POLL: Who Would You Like To See Win The Republican Presidential Primary?

June 19, 2011 10:05 pm 76 comments

The media is buzzing with headlines claiming to have the GOP “front runner” picked out. Some say that Mitt Romney is far ahead of the competition. Others say that Ron Paul will take the nomination, or that Rick Perry will slip in late and be victorious. Do any of these media outlets speak for you?

PatriotStatesman.com was created to give conservatives a new voice, and now we are offering everyone a chance to vote for their favorite GOP candidate (or potential candidate). We want to see if our readers line up with the polls being shown by the “main stream media”, or if you are looking for someone else to take the lead and bring our country out of the downward spiral that the progressive agenda has placed us in.

If you don’t see the candidate of your choice, use the comment form to let us know who you would like to see win the GOP presidential nomination.

Who Would You Support In The GOP Presidential Primary?

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  • I really liked Herman but not signing the Pro-Life pledge makes him pro-choice in my eyes…I have to take him off my list…

    • Lauren Branstetter

      Herman Cain is not a Patriot. He worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in KS… Bill, do you know what that means? Do you realize that the reason that inflation is a word that every American knows is because the Federal Reserve has printed money on a whim, without being monitored, and has given that money to WHOEVER IT PLEASES?? An example: the bailouts. Money was given to bail out certain companies and banks… did you know one of those “bailed-out banks” was in Libya? Yes, the same Libya that we now put sanctions on. Interesting huh? I second Miss Kelly Brown’s opinion. RON PAUL 2012!!

      • Herman Cain is for we the people he wants the government to throw all social issues to the state level, government will then be responsible for securing the borders. He worked on the federal reserve board in Kansas, and the board has purposes it just needs to be fixed. Herman Cain is the only candidate running because he loves this country and he is the only candidate running with a real solution to the problem.

      • Just because you work some place doesn’t mean you’re in charge of all that goes wrong. I worked for a sheriff’s office, but that didn’t make me sheriff…I worked for a bank, but that didn’t make me in charge of all that went on there. Just sayin’!


      1. Is staunchly against Obamacare and any universal health plan.
      2. Strongly pro-life.
      3. Considered the “tax-payers’ best friend”.
      4. Supports a secure border.
      5. Feels a strong military is needed for our national security
      6. Strongly opposes a national ID card.
      7. Will oppose any sort of Cap and Trade legislation.
      8. Will work to make sure the American dollar is strong.
      9. Strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, rated A by the NRA and A+ by the GOA.
      10. Devout Christian with strong family values; has been married to his wife for over 50 years.

      1. Has been against the Iraq War from the start and will look to remove our troops from all around the world.
      2. Voted against the Patriot act and has been an open and vocal opponent to it.
      3. Opposed to the federal War on Drugs.
      4. Against all forms of torture.
      5. Has repeatedly called for the abolition of Guantanamo.
      6. Has been the most consistent, principled man in congress for 30 years.
      7. Been a vocal opponent to the military-industrial complex and has been working to bring our troops home from oversees.
      8. Is against all corporate welfare, with a voting record to prove it.
      9. Has worked with both sides of the aisle on numerous issues.
      10. Wants to bring transparency to all aspects of government including a full audit of the federal reserve.

      • Sorry,his foreign policy is atrocious.
        His recent comments on Iran has proven that.
        His words haves proven he knows nothing about Muslims’s and their attempt to foist the abominable Sharia law upon us.

        Also he supports the ground zero Mosque.
        He also repeats the same talking points all the supporters falsely claim.
        Which blows my mind being a devout Christian.
        In an interview where he was supporting the Mosque he bastardized Christianity equating it with Islam.
        That’s complete crap.

        He used the Oklahoma City bombing as an example,claiming it was all McVeigh,was an act of a Christian terror.
        He should check his facts before he trashes a whole religion for no good reason because McVeigh was a self declared Atheist.
        Who upon the day of his execution did get the last rights;just in case.
        Also today we know it was not all McVeigh.
        That Muslims were involved. Out of fear for their life and un American affiliation those who awaited trial and still to this day say nothing.
        So much evidence has been accumulated by an actual reporter that proves this.Our own government,FBI,CIA ignored these facts under community and middle east cohesion.
        There was just a Mo arrested in my state in Quincy,Massachusetts for his involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing.

