Obama Chooses To Stop Social Security, Veterans and Disability Checks First?

July 13, 2011 9:36 am 40 comments

In a stunning fabrication of the truth, Barack Obama told CBC News’ Scott Pelley that there is no guarantee that Social Security, veterans benefits and disability checks will be mailed out if he doesn’t get a deal to increase the Federal debt and increase taxes on the American people.

“I cannot guarantee that those checks go out…if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it…this is not just a matter of Social Security checks. These are veterans checks, these are folks on disability and their checks. There are about 70 million checks that go out.”

It’s certainly frightening when the President of the United States states that we are two weeks away from a total meltdown. Seniors will not have money to pay their light bill or buy groceries. Disabled people will starve and become homeless. This type of scare tactic would frighten anyone into putting extra pressure on those evil Republicans to give Obama the extra debt that he demands.

There’s only one problem with his statement. It’s a total lie.

According to the Daily Treasury Statesments published by the U.S. Treasury Department, the ongoing flow of federal tax revenue since the Treasury declared that it had hit the debt limit on May 16 has been more than sufficient to cover the combined costs of federal spending on interest payments, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Veterans Affairs department and federal workers wages and insurance benefits (including wages and insurance benefits for military personnel).

Why would the president choose to target seniors, veterans and the disabled before cutting spending on the thousands of wasteful federal projects? He’s using them as political pawns.

Would the president really punish our seniors before he would stop sending foreign aid to countries that hate us? Would he put the disabled out on the streets before making reductions to the dozens of redundant federal programs and ridiculous projects invented to waste stimulus money on?

A good president does his best to reassure the American people – Not fabricate lies in order to incite their anger towards his political enemies. We know that Obama wants to increase the debt and waste that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for, but now we see that he’s willing to do it at all costs.

How’s that “hope and change” working for you?



  • Mark Stevens

    I am a medically retired SSG that was in the U.S. Army. I was medically retired in 2008 because of my injuries sustained in Iraq. I still don’t have full use of my left hand, which is the hand I write with, my back pain flares up any time I do something physical for longer then 15 or 20 minutes. I am working with the VA to get back into college using the vocational rehab program so I can learn to do a job that doesn’t include road marches, shooting, blowing crap up with artillery setting up road blocks, etc… I was a 13F30, which is a fire support specialist. Basically we are trained in land navigation, calling for fire using artillery, mortars, close air support or naval gun fire. We are also trained in infantry tactics, along with some other training. All I know is the military, so it’s taking some time to try to get used to life outside of the military. I suffer from PTSD, TBI, and my memory isn’t what it used to be because of head injuries. I live off of my SSDI, and VA paycheck, and since all my injuries were combat related I also qualified for CRSC. My question is, what am I supposed to do if the President has his way? I have a wife, a 7 year old son, and two dogs. Are we going to have to live in a cardboard box?? How do I feed my family? My income is what we rely on, not only will I lose the house I’m renting, but I will lose my vehicles, all my belonging, because I will have to sell them to pay for food. I wonder if the President would be willing to buy any of my stuff, or better yet, how about the two purple heart medals that I have. Anyone think he will buy them back? A leader is supposed to lead, to keep his people calm, and keep order. Do we really have a president that is actually black mailing congress into doing his will. It’s BLACK MAIL!!!! I’m sorry, but this man has damn near crippled this country. Wouldn’t black mail qualify for an impeachment? I don’t know what is going on, but it seems that he is not being held to the same standards of other people in his position. If the President actually does hold the money back, I guess I will be on a street corner with a sign saying “will work for food”. Maybe my family can sue him once I die from not being able to take my medications, because I don’t have an address they can be mailed to, nor a car to drive to the hospital. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this country is going down the tube very fast. It’s time for a change, impeach the bastard and get someone in there that will take charge, and get things done.

    SSG Stevens, Mark J.
    U.S. Army (ret.)

