Bibles Or Bullets?

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Perhaps you are already aware that it was Robert Winthorp, an early Speaker of the House of Representatives who said; “Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or a power without them. Either by the Word of God or the strong arm of man, either by the Bible or the bayonet.” I am sharing my article though in a similar and perhaps updating thought to Congressman Winthorp’s quote that it has come down to American’s choosing the Christian Bible or the (US Government’s)bullet that we Americans must swallow. It is after all “men who need to be controlled” that remains an issue today just as it was for our American Fore Fathers. This indeed is a matter of the heart. Jeremiah 17:9 declares “The heart /is/ deceitful above all /things/, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Let’s all finally be honest and settle it in our souls that we as a nation and a people have largely rejected God and instead, have placed “man” at the helm of our country and we are in deep dog do-do because of it. I know I am already making many “Libertarians” burning red with quoting Congressman Winthrop statement of “being controlled” however the disaster in its making for our nation for the rejection of God’ Word has not even reached its fullness of potential yet regarding calamities, but I’m telling you; unless American’s repent individually and corporately to God, we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet !”

It’s all as if America has become schizophrenic towards God and His Word. If you are not familiar with the mental illness of schizophrenia, it might be difficult for you to understand this sickness and correlation between our nation and the issues carried with the disease. Schizophrenia is a mental illness by which it takes a person’s mind captive to disillusionment and we see it manifested in untreated or undiagnosed people’s lives though activities such as speaking with imaginary persons, or that they themselves are someone that they in reality are not. Some would say those with schizophrenia act like a contradiction of who they really are. America has become like that… a “contradiction” or perhaps we might call ourselves instead an oxymoron in terms of who we are as a people. Here, let me clarify further, we call ourselves “Christians” but we in many respects do not follow the teachings of Christ. We call our nation “home of the brave” in our national anthem, but we are terrified to do anything about corruption or unconstitutional activities by many of our government agents (sorry Bubba, but I tell you again and again that throwing empty or even full beer cans at the TV don’t count). We call our form of government a “republic” but by and large, our nation is run by and controlled by a small percentage of (non government) bankers and individuals called the “Federal Reserve.”

This past week, I viewed some TV broadcasts from the USA of the Casey Anthony Trial. I heard many of the TV pundits, reporters, commentators that were “outraged” at the “not guilty verdict.” Some of those TV folks were very angry and visibly upset at this verdict. I was not surprised however, nor was I “floored”, “overwhelmed” or anything else described by many of these TV guests/hosts and so on. I only viewed more of America’s “schizophrenia” and therefor I see America getting a glimpse and or reflection of it’s real self. That’s right, a poor little baby girl was murdered and a women who did not report her child missing for over 30 days, lied to police, went out partying while her daughter laid buried and hid from others and it shows America really who and what we have become as a nation. We are after all, a  schizophrenic” nation. We want justice for this baby girl murdered but we the allowed over 50 million(that’s million !) babies to be murdered through abortion. Why haven’t we heard outrage at those 50 million babies being killed ? We want justice for all but only when it’s convenient for us right ? No you say ? Well, How about that pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag ? Is it not stated in the pledge in part; “…. and justice for all.” Hmmmmmmmmm, seems like another “schizophrenic” issue for America doesn’t it ?

In keeping with the topic of the Casey Anthony murder trial, and America’s schizophrenic attitude, I wish to conclude by sharing this thought; many legislators in the State of Florida and other states are calling for a “Caylee’s law” whereby a parent must immediately or within a specific time period report a child’s death to the police. This for some, is a good new law proposal and, or, a “no brainer” and something necessary. I ask you however, what can be said of any society that makes yet another law to legislate the heart of the people?  To my knowledge, the USA already has more laws than any other nation in the world. People still break laws and we have more people incarcerated in jails and prisons than any other nation in the world, despite having more laws than any other nation. We cannot continue to have a split heart, we cannot continue to live as a contradiction of who we are. More laws will not help. We have become schizophrenic due to our own negligence towards the Christian Bible and God Himself. We are either followers of God, who is all loving, all faithful and knows the very best for us, or we are secularists following “man” willing to be governed to “death” with a final bullet to our God-given liberty and freedom.

Times a wastin’! Which do you want ? Bibles or Bullets?


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