      • I have to disagree with you in regards to his stance on the military. He has stated in the debates that he thinks we spend too much money on the military. Furthermore, his foreign policy would have us ignoring what goes on around the world instead of addressing it on foreign soil. I would much rather take the fight to them, then let them bring it to us. He also stated in one of the debates that if we left others alone they would leave us alone. Not going to happen. Islam extremists want us dead – period. Paul also thinks we have no right to oppose Iran having nukes. He says we are not the world’s police. Better us than Iran or Syria. We are a global society and ignoring our foreign neighbors, no matter how far or close would be suicide.

      • In other words he doesn’t care if the terrorist come and kill more Americans.
        And has no real solution to end the corporate welfare as Mr.Cain does.

        you do realize that our special forces are water boarded in training right?
        No one in Washington will listen to him, he’s been there how long now? and how much money has he taken for his district/state.

      • The main reason NOT TO VOTE FOR RON PAUL, is when it come to Foreign Relations, the man is just plain NUTSO. I would NEVER vote for him and I am very conservative. He would never make it as President, he is too weird even though some of his policies are great. The man is just off the deep end. ENough said from me.

      • Anyone who votes for Ron “let’s be friends with Iran” Paul, hates both the USA and our children!

    • You should read the article that’s linked at the end of my reply in order to be fully informed regarding Herman Cain’s pro-life credentials. I believe you’ll find his actions speak MUCH louder than any other candidate’s words. Attempts to paint Mr. Cain as ANYTHING besides pro-life are specious…especially in light of very significant facts:

      Any question about Herman Cain’s stance on the pro-life issue was answered in 2006…Herman Cain puts his money where his mouth is regarding the sanctity of life…One million dollars of his own PAC money to advertise to Blacks to vote pro-life ~ Any other politician do anything similar? Santorum? Bachmann? Perry? Romney? ANYone???

    • If you read his book you will know why. Or I could just tell you Quote While I view abortion in the gravest possible moral and ethical terms and I want to defund planned Parenthood, there is confusion about where I stand on the issue. I can say with certainty that I am pro-life, although certain sectors of the public and the media don’t think that I am. And that’s likely because when the Susan B. Anthony Association asked all presidential candidates to sign their 2012 Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge, I did not do so. Why not, given my pro-life stance? Because when I received the text of the pledge, I did something that most people don’t do. I actually read it! And I even agree with everything in it, that is, except for the last requirement, which concerns a proposed “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”. While I could favor the act itself, with further clarification,there is one word in the pledge related to it that I could never agree to because signers are called upon to “advance” that particular piece of legislation. As president, I simply would not have the constitutional power to act in that manner. I would be able to support, but not advance legislation. Thus I simply could not sign on to something that violates my understanding of the powers inherent in the presidency….I don’t want to promise things that I cannot do. pages 95-96 This is Herman cain

    • If anyone questions that Herman Cain is pro-life to you, just give them this below, and two aspirin, and have them call me later. Cause I bet they didn’t know this, and that their candidate signed it and shouldn’t have. LOL

      Herman Cain has established in his life that he’s pro-life and the day after he refused to sign the Susan B. Anthony Pledge, he made clear in a public statement the very next day, on the record, that he “strongly agrees with the first three parts of the Susan B. Anthony pledge;

      1: Appointing Pro Life Judges,

      2: Choosing Pro Life Cabinet members,

      and 3: ending tax payer funded abortions.

      However, the 4th requirement demands that I advance the ‘Pain capable unborn child protection act’. As President I would sign it, but Congress must advance the legislation.” later he said “I have been a consistent and unwavering champion of pro life issues. In no way does this singular instance of clarification denote an abandonment of the pro life movement, but instead is a testament to my respect for the balance of power and the role of the Presidency”.

      ALL that is a direct quote located here: http://www.lifenews.com/2011/06/18/herman-cain-reaffirms-pro-life-view-after-not-siging-pledge/ . Article II of the Constitution CLEARLY does NOT allow for the President to advance ANY legislation to the Congress for passage. And the pledge specifically binds candidates to “advance” that bill to Congress. And in Constitutional Law, “advance” specifically means present to Congress ON PAPER a bill for passage, so the President can sign it into law. That is prohibited by Article II, because NO WHERE in it, is the authority to present a bill to Congress for passage granted to the President. Cain KNOWS that, so he didn’t sign the pledge, but publicly stated on the record, above, his agreement to the first three things, and that he would SIGN the fourth into law if Congress passed it and sent it to him as President.