    • I have been a disabled vet since 1989 due to doctor incompitence. Thruout my life working jobs here and there my body has had enough. I now rely on the VA disablity checks ech month to survive. I am sure hundreds of others are in the same boat as I am. WHAT gives the president the right to cut off our checks when the problem is clear that they need to cut their own paychecks first to really show the people of this great nation that they really care about finding a solution to this problem. DO NOT make those who sacrificed their own bodies to keep FREEDOM alive suffer any more than they have too.

    • Dear SSG Stevens
      I am in the same boat as you sorry about the pun. I am a disabled coastie myself. It started as a knee problem now i have probs thruout my body. And upon completing 2 years of vocab paid college my back totally goes haywire. I rely on the the disablity to live sub standardly. Its a shame that we have to continue to suffer for the nation to be free. OF everything including DEBT.

      • I am on disability myself because of work injureys
        and other medical problems.If i dont get my disability check i wont be able to keep my oxygen n i am supose to use it 24/7 so this is life threatning to each of us that have to depend on our disability checks each month.we will all be living out of the streets i guess.would he live like that?I dont think so.

    • Impeach Obama now! I have 2 children on disability due to developmental delays and also have 1 other child. I can’t get a job becuz I don’t have enuff money to put my kids in daycare becuz of the economy. I mean really my kids and I live off disability to pay our rent and power things that we need and keep my kids in diapers. Impeach Obama and bring in Hillary Clinton even Bill Clinton. We had jobs with Bill and everything was affordable.

      • yes impeach him. he will not get my vote for re-election

      • I am a disabled veteran. Served my country as many others have. Just look at this we already have too many homeless veterans and homeless disabled U.S. citizens. I served for almost Ten years and was injured on active duty. Can’t even work I rely on my benefits. I will cut this conversation short. Imagine this. There are countries and people trying to destroy the USA. Imagine if Veterans compensation and SSI,SSD were cut off. I believe there would be total chaos in the USA. Violence all over. We already have too many suffering homeless Veterans and disabled and those who do receive income streach it to make ends meet. If all they receive stops I believe it would cause total violence in America and those countries that want to see America fall example 9/11 all they would have to do is sit back not participate and watch America destroy itself.I pray it does not happen,but if so all is lost. God bless you for allowing my comment. Oh are you a veteran or on disibility. Even if you are not thank you for allowing us to post our feelings and very important concerns

    • a child of god

      First of all, God bless you for all you have done in the army, I’ll pray for you and your family. We are currently living off of disability because of past surgeries to help me try to walk. They really should impeach this evil, Obama needs to be stopped. I am not threatening him, but all i am saying is, if he causes thousands of people to go homeless, he thinks the us people are mad now? hes going to be hiding scared in the corner with thousands after him.

    • FYI—this county has been going down the tubes for a long time, unfortunately you werent paying attention, you were ‘busy’ in Iraq, obviously not for this country’s benefit but for the personal benefit of your family, thats the cost and you have been paid in full, you sold your health for the promise of prosperity… to call the POTUS a bastard because you disagree with him or the blame placed on him shows your true patriotism, you just add to the cesspool that is responsible for the decline of this country…Like Kennedy said ‘ask not what your country can do for you ask what do you can for your country… being a soldier is not an enrollment in a benefit plan but a pledge and dedication of which you expressed neither but expect much and more that you give…maybe the cardboard box lifestyle will put you in touch with a few truths of being a serviceman to others and for other as well as self….that it and thats all…may peace be still in the midst of your storm

      • How dare you! I bet you never served a day in the service. Why don’t you go live in a cardboard box, and while you’re toughing it out like the real trooper you claim to be, you can take some time to think about how stupid and disrespectful your comments are to our disabled vets that are OWED the upmost respect and support from the country they protected and served… at a great cost you can’t even put a price tag on. Mmmppphhhffff! Peace, out.

      • Until you have put the uniform on and have born the battle you need to keep your Liberal thoughts to yourself.

