there will very likely not be enough State Reps to have a quorum for the balance of the special session.

Please see more information detailing the AWOL status of our State Reps at Beaumont Enterprise.

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America Has Prostituted Itself

While praying and thinking about what to write this week, I received a word from the Lord; “prostitutes.” When hearing that word in my heart, it greatly disturbed me as you can quite imagine. I pressed in more to the Lord seeking exactly what He meant, as I usually do and He showed me a great deal regarding how there are segments of American society that prostitute themselves for a variety of issues and reasons. There is a great pulling of the flesh of people to what the Book of Revelation in Chapters 17 and 18 refers to as “ The Great Whore.” The Lord did not bring me so much to the Anthony Weiner or Arnold Schwarzenegger issues that have plagued the news as of late, no-instead the Holy Spirit brought to other places where we can see the same spirit of prostitution in America