      Ron Paul, who claims to be such a champion of the Constitution, signed a pledge that binds him to do something that Arcticle II of the Constitution does NOT grant any President the authority to do! WORDS MATTER, and their clear Constitutional meanings matter. Cain didn’t sign it and he backed that up with the Constitution as to why he didn’t. By signing that pledge, Cain would be pledging to do something as President that is NOT Constitutional. All the other pro life candidates but Romney signed it, and they should have KNOWN that was NOT something a President should be pledging to do! It’s not the role of the President to petition Congress to pass a law he advanced so he can sign it. NOT strictly adhering to the Constitution is why the country is so screwed up now. Herman Cain KNOWS the Constitution. Apparently the other candidates do not, because they pledged to do something a President does not have the authority to do.

    • Just signed the pro-life pledge ;)

    • Your logic, to say the least; is stupid! Cain has said over and over again he is antiabortion (even giving over a million dollars of his money to antiabortion causes)! That should prove to anyone with any sense he IS antiabortion! To say he is prochoice, because he won’t sign a stupid paper makes you look like an idiot!

  • Kelly Brown

    Ron Paul is the only true patriot on the list. He has been talking the talk and walking the walk for a long time. His platform addresses the issues of the day.

    • Are you redefine what a patriot is?

      • A patriot is one who stands up for our constitution.

        • If you actually read about Mr. Cain you would know that he is a We the people candidate and wants to govern by the constitution.

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Herman is a joke and so is hearing a man say that he’s pro life. Mind your own business in that area and sit down and read the constitution of the United States, then say Ron Paul is not a patriot. The government was not designed to have this much power and run our lives. This country has been moving away from the constitution and everything the U.S. is supposed to stand for for a long time.

        • You are correct, the federal government has more power than the Constitution allows. BUT it is our duty to spread democracy. It is the federal govt’s duty to provide for the national defense – Ron Paul’s foreign policy will get us all killed.

          • Our duty is not to spread “democracy”. A Democracy is a form of government in which 51 percent of the people can take away the rights of the 49 percent. Our Government was never defined to be a democracy. Our Government was established as a Republic.

            You are correct, it is the responsibility of the Federal government to provide for national defense. However, since when does the defense of our nation involve preemptive strikes on nations who don’t even have the ability to refine enough gas to supply the needs of their people. Since when is the defense of our nation involved in occupying foreign nations because we want to change their regimes? Since when is the defense of our nation served in assassinating American citizens without trial in third world countries? Since when is the defense of our nation served by drone attacks against Libyan nationals who were attempting to keep Al-Qaeda members from overthrowing their government?

            The national defense of our country would best be served by attacking other nations with overwhelming power ONLY if we are attacked first. The idea of preemptive strikes against sovereign nations on “hunches” of the intelligence community (which has failed us miserably with regards to Iraq and Afghanistan) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

            I served for six years, and took that Oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. If we abandon the essential principles, and framework of the constitution for any purpose, including fearmongering, then our nation is already dead and gone.

            Do yourself a favor and look at your own policies and viewpoints in light of the authority of the constitution, before your fear and ignorance drive us into another war without a JUST cause.

          • from Senator Robert Taft’s book, A Foreign Policy for Americans, written in 1951:

            War should never be undertaken or seriously risked except to protect American liberty. Our traditional policy of neutrality and non-interference with other nations was based on the principle that this policy was the best way to avoid disputes with other nations and to maintain the liberty of this country without war. From the days of George Washington that has been the policy of the United States. It has never been isolationism; but it has always avoided alliances and interference in foreign quarrels as a pre-ventive against possible war, and it has always opposed any commitment by the United States, in advance, to take any military action outside of our territory. It would leave us free to interfere or not interfere according to whether we consider the case of sufficiently vital interest to the liberty of this country.

            Senator Robert Taft, A Foreign Policy for Americans, 1951
            Full text available here: http://mises.org/books/taft.pdf

            Republican Senator Robert Taft, who earned the nickname, “Mr. Republican” was the chief ideologue and acknowledged leader of the conservatism of the Republican party from 1939 to 1953. Robert Taft led the Conservative Coalition against Roosevelt’s New Deal, believed in a strong national defense, opposed the draft and prohibition and was an avid noninterventionist.

      • Ron Paul is a veteran to the military and is the most true to his principles. He is consistent. Herman Cain can’t even decide if TARP was a good idea or not.