    • I stated working at the age of 16. I am not 35. I find myself in a state that I can know longer hold a job the pain is just too bad. I had to move back home with my parents in 2009. However my father passed away in August of 2009, my mother passed away in March of 2011. All I am left with is a house that I can’t pay for because my Social Security Disablity will not go through. I have tried to get assistence from Job and Family Services, all that I receive is food stamps. What are food stamps when you have know home to put them is or a stove to cook on? I can’t even go to a normal doctor I have to go to the Health Department, because I have no money to pay for a regular doctor, there is also work that they want to do on my back and I can’t even do that because no hospital or doctor is going to do the work unless I can prove I can pay or I have healthe insurance. I know I started to pay into FICA when I first got my job at the age of 16. Social Security and the Welfare System was first thought of by Fanklin D Roosevelt and now your saying that all that money I don’t have a right to. That is a bunch of BullS____….

  • monica howard

    I am a single mother of 3 childrens and I have a disable child and I have to go back and forth out of town so she can get the right treatment for her care just brought a vehicle so I can rely and be able to take my child back and forth to her specialist if I loose her social security I want be able to but her 8 bottle of medicines that she is taking and want be able to have the vehicle anymore I really rely on on the check to pay for her meds if the President let us down me and my kids want have a roof over our heads or a vehicle its very hard now Im begin to worry this could affect everyone and kill them please dont let this happen we are the American People. Some elders cant afford to buy the medicines dont misreat us I dont have nothin but to try to raise my kids we are human not trash lets put them in our shoes and they see how it feel and destroying families and kids and love ones dont let this happen to the Americian People have a heart stop sending billions to Iraq.

  • I have a disabled son and use his money to pay part of my rent .If it is true that obama is saying this to get a debt increase,does he not know of effect it will have on the stock market.When people are not confident in the economy or consumer spending I know it gets effected. Obama could do more damage with his speach then getting what he wants. Every one is scared right now and they need a president to lead them with confidence and bravery and a work together attitude not threats. does any one agree with me?

  • To those who suffer and cannot physically defend their rights to EAT, LIVE, AND PUT BREAD ON THE TABLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN, its time you all rest easy, you have fought and fought long enough, listen not to the elite leaders with soft hands, regular people like me who have not fought in iraq will make sure to do what you all did for us initially, and that is MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED RIGHT HERE, people will defend you my brothers in all capacities, I dont like war but I have always liked the warriors who fight for the generals who refuse to, keep your chins up.

  • Dawn Monaco

    I think it is disgusting if this does happen. I myself recieve disability. I work part time because I can not manage to pay my bills,rent & medicine & doctors on what I recieve monthly. I am having to take pain medication to work part time also.
    Obama needs to rethink this & take the healthy people off of welfare put them to work. That’s were our country will get back most of there money. I see people that are healthy drive new cars have brand name clothes, expensive cell phones using food stamps. While I & millions of other people struggle daily to make it by the skin of our teeth. OBAMA I prey you do not get elected another term. You screwed up our country enough.


    • I hate to tell you & everyone else but, regardless of who the president is, they all are going to be the same because the world is fixed on a “me first” attitude. Only God can fix this problem & bring an end to all the wrong doing going on. Yes, this president is just as bad as Bush was & the president after Obama is gonna be just as bad so, we just better make sure our lives are right with God & wait for him to take care of the matter.

  • Bruce Turner

    Is it not true that the president cannot stop these checks. I thought irt was the Congress that stopped them if necessary. Also on ssdi and VA disability

  • yes its time for him to go. I voted for him but this time I’m voting for hillary. obama you wrong. you try make tha world come to an end

  • i am no body but i feel that if vets,disabled,and seniors checks are held back… then i say why should congress and the presidents pay checks arrive….?! after all our tax dollars pay for those pay check too!

