Secession Discussion And Limited Government – In Honor Of Champions Of Freedom On Independence Day

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Because we live in the Land of the Free, it is common place for Americans to engage in much discussion about those issues of which we are concerned.  This takes place in our homes at family gatherings, at the work place during breaks and lunch time, in our recreational time with family and friends, and at political rallies and town hall meetings.  It is one of the ways in which we practice the exercise of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  And practice that exercise we must if we are to preserve the freedoms affirmed thereof.  Freedom requires faith, courage, virtue, restraint, a belief in oneself and respect for the property of others.

Our leaders have often proven themselves to be unreliable in diligently standing up for the safeguards provided by the Constitution.  Laws are passed and votes are obtained on the basis of various pork projects received by “suddenly enlightened” legislators in order to get their votes rather than relying upon objective and honest debate in order to discern the merits of those bills.  Government at all levels often fails to act with prudent restraint.  Concerned citizens are now becoming disposed to taking on more active roles.  Taking an active role is one authentic way in which we can honor and preserve our heritage.  The Tea Party phenomenon is one of the ways in which this manifests itself.  Getting involved in supporting good candidates is another way.

Recently I heard someone say in the privacy of a home but in all seriousness, that secession should be considered by one or more States.  I argued that this was a bit like overhauling an engine before checking everything else out simply because the engine is not running smoothly.   But as outlandish as that might sound, secession, or at least passing thoughts thereof, or at least thoughts of nullification of overreaching federal mandates, is in the air; and, in at least one instance was considered to be a topic worthy of discussion.  Why is that so?

Though the slope angle changes from year to year, the federal government continues to grow in an unceasing manner; and, though the rate of growth slows down sometimes (e.g., during the terms of Ronald Reagan), it nonetheless continues to grow.  The Saul Alinski followers made up of left wing zealots and “community organizers” continue their rant against private property and capitalism.  Their incremental success in implementing the “overwhelm the system” plans of Cloward and Piven continue apace and are evident in the proliferation of “Acorn” type organizations bent on increasing the number of government-dependent victims, while decreasing the number of Americans who remember what freedom requires, who yearn to breathe free air, and who still possess the courage to seek it.

Will these zealots ever be satisfied?  Nothing in the 20th century or even the last half of the 19th century, or any other century for that matter even remotely suggests that those who put their faith in centrist type governments and centrist managed economies will ever be able to say no to the next step.  That is why a Conservative is always pictured as being in the “Far Right” when he is actually in the middle, and a so-called moderate, by continuing to agree to demands of small bites, but nonetheless never asks for a change in direction, contributes to the end game of the left wing zealots.  In truth but speaking symbolically, the far right would be King George III and much farther right would be Adolf Hitler.  The far left would be Nancy Pelosi and even farther left would be Lenin.  Just as Columbus sailed west trying to reach the East, the far left and far right meet on common ground.  The central government dominates all commerce and indeed all thought.  Only the rationale for how they got there and to “justify” their system is different.  Those who believe in limited government are truly in the middle.

Recently Van Jones made a speech in which he states that “we are being lied to” and he goes on to cite three of the alleged lies.  If distorting the true sense of the truth is a lie, then Van Jones would have to be guilty of that which he accuses as is demonstrated below.

Alleged Lie No. 1:  America is Broke.  Van Jones’ answer to which the room joined in chanting:  America is NOT broke.  Comment:  From the point of view of community organizers, America is not broke as long as at least part of the population is working and they have not yet given all of their earnings to someone else.  Our very freedom and economic well being is at stake if we do not bring a halt to the debt ceiling.

Alleged Lie No. 2:  If we were to tax the super rich, the super wealthy, that it would somehow hurt America’s economy and be a job killer.  Comment:  No attempt was made to show that the rich already pay a higher taxation rate.  Basic common sense would say that the more one pays in taxes the less one has to invest in entrepreneurial pursuits.  Taxing the rich punitively only makes sense to someone devoted to growing a central government at the expense of free enterprise.  No attempt was made to show that Republicans have consistently, and it might be argued erroneously, supported bracketed income tax rates.

Alleged Lie No. 3:  The most patriotic thing we can do now is to hate on America’s government, try to dismantle it, defund it, tear it down, and wreck it.  Comment:  That is an interesting statement in context of the Harvard study that the Fourth of July turns kids into Republicans.  In other words, celebrating our Independence and the Constitution under which we live somehow causes Conservatives to want to wreck America.  A desire for limited government to preserve our freedom should not be confused with hatred of our government.

While meeting resistance every step of the way, the left wing secular progressives continue their relentless march.  By dominating the media, the entertainment industry, organized labor and our educational system they have been quite successful and have become rather confident in their ability to “change America”.  The fundamental Constitutional concept of limited powers assigned to the federal government by the States, and not the other way around, continues to be eroded.  The power of bureaucratic agencies created by Congress continues to grow unchecked and is beginning to resemble the system of bureaucratic agencies created by the Russian czars.  The continued dilution of the sovereignty of the individual States making up the United States of America threatens the very liberty that we celebrate each Independence Day on the fourth of July.  Carried to its extreme, “We the People” (but not the States), begins to resemble euphemistic ideas like “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” and the “Green Revolution” of Col. Omar Gaddafi.  For the sake of liberty, and our unity, we must restore the limitations imposed by the Constitution which includes respect for State sovereignty.

It would be an act of uncommon wisdom for the States to mutually agree to assert their individual sovereignties.  It is unfortunate that the Texas State Legislature had a wonderful opportunity to lead the way in this regard over the issue of overreaching TSA “groping without cause” but failed to meet the test.  It is vital that the citizens of Texas, and that of all of the States, require their future elected officials to become champions of limited government and champions of maintaining the proper boundaries between Federal and State government.

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