    • He is a little too radical and will never be elected.
      He is also a long term politician and is part of the problem. He didn’t vote for the balanced budget amendment today. So no he doesn’t walk the walk.

  • you’d have to be an idiot to not vote for Ron paul

  • I have to vote for the guy who never compromises on liberal schemes, Ron Paul. Too many conservatives today capitulate to the liberals and their attack dogs in the media for fear of not wanting to be seen as extreme. Ron Paul could usher in a new era of constitutional conservatism if elected. No Cap+Trade, no amnesty, no gun control compromises, no nation building boondoggles, no Romney Care. He’s the only one I and quite frankly every conservative voter can trust. Defeat Obama, elect Paul.

    • You forgot to say the Ron Paul who is pro-prostitution, pro-drugs, and the one who as president would not stand for life? that’s not conservative…

      • you forgot to say that since you are anti-prostitition, anti-drugs, you are turning your communtiy over to federal government in a land far, far away. that’s all liberty says. liberty is community. all those dollars wasted in taxes could have stayed in the community for police, fire, education, and charity.

      • So what your saying is that an adult can’t be responsible for how he treats his own body? Also he wouldn’t be legalizing those things if he could. The fed. gov has no right to prohibit prostitution or drugs. The states can and will take care of that if the Fed. Gov. ever gets off its power trip. People who simply ignore the facts to suit their own purposes have a mental condition and need to seek help. Of course thats still your choice to make. For now.

      • He is pro that stuff as much as you are pro-profanity for supporting the freedom of speech.

      • Bill,
        Ron Paul is pro-life. (http://www.ronpaul2012.com/wp-content/uploads/wpsc/product_images/RP-Life-SJim.jpg)

        He is not “pro-drugs” as you have just characterized it. He is pro-liberty, pro-freedom. He believes the Constitution does not authorize the Federal government to restrict what we put into our bodies if it does not interfere with other people’s rights.

        What’s so wrong with letting the states decide drug control issues? Is it not true that anyone can easily obtain drugs right now, despite our laws? I choose not to drink or use tobacco, both of which are legal, I doubt very much that if drugs were legalized we would all start using them.

        What is not conservative about wanting to restrict the size and scope of government across the board? Why must you be pro-financial liberties, but cannot also be pro-civil liberties to be considered “conservative”?

      • You’ve been corrected on this numerous times, so I have to wonder why you still post these things when they have been proven wrong over and over again. Ron Paul does not believe the federal government has authority over prostitution or drugs. If you think Congress does have power over these issues, please cite something from Article 1 Section 8 to support your claim. These two issues fall to the states under the 10th amendment, which is what he wants to uphold. Under Ron Paul, Texas gets to decide what Texas will do regarding these issues. Shamefully, you have lied about Ron Paul on the pro life issue. Has has stood for life since he was a young man. His Sanctity of Life Act would deem life to begin from conception. By removing all authority from the courts to rule on cases involving abortion, the Sanctity of Life Act would restore the authority of popularly elected officials to pass laws to limit or ban abortion without interference from unelected, activist pro-abortion judges. Perhaps you could tell me what part of that you have a problem with.

      • so i guess you need the govt to tell you not to do that,then guess you dont have a brain.u deserve to do drugs and kill your body.

      • Jacqlyn Smith

        Are you on drugs Mr. Bill….of course Ron Paul is NOT for folks doing drugs, selling their bodies and killing babies….he after all is a Doctor for God sake….what he is for though is you deciding to NOT do those things on your own so stop your LYING and MISREPRESENTING THE GOOD DOCTOR!!! Why do we need the government telling us NOT to do those things anyway???

        Wake up dude and stop selling your kids and their kids down stream to a NANNY state…..grow up….you look like an old man in your picture….why does the younger generation have to tell you what the Constitution says???? REALLY!!

      • BettyLiberty

        Just like alcohol prohibition was a huge failure, the War on Drugs is a ginormous failure. Please read up on what’s happened in Portugal since they legalized all drugs years ago. Usage and related crime has decreased! Nothing has gotten better in the 40 years we’ve been battling drugs. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/06/02/major-panel-drug-war-failed-legalize-marijuana/

        Prostitution is not going away. They don’t call it the oldest profession for nothing. If it’s legalized and regulated like it is in Nevada, what’s the big deal.

        Legalize Freedom, and see what REAL positive change is all about!

      • BettyLiberty

        Are you kidding me? *Doctor* Ron Paul is an OB/GYN who has delivered over 4000 babies. He wants to repeal Roe v Wade. He’s a pro-life as it gets.