  • dianna & dean

    yes, i work long hours and worked 7 days a week no days off or vacation ever and those 7 days aweek are anywhere from 14 hours to 17 hours a day.and i see people on welfare checks that do not need them as i am a critical care nurse in home for people who are sick but can’t stay inthe hospital. but some of the people that i care for play pool run 5 miles and do what ever yhey want some are very ill. me i am 60 years old have a herniate disc upper and lowwer spine and ostoarthritis in spine and knee’s along w/ having ms. don’t think it helps my health working as i do and the stress of the job and driving lifting but the neuro doctor said i would be a strain on our system if i went on disability so i never tries for it i just work and i fall alot which could be very dangerous not just for me but my patients. and i have p.n. i have worked at this job since 1970. i have paid alot of taxes and would like to retire i joked about it but now i see it most likely will come true i will probly die working as i have more health problems than i said here. and to think our military ,vets disability, and our seniors may die from being out on the street. but we can send money abroad and nothing for here for our people in need and those people paid taxes at one time. and i am paying taxes for their help not for overseas… but here at home. and someday i thought that my tax dollars might help me but i just see that in washington the checks paid by tax dollars are not being held back. if the other checks do not go out then the ones there in washington should be held back too i agree w/ dean on that. i strugle everyday just to live and i know what it is to hurt and i know most on disability could not live w/out the help and our seniors so helpless…not right!!!!!


  • I’m a single mother and I use to be married until I got divorced in 2009. My daughter lives with her father and her father is on disability. they practically survive on it and if obama can’t come up with an agreement before 8-2-11 then my daughter will have to drop out of school and live with me while her father is in a homeless shelter. this makes me very angry and I don’t like the fact that obama is making threats and is a bad president. I’m speaking the truth I would rather have hilary clinton as our president because she is more fair to our country. my daughter went to live with her dad 4 months ago and goes to a very good school, if she would have to move back with me, the schools where I live are terrible, I can’t move because of my job and my rent. she would have to drop out because she wouldn’t go to a very good school district over where I live. I don’t want her to be a drop out. and even though my husband and I are divorced I don’t want him to be in a homeless shelter. so please don’t cut off the checks. it is very important that you keep the checks flowing. if a lot of people go homeless, hungry, and loose everything, it would be like the great depression again. and why would we want to go back to it again? people need money to survive who can’t work. my aunt and my step-dad would be in the bad crisis too. my daughter is going to loose a lot of friends if she has to move and she will end up in depression. and this makes me feel very sad for my daughter because she won’t be able to see her dad and friends again. people on disability, veterans and retirment checks need their money than those stupid rich snobs.

  • I have family members that lives from both checks. Yet, it is ashame, my hope is not in the Republicans,the Democrats,a monthly check, or the president of the United States, my trust is in God. We got to put our trust in God and not in man. There was God before a montly check, there is God and there will alway be God. The just shall live by their faith.

    • I totally agree! I’m shocked of what I’m hearing. Im in my early 30′s and a few yrs ago do to a car accident I almost lost my leg and other complications. That put me on temporary disability. The man who hit me didn’t make it. I had just bought a house a few months before. The approval of disability was helpful ….just didn’t cover things. I knew it wouldnt b long that id fall behind and not b able to get caught up. I pushed my self and in six months I was on a cane but iback at work. In the end I lost my house. I’m cant imagine what ppl r going threw. I will keep those in my prayers. We’re not incontrol of men action. So keep da faith n believe n ur god.which ever religion u choose. I no dats what’s got me threw. We put to much faith in man. Think bout it if not Obama the next president too can also make decision we dnt agree with r isn’t in our favor. So if u continue to trust n any man……..u already set ur self up for feller. My god blessed ever 1 dat maybe effected bye man.

  • Maybe his b***h wife who is mad at him for having an affair supposedly should give up her threatened $500,000 shopping spree to we disabled VA types who ask for no such luxuries.

    No wonder the average American is fed up with Washington It is time for some kind of voter revolt and revolution to return the power to the average person.

