Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller And Brigitte Gabriel Are Now Open Targets Of Muslim Supporters!

July 13, 2011 6:15 pm 3 comments

The proponents of the islamophobia propaganda have a new ally: SPLC. In an article , this well funded group has launched an open attack on any who speak out on the truth of islam.

This is obviously another step of creeping sharia law coming on our soil against fellow Patriots whose only “crime” is telling the truth about islam.

The SPLC is first targeting 10 leaders in our nation who put their lives on the line to expose the imminent national security threat to our country. These heroes are going to need our financial support NOW since the liberal pro-muslim group fighting them has $251 Million dollars in assets with $35 Million dollars in annual revenues; as well as the sad support of hussein obama administration and the mind numbed media centers and politicians in both parties!

If you have not donated to these heroes lately, this is a great time to start! They are fighting for the future of America and the Free world, against the constant onslaught of oil funded islamic attacks on our constitutional rights alongside of their liberal allies in our nation!

Here is a quick profile of 3 of the heroes:

Robert Spencer is a brilliant outspoken author who knows more about islam and muslim history than 99% of muslims around the world! He has a powerful website: which provides vital updates on the constant war of faithful muslims against nonmuslims around the world. He is the author of numerous well researched books. His debates with muslim propaganda leaders are respectful, knowledgeable and always victorious. The following video is one example of a reasonable suggestion to stop islamophobia without bowing down to islam:

Pamela Geller is a fellow Patriot who has done a fabulous job of reminding us of true islam. The updates on her website is always timely! Her tireless work to stop islamization of our nation has opened many eyes. One of her famous projects included her work with Robert Spencer, opening our eyes to the dangerous follow up to 9/11, with the Ground Zero mosque center featured in their movie:

Brigitte Gabriel is an American Mom who came to our great nation from Lebanon. As an Arab Christian teenager, her family was shocked when her majority Christian nation of Lebanon was taken over by muslims, since they had wrongly thought the muslims coming over for education were mostly peace loving neighbors. After so many were brutally murdered by muslim neighbors, Brigitte had to run for her life.

After 9/11, when she saw islam propaganda proclaiming islam as “religion of peace”, she knew she had to do something or the nation she loves so much, would suffer the fate of many other nations who have succumbed to the same tactic used by faithful muslims over the last 1300 years. She is a regular speaker at Heritage Foundation, Sean Hannity and numerous popular Here is an introduction to her work at “Act For America”:

Since the opposition cannot win the honest intellectual battle, now they plan to hit these heroes below the belt. SPLC is the same group who sadly but successfully jailed legal immigration supporting land owners, who did not have the funds to support themselves agaist these powerful well funded leftist supporting group!



  • Ms. Informed

    Sorry, but this is horribly, horribly misinformed. I’d like to attempt to convince you that, of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, research shows only 1-5% could be considered radical. I probably cannot change your mind. You have indoctrinated with hate and xenophobia, hilariously, the same shallow rhetoric radical Muslims use to justify terrorism. My only advice is to attempt to see another perspective. You blame a religion (specifically Islam) for what are humanitarian failures. Radical Muslims aren’t radical because of Islam, they’re radical because they’ve only ever been exposed to radical ideals via radical Muslims. They are taught by bad MEN, regardless of religious affiliation, from a very young age. I’m sure you grew up in a “Christian” household (quotation marks because hate is extremely un-Christian) where you learned, from a young age, that Christianity is the only way. Then, events in your country (namely 9/11) led you to take up the fight against “jihadists.”

    In summary, I ask you this: What, exactly, separates you from radical Muslims? You hate them, they hate you. You preach hatred, they preach hatred. Both of you (I’m making an assumption here, you can correct me) believe in the literal interpretation of your religious text, ignoring the obvious metaphorical value in the fables in it. Please, don’t quote the Bible, I could go on for hours about how the Bible allows a man to beat his wife for speaking, own slaves, etc, the Bible is just as outdated and inhumane as the Qu’ran. Sooo…. what’s the difference?

    Muslims aren’t evil people. Evil people are evil people. Religion isn’t to blame, the interpreters of it are. The most Christian thing you could do would be to try to win over evil men with the tolerance and respect they so vehemently would deny you.

    God bless,
    and thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Ms. uninformed, you reveal the foolishness of a western raised person who has no clue of islam. You say I am raised in a Christian home. Obviously you do not know of those of us raised in muslim homes in muslim nations. Look up the name of Faraj Foda, professor at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif muslim “harvard” University and you will discover that those who dare to speak the truth regarding islam, even famous muslim scholars, are shot to death at muslim universities. Open your eyes and study for a change before you gobble down what your western media and politicians are feeding you day and night. Despite what your President George Bush said, islam is NOT a religion of peace! For more details on this, I will share with you summaries of my findings in my other articles that you may open your mind to 1388 years of proven islamic history recorded directly in trusted islamic writings, because those of us raised in muslim families in muslim nations, know how we gloried in the murder of “infidel” nonmuslims. To call the terrorist a “radical muslim” is an insult to prophet mohammad founder of islam:“extremists-”/. For a summary of early islamic terrorist attacks starting 1388 years ago, please look up

    To find out how faithful muslims continued this practice to even have Thomas Jefferson shocked that he had to go buy a qur’an to verify for himself what muslim ambassador had told him was the islamic duty to enslave nonmuslims, read

    And if you believe you can hide here and promote islamic brotherhood takeover in the name of “democracy” in Egypt, you are sadly mistaken. For all over the muslim world, they are rejoicing after barak hussein obama empowered muslims to begin to build the new islamic caliphate to start uniting muslims to force United States to become subjected to islamic law

    And for the dumb people who actually believe that islamic inspired attacks have anything to do with just Israel or the Jews, listen to the words of final this loving Christian man who wanted nothing except humble equal right to life for his fellow Pakistani Mom , before faithful muslims murdered him:

    Don’t think that many of us who take chances to speak the truth about islam are doing this out of hatred. Don’t attack the blood of so many martyrs who have been loving to the last minute as faithful muslims tortured them to death for simply refusing to accept mohammad as prophet of God.

    For someone who is able to freely speak the truth about islam does not mean they hate the muslim, but rather the love of the person caught in the trap of islam. They want to do all they can to be free from the cult and political ideology that has murdered hundreds of millions of nonmuslims simply to obey the word of cult leader mohammad. To reveal the truth about Jim Jones or David Koresh to his followers so they would not suffer unnecessarily under their cultic views of life, and be dead today, is NOT hateful but most loving.

    As Bill Cosby said about his son who died of drug overdose, do all you can to intervene before it’s too late! Please remove your western blinders and see islam for what it has always been for almost 1400 years, and stop buying into western propaganda and politicians lying to you about islam!

  • Exposed smear campaign started by a Tennessee newspaper against Brigitte Gabriel:

    No matter where you live, please contact the editor or publisher, either by email or phone, and firmly but respectfully express your outrage at this article. Remember, this article is online and available for anyone in the world to read!

    a. Publisher Carol Hudler: 615-259-8303

    b. Editor Mark Silverman: 615-259-8003

    Post a comment online about the article that points out one or more of the lies and fabrications of the story.

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