      • Bill Kneer got owned.

      • Actually, you kinda missed the mark too. They forgot to say, Ron Paul who is pro legalization of prostitution & drugs, & Ron Paul who says that if you live in a place (ie. a coastline, mountains, river flood planes, etc) that is likely to have disasters, you shouldn’t be allowed to get insurance or help if a disaster ever strikes you, because it’s your fault for living there. He would have all coastlines belong to the govt. & private people shouldn’t be allowed to own land where disasters might happen due to geography. The same Ron Paul who thinks it’s mean not to let Iran have nukes. :o ) JUST SAY NO TO RON PAUL 2012!

        • Ron Paul will get us all killed. But, there is no arguing with his supporters. It’s like they are a “cult”. And, they get mighty nasty, too. Can’t wait till they reply to this one.

          • Marie: you are so right. I have had to delete many of the Paul supporters from my Facebook wall. They are very rude and caustic.

    • I am voting for the business man who is so not a politician and doesn’t do things the way they have always been done. He uses common sense.

  • Please include Gary Johnson in this poll.

  • Bill Kneer, you lie! Dr. Paul is pro-Freedom and pro-Life. Do some research on his platform will ya.

  • Ron paul is pro prostitution and pro drugs and he has my vote all the way to the white house! Id rather pay a woman to go all the way with me as opposed to paying some girl at a strip club to dance! As far as pro drugs goes what i do in the privacy of my own home is nobodys business and its no more harmful than alcohol!

  • none of the Ron Paul votes are showing up. BOO!!

    • Don’t worry your 60 votes are showing, the 20% that back Paul are showing as 75% now. You’ve skewed the poll making it totally worthless, so your work is done here. Paul bot radical.

  • I have a candidate in mind. He built a one-man small business from the ground up into a large business with over 1000 employees.

    He was a two-term (due to term limits) republican state governor in a 2-to-1 democratic state who upon leaving office left his state with a budget surplus — this at a time when many other states were already experiencing budget difficulties — all while fulfilling his promise to not raise taxes!

    He is strong on the constitution and has a plan and a proven track record, to fix much of what is ailing this country.

    He has announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America.

    His name is Gary Johnson.

    Why would you poll people who have not even announced their candidacy yet fail to include an announced candidate with Johnson’s record is beyond me. You and the MSM are doing the GOP and the USA a great disservice by not allowing people to get to know Gary Johnson.

  • Bill, Ron Paul is not “pro-prostitution”, nor is he “pro-drugs”. This is demagoguery at its finest. He simply believes that these issues should be handles by the states and not the federal government, because the Constitution doesn’t grant the fedgov that power. Besides, since when has any law against drugs or prostitution EVER stopped people from using drugs and prostitutes? Drug and hooker prohibition is about as effective as alcohol prohibition- and we all know how well that worked out.

  • Ron Paul is libertarian by today’s standards. He is, at the personal level, pro-life and anti-drugs. However, Paul recognizes the fact that neither the President nor any other federal bureaucracy has the authority or should have the authority under the Constitution to tell people what to do with their own bodies. Paul has said this stuff for decades and his voting record proves that he believes it. I see no other true candidate for the Office. No other candidate from either major Party has displayed such understanding and respect for the Constitution and its intent. There is no other hope for our natural rights: RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!!

  • @Tim and Stephen – Gary Johnson has been added. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    @JGI – What are you talking about? Ron Paul is dominating this poll. It looks like his votes are showing up just fine.

  • RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Johnson is the only candidate with the dedication and proven track record (as Governor of New Mexico)to balance the budget and bring our economy out of recession. He has been an outspoken advocate for efficient government, lower taxes, winning the war on drug abuse, protection of civil liberties, revitalization of the economy and promoting entrepreneurship and privatization.
    As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson was known for his common-sense business approach to governing. He eliminated New Mexico’s budget deficit, cut the rate of growth in state government in half and privatized half of the state prisons.

    Gary Johnson 2012

  • “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace — but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    Ron Paul 2012 !

    and as others have already stated… he’s not pro-drugs pro-prostitution. What you’re doing by saying that is copying the media putting their twist on what he wants to do. Ending prohibition and keeping the federal government out of our lives

  • RON PAUL for President!!!
    He is our only and last chance!

