Are You Ready For United States of Islam This 4th Of July?

July 2, 2011 1:55 pm 2 comments

Reporter with The Barnabas Aid from London revealed this week that in UK from all places, counter terrorism “expert” has called upon the world’s muslim population to form a single islamic state.

Dr Kamal el-Helbawy, Chairman of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism, told the Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Shorouq that it would be called “the United States of Islam”.

I propose that the Arab peoples who demonstrated for the sake of the revolution, so they could move from the stage of oppression and corruption to the stage of stability and security, organise themselves from now on and set a deadline – five or 10 years – [and] take to the streets with the slogan ‘The Arab People Wants to Remove the Borders [Between Its Countries]’… These borders were drawn up by imperialist nations, making our rulers guardians of imperialist borders.

Dr Helbawy said that the Muslim Brotherhood was already organised in 80 countries…Our affiliation is to Islam. The global state of Islam is our ideal.

This is sadly another confirmation that Hussein obama who is supposed to be President of the United States of America is empowering our enemy to grow stronger even as he weakens our nation with the longest jobless state since the Great Depression. It was obama & hillary clinton who jointly placed islamic brotherhood on the table in Egypt and now have empowered them in many nations.

It is time we stand up strong and fight for Freedom from democratic party leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Harry Reid as well as inside the beltway Rinos in the Republican party who are empowering our enemy by lying through their teeth as they repeat the false propaganda that “islam is a religion of peace”! 2012 is around the corner!

Pollsters are checking the heartbeat of our nation. Is your heartbeat for freedom beating yet, and are you ready to unite our nation against this grave threat of islam? Or would you rather wait until we are facing a worldwide force of islam ready to use nuclear, chemical and biological weapons on all of us as they already have been caught trying to use WMD in Texas and around the nation!

1993 bombing under the clintons should have been the wake up call, but unfortunately, it took 9/11 to wake our nation up for a few months. Sadly the State Department misled President George W. Bush to join in the chorus that islam is a religion of peace, despite 1388 years of historical record to the contrary!

As long as we avoid the core root of the problem, we will continue fighting shadows of islam , rather than the core root problems. In this interview, we were warned of what would happen if we backed only political solutions to a war of islam on nonmuslims:

From the beginning of islam, mohammad began with raids of terror on peaceful nonmuslim nations. He and his apostles would give other nations ultimatums: Either accept islam or face the wrath of muslims! Earliest muslim sources for this reality include “The History of al-Tabari: Vol. 08″ and “Book of conquests of the lands” written around 800 A.D. by famous muslim historian – ahmad bin yahya al-baladhuri kitab futuh al-buldan as well as famous muslim biography of mohammad by Ibn Ishaq and the many recorded trusted hadiths by famous early muslim scholar imam bukhari.

Subsequently, muslims continued this pattern from beginning of islam throughout the last 14 centuries:

  • As early as 630 A.D., when mohammad had not died from the poison given to him by the woman he raped, he launched the Tabuk Crusades, in which he led 30,000 muslim jihadists against Christian nations. Amazingly the whole attack was instigated by a rumor, which a true prophet would have known to be false. But once the troops were out for conquest, mohammad made sure to force many cities to accept islam by the power of the sword.
  • 633 A.D. – The Muslim Crusaders are led by Khalid Al-Walid, a bloodthirsty military commander, whom mohammad called “the Sword of Allah” for his ferocity in battle (islamic source of Al-Tabari, 8:158). They ruthlessly attacked innocents and terrorized lands until they brought Iraq under the forceful submission of islam. Blood Canal is named after Khalid for how to the glory of islam, he had blood flowing in the streets (islamic source Al-Tabari 11:24).
  • 634 A.D. – Another Christian nation of Syria was attacked by muslim crusaders and terrorists. Osama bin Laden draws great inspiration from the Battle of Yarmuk while quoting Khalid al-Walid.
  • 635 A.D. – Muslim Crusaders besiege and conquer of Damascus
  • 638 A.D.- Muslim Crusaders needleslly attack Jerusalem to force islam on the peace loving Christians there.
  • 638-650 A.D. – Muslim Crusaders attack Persia and force them to submit to islam
  • 639-642 A.D. Muslim Crusaders attack and brutally murder so many innocents until they conquer Egypt.
  • 643-707 A.D. Muslim Crusaders continue to attack Sudan, Tunisia, and hosts of other nations in North Africa until the people are either dead , converted by the threat of the sword of islam or accept the islamic rule of higher taxation of nonmuslims to fund islamic tortures of other lands.

This 4th of July, I pray we remember the cry to God and neighbors that brought about our great nation and join in the chorus shouting:




  • I wouldn’t have a problem if the Middle Eastern states wanted to unite like the E.U. did. There would be economic advantages for them to do so which may be a good thing. The obvious caveat to that is that they need to turn into a civilized population rather than the savage exporters of hate that they’ve become.

  • American Christian/ Patriot

    America was conceived and born as a CHRISTIAN nation! Do not take my word for it, read the Constitution and the words of our Founding Fathers for yourselves! As as Christian Nation, and a Republic, we were set up to allow all religions freedom to worship as they please within our borders…but NOT ONE the freedom to usurp our Christian faith, or to take over our government, which is a government OF THE PEOPLE!
    We fought a terrible war to free our necks from the yokes of bondage from one dictator, who denied us the right to worship as we pleased: and now it appears we have a president who is in secret collusion with the most savage political/religious cult the world has ever known, in an effort to lock that yoke back around our necks…an effort that will lead to more bloodshed than the blood of WW2 and VIETNAM combined!
    Americans, PLEASE, you MUST fight against this creeping blight of ISLAM! Not only does your religious freedom depend on it, the lives of your sons and daughters are at stake! Islam is NOT a religion of peace! It is a Cult of Death!! And it is the death of all you hold dear that is being sold out…by your own government! Pray for America!!

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