What Is A Christian To Do?

July 11, 2011 8:28 am 2 comments

I have occasionally found my self dragged into battles on the internet because of some comment or other I have thrown out. Sadly these battles often convince no-one, and waste my time and energy. So in an age of confusion, post Christian secularism, what is a Christian to do.

First, Christians do need to know our history. While it is true that some of our founding fathers were deists, many of them were Christians, and even the deists thought scripture and Christians morals were important. Jefferson himself, recommended that all citizens read the Bible regularly. At the time the Constitution was signed, several states had official state churches. Christian moral were enforced. Soldiers were kicked out of the Continental Army for sodomy, and in fact at a very early time, many states had laws against working on Sunday, indeed, in Article I, section 7, we find that the President of the United States is not expected to work on Sunday. The first real challenge to this came in 1947 with Everson v. Board of Education, when a man (anti Roman Catholic) challenged the board of education for reimbursing parochial students for their bus fare to school (let us note that all students, parochial or not received this reimbursement. Several members of the Supreme Court through some legerdemain that is unclear to me decided that the 1st Amendment applied to states as well (remeember fo course, when the Constitution was signed, some states did have official churches though.)

A 1953 decision though, on a similar case (this time transportation and text books) in Delaware was ruled the opposite way, and this is probably the beginning of the decisions in which the Supreme Court began holding decisions against the church.

The question arises then, why have we come to the point where morals are now unenforceable, even though from the beginning they were. I think the answer to this question lies in the church, and its membership. While it is true that the church is not a homogeneous body in regard to certain doctrines (look at the disaster of prohibition, if all churches has shared the same ideas about alcohol, it probably would have been successful). The problem was, the church did not stand up, when society began chipping away at it. The groundwork of separation of church and state was laid.

Churches were relatively quiet as Sunday ceased to be a day of from work. Divorce became more rampant, as did sex outside of marriage. No fault divorce was approved in California by Ronald Reagan, the Episcopal church (and others) permitted extra marital sex in !972). In other words, Christians themselves were ignoring the moral precepts of the Bible. Where then does one draw the line? How can a Christian say, OK to premarital sex, but no to homosexuality? The answer of course is they cannot.

In case you wonder about the authority of the Bible and church in such things for Christians, one can go back to Acts 15:20 and find that Gentile Christians are to keep themselves from sexual immorality. Now Jesus and the Old Testament tell us that sexual immorality is sex outside of marriage, and marriage is between one man and one women. (Yes I know the Old Testament shows Polygamy, but if you read those stories carefully, you will find cases against polygamy).

So, what are we Christians to do. First of all, Christians need to get back to basics. Basics are Bible, Prayer, Evangelism. If one does not know the Bible, they should shut their mouths, and start reading. The church in the USA, Europe and Australia is powerless because Christians do not know the scriptures. Secondly, Christians need to start praying, instead of fighting. Do we pray for an end of abortion as much as we gripe about it on the internet. If so, our priorities are messed up. Go to an abortion clinic and pray for those girls as they go in that God would change their hearts. Pray for the doctors and nurses as well. Pray more in church as well. Pray for Obama and your senators and representatives and governor, etc. Back when we didn’t work on Sunday, many churches prayed morning and afternoon or night. We need to get back to that. We need to get back to Sunday being the Lord’s Days (unless of course you are Jewish or Adventist), instead of Sunday being lets see how much we can do day so we can be exhausted Monday. We need to turn Sunday back into a day of rest, prayer, study of God’s word, and time to spend with our families. While we are praying, we need to be fasting as well. A church that doesn’t fast, has no power.

We need to evangelise. Why do gay people decide to be gay? There are several reasons, the most common being forgiveness, often of their father. Other factors enter in as well, but it has been my experience in counselling people who do not want to be gay any more, that there is always a strong sense of unforgiveness. Once that is dealt with, a cure is rapidly forthcoming. A key ingredient is knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Anyone who truly knows Jesus as Lord and Saviour will want to deal with sin in their lives. Many will come to this point on their own as they read the Bible. The Bible is very clear on what it says about sex outside of marriage, about divorce, about homosexuality.

A very serious problem for us today is our youth. With societies permissive views on sex, many of our youth no longer believe the Bible. If you’ve been divorced three times, just what will your kids think when you tell them that the Bible says divorce is bad. The answer is of course we are all sinners redeemed by grace, but too many “Christians” are getting divorced, having children out of wed lock etc.

So can these problems be resolved politically. The answer is a resounding NO. Of course, politically we need to be informed, we need to vote against politicians who are for abortion, who are for homosexual marriage, who are for the sexualisation of our children, but the real fight is not going to be won in the political arena, but on our knees.

Join me, thirty minutes a day praying for this nation. An hour on Sunday. Visit an abortion clinic once a month and pray for those people. Pray for homosexuals and other fornicators to come to Christ. Study God’s word. Let’s pray in church on Sunday. Let’s evangelise and change the world.  Also sit down and look at how much time you spend on the internet.  I have resolved I am going to cut down my internet time and use more time for studying God’s word and for prayer.  Join me please.  The prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James)


  • So a church that doesn’t fast has no power? How do you know that’s true? I guess God doesn’t accept our prayers unless we regularly starve ourselves and shorten our lifespan just to get more “power”. And what do you mean by a church needs to fast? Does that mean every person has to fast or the church’s prayers won’t “work”

    • Brad i think you know that is not true… As Christians we should fast but that does not mean GOD will not listen to us unless we are starving ourselves.

      I think as Christians we should love GOD more that food and if that means we show GOD out love though our willingness to give up things we love and need at times that’s a good thing…

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