  • JeffnDallas

    Ron Paul is the only man I “TRUST!” He’s the only one running with a 22-year record of voting consistency to back up what he says. The rest are (at best) “candidates of convenience.”

    Michelle voted to renew the Patriot Act (no way I’m voting for her), Mitt Romney? Two words – “Catalog Model.” And now he and some of the others are trying to use Ron’s talking points even though four years ago they “laughed at him” for saying these things in the debates.

    Fakes and frauds. Give me the REAL DEAL!!!

    • Ron has a 22 year record of failure What good legislation has he been able to pass?

      He His district gets just as much pork or more then all the others in DC. The difference is the others good or bad have been able to pass some legislation,

      We have already been blessed with a president that could not do anything when we had Jimmy Carter.

  • No votes for Ron Paul show in the survey, but lots of pro Ron Paul in the comments, 2008 deja vu. Looks like this site is compromised just like the Tea Party is with Israel firster Michelle Bachmann. This is my first and only visit to this site.

  • Ron Paul is the only true Tea Party candidate. Tools like Cain and Bachmann have supported TARP and the Stimulus packages. They’re no different from Barack Obomber.

  • Philip Boniello

    I met and spoke with Herman Cain while he was in Greenville SC a little while back. He is a brilliant and honorable man who is full of ideas to transform this country for the better, but in my opinion, he doesn’t have a fair chance of winning the Republican nomination for two reasons. One is that the Republican establishment will NOT support him, because he is an “outsider”, and not a part of their political apparatus. The other is because the actions of President Obama have effectively “poisoned the well” at this time for those aspiring Black political leaders who seek the highest levels of office. As a result, much of the country is fearful, and sees itself as being traumatized by a hateful, arrogant, and inept Black man intent on destroying it, and it’s this bad first experience that is searing itself into the collective national mindset. Therefore, the ability at this point for a Black man, be he Conservative or Liberal, to win a major party nomination and be elected as President is going to be impossible. The concern over having any more disarray will overrule any sense of “our Black candidate will do better than yours” when the primaries begin. It may be able to happen several years from now, perhaps sometime after this “voting generation” has passed, but not at this present time. I personally believe that Herman’s BEST role is going to be as Michele Bachmann’s running mate, provided she wins the nomination. She will help him bypass anything that would otherwise obstruct him. Because Herman has a unique understanding of human nature, as well as the experience and giftings needed in creating and running efficient businesses, he can watch over the Senate to make it begin performing like one. As he presides over them, he will reinforce the ideals of everyone working together for what is best for the American people as a whole, utilizing his skills as a fine negotiator, and settler of disputes. Michele Bachmann’s role, on the other hand, will be a dual one. Besides advocating a return to Constitutional principles as a TEA party candidate and President, it will also be her job to restore faith and confidence in Black leadership to the Country. She will effectively do this first, by having Herman Cain as her running mate, and second, if she so chooses, by having Allen West as her Secretary of Defense, as he is strong, well-respected, and experienced with the military situation in Afghanistan. Herman and Michele both support the implementation of the FairTax, though Michele presently has concerns about having a dual system in place with the IRS still being active. Herman can help her modify the HR-25 legislation to include a provision that the IRS shuts down completely once the Bill is signed into Law, and that as a result, ALL DEBTS OWED BY THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER ARE COMPLETELY CANCELLED AND FORGIVEN. To commemorate this historic event, Herman supports the idea of a National “Income Tax Liberation Day” Holiday, or “Liberation Day” for short, to be celebrated on the fixed date of April 15th each year, similar to a Biblical Jubilee, by its having the freedom aspects of Independence Day, while being the “flip side” of Labor Day. It would be an additional day for fireworks, but at this time celebrating the ingenuity, creativity, and drive of the American BUSINESS OWNER (be they small, medium or large) to be established as an entrepreneur, and where the idea of individual business ownership itself is SUPPORTED AND ENCOURAGED. There would also be a “Thanksgiving Black Friday” type element associated with this Holiday, in that ALL discounted retail purchases made on that day would ALSO be free of the consumption tax. It will be a great Day of Freedom, unlike any other celebrated beforehand in American history, as a FREE PEOPLE celebrates and exercises their right to pursue their dreams of starting their business(es) without any bureaucratic restraints. The true Patriot spirit that was always within them will have been unleashed, and they will now maximize their life’s potential for their own benefit, for that of their families, and for our Nation. In closing, I want to say that the combination of a 1 Black man / 1 Woman ticket is best. It would be difficult to attack, and virtually unbeatable because the Black man can’t be considered sexist, and the Woman can’t be considered racist. Two Liberal “cards” would be down and out of play right there. The Country, understandably, would by now be very wary of the possibility of TWO Black men being on one ticket (if Allen West declared his candidacy,won the nomination, and chose Herman, or vice versa), or if there was a possibility of TWO women being one one ticket (if Sarah Palin declared her candidacy, won the nomination, and chose Michele, or vice versa). The perception of the latter would most likely be that “two women can’t share the same kitchen”. Either of these scenarios would be overloaded and out of balance. If West and Palin entered the race, there would be a total of eight combinations possible of 1 Black man / 1 Woman on the ticket, including Cain and Bachmann. However, I think the Bachmann/Cain combination (in that order) would be best, because again, Allen West would be an outstanding Secretary of Defense, and Sarah Palin would be an excellent Secretary of Energy (Czarina of Energy?) because of her experience and successful dealings with the oil companies while she was Governor of Alaska. She will help to develop a coherent National Energy Strategy by revamping things in her particular role, and get them running to where they should be most effective, in terms of developing our own natural resources. Other possible Cabinet selections can include John R. Bolton for Secretary of State, Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General. and Paul Ryan for Treasury Secretary. Perhaps Mark R. Levin and Jay Alan Sekulow can even be the next Supreme Court Justice nominees to be considered, in order to begin replacement of the two illegal appointments of Sotomayor and Kagan made by Obama, should he be impeached for his ineligibility to hold office. Together, all these individuals with all of their combined skills will make a formidable team, and will GET THE JOB DONE of saving our Country, and restoring us back to the Constitutional Republic which was originally intended by America’s Forefathers.