    This really sucks I support myself , 2 small kids and a filipino wife on a small VA pension check that I have to have or WE DON’T EAT

    • Broke Soldier.

      The debt was caused by the Bush Administration, and the wars that got me (90% Rated)and a lot of you disabled. PRESIDENT Obama wants to raise the debt Ceiling to pay OUR pensions which WE Earned. All we have to do is tax the wealthiest One Percent; you know the “JOB CREATORS” who send jobs to South Africa (Johnson&Johnson) and Taiwan. This is called a Progressive tax policy. Adam Smith argued a tax should fall heaviest on houses with the greatest revenue-(this is the man who first wrote about Free Market Capitalism). He goes on to say that by freeing the wage earners from the burden of taxes causes them (US) to spend $, which causes sales to increase, which drives production which creates jobs…for people in Taiwan. OK that last part was me, but most note worthy economist figure that having taxes on the wealthy would reign in their influence on government and protect our individual rights. what we have now is a system designed by Elites, for elites. WE are looked down upon and called welfare rats, and leaches, while they horde their money, and buy our congress without paying their fair share, and then they slap a yellow ribbon on their Volvos’ and smile, because they think WE are too stupid to vote for our own best interest which is a liberal government with a liberal president and a progressive tax policy. The President cant magically make all these problems go away without support (Unless he were a tyrant like the last guy), and right now you guys are supporting the wealthy elites who drove this country into debt. As a result OUR benefits are in Jeopardy. So here is what we do. Go to Washington, and RIOT. Or sit back bend over lube up and take it in the rear by your wealthy republican party members.

      • Raising the debt ceiling is not the way to make this work. Progressiveism is not the way to make anything work as history shows us, it NEVER WORKS!

        The single greatest burden on this economy was effected by this administration! They spent more through stimulus and other spending to increase the size of government and take us to a 14 trillion dollar debt than all the presidents back 100 years combined and that value is adjusted for inflation!

        Stop blaming Bush for this. I agree we should not have targeted Iraq. There was something wrong in that line of thinking (hind site is 20/20) but this problem goes far beyond military spending for IRAQ and Afghanistan. That is just a drop in the bucket!

        I will say it again, why do we need to go into debt to save GM when our Veterans are suffering! The priorities of this Administration, if you can call them that, are really out of line!

  • I say if obama wants to take our money so we don’t have a place to live,why don’t we all go live with him so he can support us. I have to depend on my checks for my rent, my medcine and drs. how would he feel if he had to depend on his children to support him.

  • I am on Disability And I believe that all those women that stay home popping out kids needs to GO TO WORK! those deadbeat dads need to get a DARN job FORCE these people to work the Government needs to get off of their lazy butts and force these people that have nothing wrong with them but laziness to work Maybe then we wouldn’t be in such a deficit if we weren’t lining the pockets of the lazy and the government wasn’t paying them to be lazy we wouldn’t be in such debt! I have people on my street that have 4 kids and still having more.and since I lived here she has not had 1 job! as well as most of the people on my street and in My neighborhood. Tell Me why the USA can continue paying these lazy people that just want to sit at home or sell drugs etc.. money from the government but yet you pay them and threaten to take away the money from the people who REALLY NEED IT!!!

  • Why are our veterans suffering with “no money in the coffers” when we still have millions sitting around from the last stimulus? On that same line of thinking, why was it we were so quick to run up our debt to save GM but we are so ready to just let our Veterans go without their promised benefits? Something is seriously wrong with the priorities of this administration (if you can even call it that).

  • Felice Madison

    I know that everyone else as well as myself is TIRED of the BS going on in and with our Government. They need money. Well here are a few suggestions. First get rid of all the aids to aids. Second everyone in our government take a pay cut without raises. Third stop paying past officials they pay they had when they were working in D.C. along with protection and flying all over. Fourth I understand about third world countries and helping out but come on people wake up take care of our own first and foremost.

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