Jon Stewart Denies Leftist Media Bias

June 22, 2011 9:00 am 5 comments

An angry Jon Stewart gets defensive with Fox's Chris Wallace. - Courtesy:

In the wake of Ben Shapiro’s book Primetime Propaganda which provides a detailed look at how the left hijacked America’s media. Jon Stewart was on with Fox News’ Chris Wallace over the weekend and actually denied that CNN, ABC, et. al. are not politically biased. Obviously Jon cannot be intellectually honest with himself but he did concede that MSNBC is trying to copy Fox’s format from a progressive (code for socialist) point of view. Stewart did admit that his show is politically biased, however, he used the copout that he is a comedian first and a pundit second.

Stewart can conveniently hide behind that façade all he wants, that’s the beauty of the first amendment, but he is one of the most significant political pundits in America, especially amongst those 18-29. According to Jason Matera’s book Obama Zombies nearly one-third of that demographic consider Stewart’s Daily Show a legitimate news outlet.

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder shows evidence of Stewart’s bias in an email from the Daily show that states “we never book conservative pundits.” Crowder also plays portions of an interview with Ben Shapiro and former ABC President Fred Pierce who clearly states there’s significant liberal bias in the media.

Of course that’s not news to those of us in the right state of mind. Conservative stalwarts Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and many others are constantly under attack by the left for their supposed fear mongering. However, more often than not, their predictions are proven to be correct. Case in point, Glenn Beck’s prediction that riots in Tunisia would spread throughout the middle east and then to Europe; have you seen the recent headlines? And of course there’s no retraction from the political attack dogs on the left.

Of course we shouldn’t forget last year’s Journolist scandal which highlighted wide spread media bias and coordination between more than four-hundred leftist journalists and professors. This level of collusion shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone since the media in America has been drifting far left of center since the 1960’s.

The problem is that for some reason once conservatives are elected to office they feel compelled to appease a media that is never going to be on their side. Senator John McCain learned this lesson the hard way in the aftermath of his failed presidential candidacy. McCain who always prided himself on reaching across the aisle had become a darling of the left-wing media until he decided to challenge the anointed one. He found out in short order how quickly the media would throw him under the bus.

Conservatives would do well to heed the advice of Texas Governor Rick Perry when he said, “our party cannot be all things to all people. It can’t be. Our loudest opponents on the left are never going to like us, so let’s stop trying to curry favor with them.”

Look at the big picture, more people watch Fox News than MSNBC and CNN combined. Network news outlets have been dying a loud painful death for the better part of two decades. And that still doesn’t account for the untold millions of talk radio listeners. One could easily argue that conservative media is now the mainstream and that’s why the left is trying so hard to kill it through FCC and internet regulation.

Get with the program Republicans!

PS: If you don’t think Hollywood is biased. Check out the WSJ interview with Pixar’s John Lasseter who says that “Big Oil” is the villain in much ballyhooed Cars 2. Gotta get ‘em while they’re young; right John? Maybe you can work abortion into Toy Story 4 since a little girl now has Woody, Buzz, and the gang.


  • commontruths

    “Conservative comedian Steven Crowder shows evidence of Stewart’s bias in an email from the Daily show that states ‘we never book conservative pundits.’ ”

    … because Steven Crowder would roast Jon Stewart if ever allowed on the show. Stewart is a coward.

  • I’m Canadian, so I’m not Republican or Democrat. I’m financially liberal, but morally conservative. Keep in mind that all Republicans are conservative, but not all conservatives are Republican. The Republicans like to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer. I’m liberal in THAT way. I think Jon Stewart is very funny and witty, but when it comes to socially liberal ideas like a woman’s “right” to kill her child, or gay marriage, or legalization of drugs, or swearing constantly, he is COMPLETELY unfair in his comparisons. You can tell from his smile and tone of voice that when he’s ripping conservatives apart for being against homosexuality (which he does almost every episode), he thinks the fact that the audience is cheering somehow “proves” that he’s being reasonable and fair. If you listened to his sophistry quickly, and didn’t THINK about it too much, what he says sounds reasonable. But if you actually think about it closely and FAIRLY, you’ll see he makes huge leaps in logic, then acts like it was a fair thing to say. For example, a Republican said a glass of water is a glass of water, and CALLING it beer will not MAKE it beer. Jon Stewart could find no way to refute that comment FAIRLY, so he just made a joke about Jesus turning water into wine, then quickly moved on to another topic. ummm wait a minute, back up Jon. You still didn’t say how exactly the Republican was WRONG! Because he WASN’T wrong…calling water beer realy doesn’t make it beer. And calling 2 men a “marriage” doesn’t really make it one. When the meanie “ridiculously” old-fashioned mother of a lesbian (bi, but denying it) on Grey’s Anatomy said “you’re not a bride” (which was true, she wasnt)…the lesbian was crying later to her friend, and said “she’s right. I’m not a bride. This isn’t even a legal wedding. We’re just 2 girls playing dressup”. I heard that and said “EXACTLY! you finally see the truth”, but then of course the writers made it seem like her comment was BAD, and that she was just giving in to “oppression”, but in reality, if someone said that, they’re facing the TRUTH finally. Then of course, her friend said “your mother just hasn’t caught up to God yet”. um excuse me??? YOU haven’t caught up to God, if you think God approves of homosexuality! Anyway, the point is, people like Jon Stewart twist things around, to make it look like anything conservative is EVIL and stupid. And then he has the nerve to say on the July 27 2011 episode that he had no idea conservatives were being harassed! Really Jon?? You don’t consider being DAILY yelled at and laughed at, and told that we’re EVIL and STUPID, to be harassment? Sometimes I feel sorry for him, because he seems to believe his own propaganda, because his audiences cheers make his head swell. He’ll never see the truth while he’s addicted to those cheers. They even cheer when he swears. Childish.

  • I don’t want to get targeted by liberals for my ability to logically and fairly shoot down each bit of their sophistry, so I prefer to post my thoughts anonymously. Feel free to use any of the thoughts I wrote, anywhere you want to post them. I don’t care about getting credit, just about people hearing the truth. I know I can’t force true liberals to change, but a LOT of young people are only liberal because of peer pressure (and media counts as peer pressure these days), so I want them to hear fair rebuttals before they make up their minds.

  • I wish Jon Stewart and/or Bill Maher would try having an hour-long unedited debate with someone very logical and hawk-eyed when it comes to spotting sophistry. Not an interview, or an argument without structure, but an actual debate where every time a point is made, the other person is given a chance to point out any unfairness or illogic in the points made. Neither person should be allowed to do hit-and-run jokes and then change the topic. And there would be no audience…just a camera to record it all, and have the entire thing played back online with no editing, so things can’t be taken out of context. Jon Stewart would probably say no to that idea, because all of his “logic” is based on word play, audience reaction, and quickly changing topics before doubt has a chance to arise in the minds of the viewers. If you’re reading this, Jon, I dare you to put your logic where your mouth is.

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