    • Philip: juse a suggestion: for ever 5-6 sentences you should put in a paragraph break. I can’t even focus on your post to read it.

  • Ok so you Ron Paul supporters that support the idea of closing Guntonimo bay, were would you rather imprision Terrorist Suspects? It need’s to stay open.

  • Federal Reserve Michele Bachmann never supported TARP she voted against it.

  • and she didn’t vote for the stimulas either, in fact she was one of the most vocal opponents to the stimulas.

  • All the candidates would be better than our current President. I like all of them. They are Great!!!! I wish they would all win! Every one of them has great ideas for this country and is willing to do what is needed to pull us out of our downfall. None of the current Republican candidates have any flaws. They all care about this country and the people who live here. They all want to help us and I think all of them deserve our support.

  • Bill: Ron Paul predicted years before 9-111 that sanctioning Iraq, which caused at least tens of thousands to die from starvation, and occupying the mideast would cause blowback terrorism, and it DID. He predicted years before the NASDAQ bubble burst that it would haappen due to easy low interest credit, and it DID. He predicted years before the housing and global debt crisis, that bubbles would form and burst, and they DID. He predicted that having to confront the debt crisis and start cutting expenses would cause increasing class warfare demonstrations, and it DID. He finally got the Federal Reserve partially audited, which he has been attempting for years. He said we are probably sending lots of money to overseas banks, and we WERE/ARE. Just because a lot of people don’t want to listen to you does not make you wrong. In fact Ron Paul has frequently been the only, or one of the few congressman to openly predict these problems. The fact that sometimes he is the only one who seem to know what is going on is not a negative. In any other field than politics it would be considered remarkable. The fact that sometimes know one seems to listen is because partisan politics makes you agree with parties and not ideas.

  • They say Ron Paul is extreme. They are right. He is extremely bright, extremely principled, extremely consistent, and extremely correct on his predictions. The fact that he is extremely different than other Republicans is extremely refreshing.

  • Ron Paul 82% BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • If Ron Paul wins the nomination, then say hello to 4 more years of Obumer.

  • This poll shows that Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination. Yes I did read where he shows with 1% of the votes cast. I say this because while we Conservatives out number the Moderates or as some would say “Progressive” Republicans we are divided among many good Conservative candidates. The Progressives only have one guy and they greatly outnumber us when we are so divided among so many candidates.

  • Too bad this is just another Paul Bot spammed joke of a poll. Paul Supporters are like Democrats. Vote often. Just like 13 year old girls going to see Titanic 20 times each doesn’t make it the most viewed or most popular movie of it’s time, just the highest grossing because of 13 year old girls, Paul Bots skewing numbers means noting. Especially when they skew it to 75% which is clearly a joke. He’s not even leading in Texas where he’s from! Neither is Perry! CAIN IS! The University of Iowa poll of 1245 registered voters likely to vote in the primary, 25% vote for Cain, 20% for Paul, and that’s a poll that is truly scientific done by the Political Science department and Paul Bots couldn’t rig or cheat on it. So they can shove their poll fixing stupidity.

    • I really do not buy off that Ron Paul is this popular. What I think is happening is that Paul supporters scour the internet for polls to pad and then they do. Paul is a faux candidate with questionable supporters such as: David Duke, Nazi’s, KKK, Communists, Brothels, islamists, and rapid anarchists, etc. I agree with Allen H. this poll is unscientific and padded with Paul Bots that are skewing the numbers. His strict isolationism is going to get American’s in greater danger abroad. Islamists attacks around the world are not because of Western values and intrusions. They are caused by a violent ideology that wants to implement a worldwide islamic rule (caliphate). And they are getting darn close to doing that.

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  • Christian Persecution World Russia Declares ‘Holy War’ On Islamic State

    Russia Declares ‘Holy War’ On Islamic State

    The Orthodox Christian Church, which is reclaiming its traditional role in post-Soviet Russia, has just described its government’s fight against the Islamic State and other jihadi groups in Syria as a “holy war.”

    According to Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the Church’s Public Affairs Department,

    The fight with terrorism is a holy battle and today our country is perhaps the most active force in the world fighting it. The Russian Federation has made a responsible decision on the use of armed forces to defend the People of Syria from the sorrows caused by the arbitrariness of terrorists. Christians are suffering in the region with the kidnapping of clerics and the destruction of churches. Muslims are suffering no less.

    This is not a pretext to justify intervention in Syria.

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  • 2nd Amendment Faith Oregon Shooting – When Tragedy Happens Let’s Focus On The Cause And Not The Tools Used

    Oregon Shooting – When Tragedy Happens Let’s Focus On The Cause And Not The Tools Used

    While the blood was still dripping from those martyrs who, in front of an evil man armed with a gun, asked them if they were Christians and those strong in the faith said they were. He shot them in the head. While those who were lost or weak said nothing he spared their lives and shot them in their legs.

    Barrack Hussein Obama angrily ran to the cameras to use this opportunity to say that guns being in the hands of the law-abiding Americans is the problem, and we need to restrict the 2nd amendment to spare the lives of “we the people.”

    This is nuts; guns do not kill people, people kill people! You can test this fact in your own home right now. (Do not worry no one will get hurt).

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  • 2nd Amendment Faith Gun Free Zones Are Killing Zones

    Gun Free Zones Are Killing Zones

    How did you feel when you heard of the shootings in Oregon this week? Was the first thing that came to your mind the thought that if we only had stricter gun control legislation, this kind of tragedy could have been prevented?

    If you listened to idiotic liberals, like President Barack “Insane” Obama, you might believe that. It is my contention that liberalism is a mental disorder based on the rejection of God and His principles, and extreme irresponsibility.

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  • National Where’s the Beef, in Republican candidates, in 2015?

    Where’s the Beef, in Republican candidates, in 2015?

    What type of Republican Leader do you want in 2015?

    As we look at elections coming up quickly in 2015, as well as the very important 2016 election cycle, what type of “Republican” leaders do you want to shape the future of your county and country?

    Do you ever wonder why it is that the current crop of Republicans are not declaring, at every media interview, “These ills have been brought to you by the Democrat Party!” when speaking of Obamacare, the hordes of immigrants being allowed to destroy our country, the Iranian nuclear treaty, the “Black Lives Matter” racial division rhetoric, the attack on the defense of marriage, the 94 million Americans not currently in the work force,

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  • National Child protection services Sentences Baby To Death ON 9/11/2015

    Child protection services Sentences Baby To Death ON 9/11/2015

    Child protection services should be self-explanatory based on the simplicity of its name. But they are doing exactly opposite of their name in many places. Wynne, Arkansas is one such place.

    A baby has been sentenced to death and will be executed on Friday, September 11, 2015 and Arkansas Department of HUMAN SERVICES (DHS) – Division of Children and Family Services- Central Office will facilitate the delivery of the baby’s 10-year-old to the abortion clinic.

    On August 29, 2015 20-year-old Justin Smith was arrested and charged with three counts of rape and one count of endangering the welfare of a minor. His “alleged” victim is a 10-year-old.

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